Heads-Up – Wellness Warehouse Takeaway HEAVEN!

It’s true!


Wellness Warehouse (with its 16 stores in and around Cape Town!) has just brought out a new range of vegan takeaway goodies at really reasonable prices!

The list includes:

  • Vegan Lasagne (R58)
  • Vegan BLT (R62)
  • Vegan Boerewors Wrap (R58)
  • Vegan Kimchi Burger Wholewheat Wrap (R55)

WHAT?!?!?!?! YES!!!!

I was trying to take pictures without appearing to be “THAT GUY” that takes pictures. The result was that I got shit quality pictures and still had people staring at me.

But! I bought the Boerewors Wrap and the Lasagne.

The Boerewors wrap is by far the best thing I have tasted in YEARS. It is NEXT LEVEL!

And I’m eating the lasagne for lunch now with some Urban Vegan Lightly Salted Butter on homemade bread!


THANK YOU Wellness Warehouse! You are making a big difference to the world by offering more vegan options!


And if ever you need a vegan ambassador, just shout! (<—- shameless!)


I bought my stash at the Wellness Warehouse at the V&A Waterfront!


Get to your nearest Wellness Warehouse NOW!

Peace x

Heads-Up – Tortilla Modern Mexican

Address: Icon Building, Corner of Lower Long St & Hans Strijdom Ave, City Bowl

Hours: 7am-7pm Mon-Fri, Closed Sat-Sun


Tortilla Modern Mexican


According to the guys at Tortilla Modern Mexican, there are a “ton of vegan options,” and you get to choose exactly what you want when putting together your meal.

For example, you could build a bowl with a mixed green salad, vegetarian filling, black and pinto beans, add one of their “secret” sauces, some corn, tomato fresca, jalapenos and some chopped chillis. Top it off with some fresh guacamole and you’re  good to go!


Here’s a little diagram that explains it all:


Sounds pretty good to me!


Peace Xx

Review – Cape Town Vegan in Moscow, Russia

I went to Moscow. I know. How random.

Moscow 1

What does this have to do with a website about Cape Town … and being vegan? Not much really. But I bet you are just a tad interested AND surely some Capetonians might have wondered whether it’s a vegan-friendly holiday destination? Well…vodka IS vegan!

Did I love it? Absolutely.


“What made you want to go there?”

I wanted to be able to say, “When I was in Russia…”


“Did you need a visa?”

South Africans don’t need visas; just a valid passport.

“What was the flight like?”

I flew on Turkish Airlines and they were GREAT. About 11hrs to Istanbul and then about 3hrs to Moscow. Easy. I prayed to the Gods of the Air and ended up getting a row of four seats to myself on the long haul back and was able to sleep… in economy!

Moscow 2

“Do they wear those non-vegan-friendly fur caps and drink lots of vodka?”

There wasn’t a single person in the whole of Moscow that wore a Ushanka (fur hat) and I didn’t get to drink vodka even once! Vodka IS a thing, but it’s like saying that everyone in France wears a beret and Londoners speak with a Cockney accent.

“What was your favourite vegan food there?”

Argh! The language barrier was PROBLEMATIC. The concept of veganism is relatively new – newer than Cape Town! I found one AMAZING vegan restaurant called FRESH that was a lifesaver. I went there three times in ten days. I also found a vegan chocolate that had a famous painting of three bears on it. I lived on those. Which is probably why I got sick. I felt that Moscow didn’t really have a culture of food. It was like every other European city I have been to without anything local to give it an ‘edge’. This is like conscious streaming.

Moscow 3

“What did you do to stay healthy on the trip?”

I took Airmune (for Immune Support), a ton of raw vegan snack bars, and my trusty B12 stash… and STILL got sick!


“What was the weather like?”

Over the ten days that I was there it snowed, rained, howled with wind and then was so hot that I got sunburnt. Pretty much your average day in Cape Town.

“What was the hardest adjustment you had to make?”

Accepting that all I could eat at the breakfast buffet for ten days straight was plain pasta, plain rice, and plain potatoes.

Moscow 4

“Was it expensive?”

It was exactly the same (almost cent for cent) as living in South Africa, in terms of transport, food, sightseeing and gifts to take home. One of the cheapest holiday destinations I have ever been to in fact!

“Do they have good coffee?”

They have Starbucks. That’s all that matters. I’m allowed to have ONE vice okay?


“And other junk food chains?”

Yes, but with no vegan options! Even worse than South Africa!

“How did you learn about a culture and meet locals without speaking their language?”

It’s called The Language of Love! Kidding! No, I’m not. No, I totally am. Honestly – I used a lot of Google Translate and held my phone in people’s faces when I wanted something. I also learned the Russian word for “Thank You”, “Spasibo” which went a long way.


“What was one of your best moments of your trip?”

Too many to mention… But: there were so many moments of turning corners and gasping at just how beautiful the city was. I have NEVER seen such opulence in my life before. It is hands down the most beautiful city I have ever been to (having traveled to Amsterdam, Lagos, London, Melbourne, New York and Paris) (<— notice how weird Nigeria looks in that list. I loved it there!!)

“Would you recommend it as a holiday destination?”

YES! I am planning on going back again next year. It was THAT incredible. Life is not always about food. I will endeavor to do my homework a little more thoroughly next time and maybe I will find it easier in terms of finding places to eat and ways to make my experience a little less stressful in terms of nourishment.

Moscow 5


Day 1

Red Square (Kremlin, Lenin’s Mausoleum, Saint Basil’s Cathedral)

Day 2

Rodeo Drive

Lubyanka Building (old KGB)

Central Children’s Store on Lubyanka – view from the rooftop

Day 3

Stanislavsky Museum

River Cruise

Day 4


Russian Army Theatre

Day 5


Day 6

State Tretyakov Gallery

Bolshoi Ballet

Day 7

Chekhov House Museum



Ask me more questions and I’ll add it to the article!

Peace! Xx

P.S. This is a website FOR Capetonians… so tell me what info you need me to provide you with! Xx

Moscow 6

Heads-Up – Plantdurance


You ever had one of those moments where you meet someone and you’re like – this is an awesome human being. Well… introducing Gary te Roller, a plant-based endurance athlete who happens to (lucky for all of us) be a qualified health coach whose aim in life is to make the world a happier place! I dig that.


Through my own personal struggles with addiction and abuse, by some miracle I turned my life around and wholeheartedly adopted a holistic approach to life. It’s now my turn, to give back, to feed your mind, your soul and inspire you through my learnings.

I had the privilege of meeting him this morning in my very own one-on-one coaching session at Scheckter’s Raw in Sea Point and devoured Pumpkin Flapjacks with vegan ice cream in the process. Bloody great start to a Sunday morning. Woohoo!


His brainchild is Plantdurance, a health-coaching system that aims to
– delve deeper into your lifestyle
– highlight causes and triggers
– set a plan to reverse some bad habits and
– keep the positive habits growing.

He focuses on eating habits and basic nutrition guidelines all the way to addressing emotions that cause stress to the body.

One’s vitality cannot be found in a pill or a good ol’ cuppa-joe, but in the nutrients that you feed yourself every day. Through my research I found solace in the notion of nourishing my body by consuming plant-based and whole foods. Soon enough, my recovery became shorter, my endurance and stamina became stronger and my body felt so much lighter.

If after your first initial consultation you want to work with him, then you can look into doing his 3-month transformation where he will mentor and guide you to create life-changing results.


My speciality is primarily assisting minimally active individuals that have been caught in the societal trap of instant gratification: “There isn’t enough time”, “I’m too busy” or “I need to relax in front of the TV.” I take pride in offering a holistic approach by offering an intimate nutrition experience over a 3-month period whereby I immerse myself into your current lifestyle and disrupt all that it is that you know – food techniques and demonstrations, recipes, shopping trips, a “pantry purge” and a “rejuvenating restock


Gary is available on Skype, FaceTime, or even WhatsApp video call and you can find EVERYTHING you need to know on http://www.plantdurance.com/

Plantdurance 2

Whether a Joe (or Josephine) Soap, like me, an endurance athlete (like Gary!) or a vegan who is trying to convince her carnivorous boyfriend that vegans can be athletes too – Gary is your man! He has my stamp of approval!


Peace xx

Heads-Up – Italian Kitchen, Tokai

Address: 21 Tokai Rd, Tokai

Hours: 12pm-10pm Mon-Sat, 5pm-10pm Sun




Sometimes life can grab you by the balls and turn you into a boy soprano. If you’re a lady (that was brought up properly), then this metaphor (?) may be awkward.


My point is that if I had the time – I would write a review on a daily basis – but I just can’t. So…

Welcome to the first of my “Heads-Up” entries where I literally just share an important bit of time-saving vegan information with you!


So without further adieu…

Italian Kitchen in Tokai is now offering THREE vegan options on their menu:

  • Vegan Uno Pizza – a basic margarita w/vegan “cheese” (Large R95, Half R59)
  • Vegetarian Burger (vegan option available) – mushroom patty, tomato, lettuce, barbecue sauce (R99)
  • Leek, Mushroom and Lemon Risotto – vegan-friendly (veg stock used) (R110)

Their vegan options are new, so when you visit them, shower them with praise and adoration.

There is also a branch in Newlands.

Other “bonus features”:

  • the owner is awesome
  • they have gluten-free pasta
  • they accept the Cape Town Entertainer vouchers that enable you to eat 2-for-1


Peace xx

Review – Green & Vegan Pop-Up Dining, Green Point

Address: Clydebank Rd, Green Point

Hours: When advertised, Saturdays 7-10:30pm


Okay, first off – a confession: It has been FOREVER since I posted a review. I have a legitimate excuse… I was in London, eating my way through every vegan eatery I could find (for a month), then I went to Fat Camp, and now I am back (reviews to follow!).

Nothing could have prepared me for what I experienced this past Saturday in a very narrow and almost hidden Clydebank Street in Green Point.

I was browsing the usual Facebook vegan groups when I came across an advertisement for a “Vegan Pop Up Dining” event. Truth be told – I am awfully shy. What could be worse than rocking up at a stranger’s house, with a roomful of guests I don’t know, having to engage in conversation whilst pretending to have table manners! I decided to grow a pair and book a place – what could go wrong? Well…

I’ll tell you what went wrong in a moment. Let me talk you through the experience from the beginning.

The Facebook advertisement described the event as an “intimate dinner” at the home of Karen and Patrick with a menu that literally left me drooling. If the food was half as good as I had imagined, then I would leave one very happy vegan. Places are limited to between 8-10 guests (although they have apparently accommodated more in the past) and all one needed to do was RSVP via text and then the “donation” of R295 per person needs to be EFT’d to secure your place. So quick and easy! Once I paid for my place, the menu was emailed to me, along with the exact location, time, etc. as well as to bring your own wine. Karen’s quick and effective correspondence had me feeling like this was going to be a good evening.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by Arlene who handed us each a made-on-the-spot Pomegranate & Vodka Welcome Cocktail with Lime & Mint (with the choice of mocktail too for those who didn’t drink… like me!).

Cocktials 4

Karen and Patrick immediately made us all feel at home, sitting on their couches in their open-plan lounge/dining room/kitchen. This allowed us to keep the conversation flowing between all areas of the home whilst Karen, Patrick, and Arlene nipped in and out of the kitchen and also took a few moments out to engage with the five of us who were guests for the evening.


The starter was a super creamy Chilled Beetroot Soup with an insanely good raw vegan onion cracker bread that Patrick had made himself.

Chilled Beetroot Soup 2

I started realizing after the millionth time of asking that EVERYTHING we were eating was made from scratch #superimpressed.


So the only really awful moment was when I leaned across the table to Patrick to ask him (quite innocently) whether he “ACTIVATED HIS NUTS”. The table went quiet, and I asked him again, “Do you activate your nuts?”. This was followed by a roar of laughter by everyone at the table and me turning the same shade as the beetroot soup I had just devoured. Turns out Patrick doesn’t activate his nuts after all. This is why I am never invited to events. Ever.


When the invite suggested there would be two different burgers for dinner, I was torn between delight and terror. Burgers are my thing. The gluten-y wheat-y roll/bun is NOT my thing: I am trying to be good. I was SUPER relieved when the main course of Lentil & Nut and Tex-Mex Burgers arrived as two single homemade patties on the plate (bunless!) smothered in a Homemade Tomato Sauce and accompanied by a side of a mixture of Oven-Baked Chunky Chips and Sweet Potato Fries.

Burgers 4

Two salad dishes were laid on the table allowing us to add some Mixed Green Salad to our plates.

Salad 1

I was like a giggly little school girl receiving her first My Little Pony.


I couldn’t wait to tuck in. The food was so awful that I had to have seconds – of EVERYTHING. And that was where I made the rookie mistake… You see… there were seconds available of everything we ate throughout the evening and we were offered as much as we wanted. The problem is that I (obviously) wasn’t taught any manners as a kid as I ended up having four burger patties. Not only was this (probably) rude, it also meant that my stomach went, “No more you greedy little Cape Town Vegan!”. But I persisted… “One must plow on,” I said to myself.


Dessert was a Raw Chocolate Brownie covered in a Créme Anglaise with the option of Tea or Coffee (and seconds of the dessert if anyone wanted!) “Not I!” I proclaimed.

Raw Brownies 1

Obsessed as I am with food, I have yet to mention one of the best parts of this unique experience, which was simply the conversation. It was refreshing meeting new people and getting out of my comfort zone. Which brings me to the final part of the evening:

Karen brings out MORE FOOD! Two HUGE Cheeze Platters and Handmade Raw Chocolates were laid before us.


Everything I tasted from the Vegan Mozzarella to the Strawberry-Centred Heart-Shaped Chocolates to the Chocolate-Coated Marzipans was all PERFECT.

Cheeze Board 1-1

My only regret was that I had that second helping of the main course.

Interestingly enough, I was the only guest who was completely vegan. The others were all omnivores who flirted with adding more plant-based food to their diets. Our hosts were/are/will always be 100% vegan. What was so fantastic, was that there was no judgment in the air, from any side. Only good, stimulating conversation (sometimes about “nuts”). Apparently, a lot of people who attend their “pop-up” events aren’t vegan but are open to the experience, if only for a night. What an amazing way to promote veganism, through good food, great company, and a beautiful home. Now THAT’s what I call perfect VEGAN ADVOCACY.


I left feeling like I was a long-term friend of the family. Karen and Patrick can be immensely proud of the work they are doing, and I couldn’t have asked for a more memorable evening. How lucky I am?


Their next event is an Indonesian Evening on the 27th of May. Patrick, and guest chef, Yanti are whipping up a menu that includes tempeh skewers, corn fritters, gado gado, rose apple cake, and MANY more Indonesian delicacies.

Make sure you check out their Facebook Page to grab a place!

Peace xx

P.S. Don’t be fooled into thinking that I went on a photography course. My pictures will continue to be shitty ones taken on my broken iPhone. I am only too grateful to Karen who worked tirelessly all evening with a camera around her neck to take these beauties! Thanks to her for sending them to me to use.

P.P.S. PLEASE leave a comment, or share this with your friends. #beagoodvegan #vegansgotoheaven #emotionalblackmail #isitworking?


Review – Cape Town Vegan in Greyton


I went to Greyton! I went to Greyton and had such a great time in Greyton that I FORGOT (!!!) to go to the Greyton Farm Animal Sanctuary. WHAT. AN. IDIOT.


The “plan” was to stay in Greyton for three nights and to go to the sanctuary, but then, I fell in love with Greyton and forgot about the reason for going. And then it was too late.


This just means I will need to go back to Greyton again some other time (and remember my reason for going!).

So… “What’s in Greyton?” you may ask… A whole lot more than you realise! This little town is far more progressive than one would think (even in terms of racial and sexual orientation inclusivity). Turns out the history of Greyton is a fascinating one, and totally worth checking out if you are into that – but that’s for some other person’s blog. Onto the food…


Sadly nothing worth mentioning really – unless vegan soap is your thing. I bought some soap.



You have to make sure your timing is perfect for two reasons: Firstly, the food will disappear quickly because this little place is POPULAR! And secondly, Heart & Soul is only open on a Friday and Saturday for lunch (11:30am-3pm).

Their food is described as being delivered straight from the earth to your plate, and this is no lie! I decided to do the takeaway thing and piled a (recyclable) takeout box with a rainbow assortment from the buffet spread.


All of their food is grown on the property in veggie boxes, so this is literally the best of the best.


Bursting with flavour, I ate as much as I could, but ended up saving a lot of it for a picnic the next day. Talk about nutrient-dense food!


Go visit Karen and Steve Jossel on the corner of Main and West Street (no. 18) on a Friday or Saturday and prepare to have your mind (and tastebuds) blown when you taste a little piece of heaven in Greyton.


This popular open-seven-days-a-week restaurant is as popular with passers by as it is with the Greyton locals. outdoor

What sets this eatery apart from others in Greyton (besides the fact that it was the only place open on a Sunday night #clever) is the fact that that they have an exclusively vegan page in their menu with a great array to choose from depending on your mood. This is, therefore, the kind of place that you can take your half senile, meat-eating racist grandfather who thinks that veganism is a sexual perversion.

As with most of the food prepared in Greyton, all of the ingredients are sourced locally, so the Aromatic Roast Pumking (sic) Curry (R145) that I delved into was bloody good, even if it was a tad on the expensive side. Which brings me to my only real gripe which is the cost of the mains: at R145 per (medium-sized portion) curry it is rather expensive. Add a cocktail and a tip and you are easily looking at almost R250 per head without dessert and only one drink.


  • a dedicated number of dishes on the menu prepared especially for vegans
  • vegan mains as well as tapas/starters
  • freshly prepared food with locally sourced ingredients
  • their vegan menus is varied with influences from Spanish, Asian, Anglo Indian and South African cuisines



  • rather pricey for what you get even though the quality is superb
  • we waited FOREVER for our food both times we went which was odd considering that the first time we went we were the only table
  • it was rather quiet, so there was no real ambiance or buzz to create a “foody” atmosphere

The Thai Green Curry, Massaman Potato & Aubergine Curry, and the aforementioned Aromatic Roast Pumking Curry are all winners that definitely hit the spot.

Find The Hungry Monk at No. 5 Main Road and have a chat to owners, Rodney and Robert while you eat dinner and sip wine outside under the Greyton stars!


Pure Cafe is a vegan and vegetarian coffee shop that is open Tues-Sat 8am-5pm and Sun 8am-3pm that serves pure and organic food!

All hope was lost at the Saturday Morning Market when there was only one (rather uninspiring) vegan option on offer. Luckily we stumbled across Pure Cafe and were not disappointed.


This little eatery offers healthy smoothies, juices, home-baked cakes and pies, light lunches, winter soups and summer salads. I tucked into a full on English Breakfast and a vegan hot chocolate which were both winners.


I also walked away with some vegan toothpaste and some organic matcha powder, because… why not.

Situated at Unit 3, Greyt Oak Centre, 41 Main Road, Pure Cafe is the perfect little place for a quick getaway and a cup of coffee.

Is Greyton good for vegans? Damn straight! (… well… sometimes a bit gay too depending on my mood.)


Peace xx