Beluga is Back!

After months of dangling the carrot and whispers of a reopening, Beluga has finally relaunched its new location at Makers Landing, V&A Waterfront. Before the pandemic, Beluga was one of those rare places still thriving after 20+ years of business; for me, its closure hit harder than most. I was OBSESSED (OBSESSED!!) with their Tofu Crunch, and its existence burnt a big hole in my wallet during its reign.   Now I can become OBSESSED all over again! Walking intoRead more

Wild Sprout, new branch in Constantia

I’m a long-time fan of Wild Sprout. Since discovering them in their early days on Loop St to their relocation to Kenilworth, they have always been consistent in their quality. The local folk of Constantia now have a branch on their doorstep, having opened a second venue at Constantia Village. It’s a beautiful, light, airy space with plenty of seating inside and out. In addition to the eatery, Wild Sprout has a grocery section (similar to the one in Kenilworth),Read more

We Café, Gardens – plant-based cuisine at it’s finest

The vegan scene in Cape Town caters for most tastes and preferences. Still, there is always room for more, especially if it offers something different from what already exists. We Café is ticking that box with a Russian-inspired menu that excites and intrigues. The trio of owners have poured their hearts and souls into converting a residential parking garage into a bijou place with an open design kitchen where you can choose to sit at the bar and watch theRead more

Vegan Options in Knysna by Lauren Greve

Lauren Greve, @lols_the_vegan on Instagram, wrote a fantastic article on what’s happening vegan-wise in Knysna! Inside scoop from a vegan in Knysna, just in time for the Knysna Oyster Festival (that will have vegan options)! I’m not sure about you folks, but when I visit an area for a bit, I don’t want to spend valuable time scouring various eateries for delicious dishes. I am, therefore, handing you this little gift. Here it is, a Knysnarian’s guide to the goodRead more

Wild Eatery, City Centre

Something I love about our post-pandemic world (am I allowed to make that call?) is discovering all of these culinary gems that existed before Covid that I’m only experiencing now for the first time. A couple of weeks back, it was Pilcrow and Cleaver, and now the Wild Eatery has blown my hair back with its unique, quirky and above all flavour-packed food! Down a side alley attached to Nude Foods in Zonnebloem lives a caravan where food magic isRead more

WTF Plant? – Mojo Market, Sea Point

A new plant-based pop-up has arrived at the Mojo Market and fills a welcomed gap in the venue! WTF Plant? is a fast-food concession using all of the products of one of our beloved local brands, Urban Vegan. From burgers to boerie rolls, schnitzels to tacos, wraps to salads and even treats & ice cream sundaes: your one-stop shop for all things plant-based has arrived! On my first visit, I tried the Chick’n Katsu Burger: a crispy chicken patty withRead more

Pilcrow & Cleaver, City Centre

There’s a place in Cape Town that Bae squirrels himself away to when he wants some “Bae on Bae” time and always returns far happier. He comes back with dreams in his eyes and a bounce in his step. Eventually, he introduced me to “his” place for my surprise birthday breakfast in 2021, and I understood his love for it. Fast forward to 2022, and I’ve taken the reigns of our social diary and incorporated weekly date nights now thatRead more

Angala Boutique Hotel, Franschhoek – Supper Club Series

If I didn’t tell you, would you even know it was there?! I certainly didn’t. Hidden away between the breathtaking mountains of Paarl and Franschhoek, Angala Boutique Hotel is a stunning retreat that offers peace, tranquillity and luxury in the Cape Winelands. Myself and Bae were invited to an overnight stay to experience the Angala hospitality as well as to enjoy a preview of the Angala Supper Club Series, a unique dining experience hosted by some of our very bestRead more

Outcast Foods is now in Pick ‘n Pay Stores

Some brands won’t compromise, and Outcast Foods is one of them! Their products are tasty and easy to prepare, with the added bonus of being incredibly healthy. Outcast Foods use only natural food ingredients and avoid additives and fillers.  The Outcast Foods range includes: Classic Falafel – Often referred to by people as the best falafel in town! (true story) Crazy Falafel – A wild take on falafel with beetroot, cardamom, poppy seeds and a hint of chilli. Activated BurgerRead more

Prashad in Constantia celebrates its 1st Birthday

Prashad in Constantia has just celebrated its 1st birthday, so Bae and I went along to enjoy a lil’ celebration to mark the occasion. Since becoming vegan, Prashad has become my go-to restaurant when I’m in the mood for Indian food. Their vegan offerings have always left the happy conundrum of “what shall I choose?” and I’ve always found their food to be consistent across all branches (Kloof St, Rondebosch). Their Constantia branch also has a shop with all ofRead more

Good Food & Co., Franschhoek

Having not ventured to Franschhoek since before the pandemic began, Bae and I were reminded on a recent visit just how beautiful and charming this village is. The world is starting to look and feel a little more familiar again. We have, of course, to thank Good Food & Co. for encouraging us to explore again by inviting us to check out their updated menu offerings in their new location on Huguenot St. The restaurant has been under new managementRead more

Infinite Foods Africa – Just Egg launch

I was invited to the official Infinite Foods JUST Egg launch at Infinite Café yesterday. Rather than fawning over how fantastic the food was (cos it was) and how great the Just Egg is (cos it is), I am going to skip ahead to three significant bits of information that came out of the event (along with the foodie pics). I have to give credit to Michelle, Neil, Caitlin and the rest of the phenomenal team at Infinite Foods for theRead more

Wildsprout, Kenilworth – NEW menu items

Wildsprout, situated in the southern suburbs of Cape Town, is a gorgeous café with a fantastic plant-based selection. And now, there are three additional menu items that were recently added. Bae and I were treated to a visit and left thoroughly satisfied. The “vegan blt” on sourdough (R88) – tofu bacon, lettuce, tomato & vegan cream cheese with a mustard vinaigrette The “salmon & cream cheese” on sourdough (R88) – vegan carrot salmon with vegan cream cheese & cucumber. WeRead more

Patiala Brew & Q, Constantia

A few months before the world changed in 2020, Constantia Emporium launched and, with it, a trendy little spot named Patiala. Fortunately, Patiala survived and based on a recent visit, I’m glad that it did! Patiala Brew & Q, as it is officially known, is a restaurant and microbrewery with a diverse menu suited to various foodie tastes and preferences. The best news is that they are not one bit shy about their vegan offerings! We had a lovely problemRead more

Tobago’s Restaurant at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Waterfront

Sitting on the deck of Tobago’s Restaurant at the Radisson Blu in Granger Bay is an instant mood lifter. No doubt about it. With endless ocean views and Robben Island in the distance, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better location on a beautiful day. Until recently, plant-based lovers would have had to settle for just the view and a sundowner, but there are now several options available on the menu to suit whatever your mood. A mince sub? Check!Read more

Blue Kiwi Organic Market and Café, Glencairn

You know that moment in a movie or TV series before somebody delivers some news over the phone and they say, “Are you sitting down?” Okay, good, because this is one of those moments. Nothing could have prepared me for the Blue Kiwi Organic Market and Café. Literally nothing. Bae and I took a drive to the Deep South this past weekend (an area affectionately known as ‘beyond the lentil curtain’) to a new eatery that will leave you withRead more

Vegan Activism

A vegan activist conjures up an image that most people associate with someone holding a sign outside a slaughterhouse. And absolutely, this is a common form of raising awareness. There are these days, however, so many other ways a vegan can advocate for the cause or movement. Here are a few suggestions: APPROACH LOCAL EATERIES TO ADD V+ OPTIONS TO THEIR MENU. Supply and demand, baby! BAKE A V+ CUPCAKE. Activism through food is my vibe and what I doRead more

We are Food – Healthy Frozen Vegan Meals

We are Food is a vegan-friendly SA-based company that makes marvellous food for your freezer. Founders Jane and Amy have included a selection in their range of 18 different plant-based/vegan options. I was fortunate enough to be sent a selection to try and share the details with you. All the information is on their website, and their customer service is OUTSTANDING. There are single servings or family servings (for 4). There are also gluten-free options AND…. 25% back if you areRead more

Saib’s Kitchen – Vegan-Friendly Catering

Saib’s Kitchen is a gorgeous vegan-friendly catering company by Fatima Saib, who spends her time reading, writing and developing recipes! Bae ordered my “lockdown” birthday cake from Saib’s Kitchen last year (the day before the lockdown started). Fast forward to more than a year later, Fatima’s gorgeous cakes are still making their way around Cape Town! Bae and I were fortunate enough to be gifted a selection of her latest mini-cakes: 🍰 Vegan Chocolate Cake 🍰 Vegan Coffee Cake 🍰Read more

Beulah – Fine Foods – Catering and Ready-Meals

Beulah is a NEW 100% plant-based catering and ready-meal small business located in the Northern Suburbs and catering to Cape Town! I was invited to their soft launch but sadly couldn’t make it. Fortunately, they sent me some goodies to try: 🌱 “Southern-Fried Slider” – a faux chicken burger with slaw on a challah roll 🌱 A 100% homemade sausage roll 🌱 Coriander and Chilli Pesto Pasta 🌱A Brisket-Style Marinated Tofu Steak, Caramelised Onions and Rocket Wrap All the ingredientsRead more

#MeatlessMay at Hudsons – The Burger Joiny

It’s #MeatlessMay. To celebrate, Hudsons Burgers has teamed up with the folks at Scheckter’s Raw to create a new limited-edition burger to whet our appetites! Introducing the “Scheckter’s Raw Burger:” a high protein, soy and gluten-free patty with tomato, lettuce, vegan cheddar, BBQ basting with a healthy dollop of mustard and tomato sauce for good measure. I’m sure you don’t need any further convincing, but just in case, I should probably mention that the SIT-IN price this month price onlyRead more

Delheim Wines

We decided to celebrate lighting the first fire in our new home by opening up some bottles we had saved from lockdown (how’s that for willpower!!) The wonderful folk at Delheim (who have a superb selection of vegan-friendly wines) sent us a care package about a year ago that we decided to save because they sounded so incredible. We cracked open the 2018 Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon, which was smooth and fruity with a hint of pepper. A good one toRead more

New vegan options at Active Sushi on Bree

Active Sushi on Bree invited me to try some new additions to their (already-extensive) vegan menu. My biggest disappointment? That I hadn’t been to this gem of a place sooner! Address: 4 Bree St, City Centre Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 11:30am-10pm There are precisely 26 vegan sushi options available on their menu. Choosing what to order will be particularly hard for those who are indecisive, like me. Fortunately, we didn’t have to decide for the tasting as the Itamae (sushi chef)Read more

NEW Cheaky Co Salted Black Pepper Chyps

Lucas from Cheaky Co asked me to give him some feedback on the NEW Chyps flavour… And so I got my hands on the new Salted Black Pepper variety. To be honest, I have been going through a black pepper phase. It must be something that happens when you are in your late 30s. FEEDBACK: I personally PREFER these to the Salt & Vinegar variety, 1) because of my current obsession with pepper and 2) cos it’s something DIFFERENT onRead more

Plushi adds a new Starter Menu to their offering

Just when you thought the Plushi couldn’t possibly get any better, the team at Plushi has included a STARTER MENU that provides for: 🌱 Thai Spring Rolls 🌱 Chinese Spring Rolls 🌱 Japanese Spring Rolls 🌱 Filipino Spring Rolls 🌱 Vietnamese Spring Rolls All 4-piece, with an option to add a Thai Sweet Chilli or Plushi Mayo You can order by visiting the Plushi website.Read more

Hudsons – Veganuary Special

In partnership with the Veganuary team, Hudsons Burgers is offering The Frontline Worker vegan burger EVERY DAY in January for a ridiculously brilliant R55.  On The Green Side vegan chicken topped with mustard mayo, lettuce, tomato and homemade pickles.  I was invited to try it, and it is MIND-BLOWINGINGLY good!  A few Ts&Cs: sides are not included, and although it is available at all branches, the special is for sit down only. You can still order it for its usual price ofRead more

Lexi’s Eatery, Sea Point

Address: 85a Regent Road, Sea Point Hours: 7:30am-9:30pm Mon-Sat, 7:30am-4pm Sun Surely anyone choosing to open a restaurant during the second wave of the pandemic needs more than their temperature taken at the door, right?! Well, thank goodness that Lexi Monzeglio has all the symptoms of entrepreneurial madness (and I mean that with the utmost respect) because, on the 24th of December 2020, Christmas arrived early when she opened the doors to her first Cape Town branch of the hugelyRead more

Greystones Beach House – Langebaan

This is a non-foodie related heads-up but one that is certainly worth sharing. I was probably knee-high the last time I visited Langebaan. A recent invite though from Gretta and Claire at Greystones Beach House had Bae and I venturing on our first road trip since the beginning of lockdown. Situated just 90 minutes up the West Coast, Greystones Beach House was originally built in the 1920s. It was one of the very first homes built in Langebaan and hasRead more

The Conscious Kitchen has come to Observatory… and it’s FANTASTIC.

“Oh, have you been to that new restaurant in Observatory?” SAID NOBODY FOR THE PAST 6 MONTHS!!! Well, thankfully, all that is about to change… Address: 78 Lower Main Road, Observatory Hours: 9am-7pm Mon-Sun In an industry that has been brought crashing to its knees, it takes a true warrior to give Covid-19 the middle finger and open up a new eatery during a global pandemic! Thankfully that is what Dana Korstenbroek from The Conscious Kitchen has done by openingRead more

Shopping Tip – Zero Waste Salad

Take your Tupperware to your local supermarket’s DIY Salad Counter like Sea Point Spar.  This salad for four people cost me R80: A variety of leaves, roasted butternut, red, yellow and green peppers, tomatoes, carrots, red cabbage, seeds and croutons.  And: ZERO WASTE because I took my own container.  No more excuses! Read more

Amma’s Creamery Vegan Butter

Amma’s Creamery makes a homemade cultured plant-butter from creamy cashews and coconut oil! ✨ Each brick of Amma’s vegan butter is made by hand, which takes a little longer, but care and attention to detail are what it’s all about! Visit Amma’s Creamy’s website to find out the details of how their artisanal butter can be delivered to YOU!Read more

Recipe – Vanilla Cashew Milk

VANILLA CASHEW MILK ✨ One of the best parts about this milk is that, unlike almond milk, it does not need to be strained. Just blend and drink.  🥛 6 cups water 🥛 1 cup raw cashews 🥛 2 pitted dates 🥛 1 tsp vanilla essence Soak the cashews for a minimum of 4 hrs by covering them with water in a bowl. Drain and rinse.  Place all the ingredients in a blender and blend for 1 min or untilRead more

Delheim Wines

Alcohol: a subject that has got many of us hot under the collar during the lockdown.  The announcement by Cyril on Saturday that the ban is lifted (again!) will be a massive relief to many businesses that have been clinging on to their livelihoods and with our support, allow them to continue to survive and thrive. Some of the most affected have been our beloved wine farms, and just before the current ban, I received some wine from Delheim Wines,Read more

Pekel by Sandy Goldberg

“pekel” in Yiddish means “little parcel” or “package.” Cuuuuuute!!!! I had a little parcel (or a pekel 😌) delivered to me from none other than Sandy Goldberg (of the Talya Goldberg legacy 😍 ) , owner of Pekel.   In the package was a range of delicious, handmade, homemade pickled products!  The entire range is preservative and colourant-free and, of course, suitable for vegans!  You can find the Pekel range at Yuppie Chef, Granadilla Eats, CNC Products, or several stockistsRead more

Luke’s Larder – Vegan Soup

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m beginning to tire of our own cooking (don’t tell Bae!) We all have our own “go-to” recipes. Still, during the lockdown, these have been recreated time and time again, and now I’m fatigued…or if you pronounce it the French way, ‘Fatty-Gay’ which is also true (thanks COVID!) Trying to strike a balance between saving money and support local businesses and start-ups is on a lot of people’s minds, so you want toRead more

Simply Sprouted – DIY Pavlova Kit!

I am BLOWN AWAY by the innovation, taste and experience of the Simply Sprouted concept!  Essentially, Simply Sprouted delivers various themed hampers around CT.  Bae and I got to taste-test the DIY Pavlova Box and THOROUGHLY enjoyed it! It took all of 1min to plate the desserts and just about as much time to devour it all!  This is NOT HARD WORK: they have literally made it the easiest thing in the world to plate.  Also, their vanilla, red velvetRead more

Dolcé Bakery – The Cruffin

(Read this post in your best movie trailer voice:) From the creators of the best vegan croissants in Cape Town comes their next epic vegan treat: THE CHAI LATTE & CHOCOLATE CHIP CRUFFIN  (cue action music)  Just when you thought they had you sold on their Chocolate Peanut Butter Tart or Carrot and Orange Cake, the CRUFFIN hit the market.  Ask yourself: When last did YOU have a moist CRUFFIN’?  Check them out at Dolcé Bakery in Observatory.  (drops mic) Read more


A NEW startup company has hit the scene: Un-Bowl-Leavable – LOVE THE NAME! As you can guess: they make healthy bowls here in the Mother City, and one of their offerings is vegan.  You can DM them for orders via IG, or WhatsApp or phone 073 323 3959 or email “The Vegan” Bowl consists of Asian BBQ tofu, spicy avo, Asian slaw, spring onion, corn, coriander and sesame seeds for an affordable R80.  Un-Bowl-Leaveable is run by brother and sister,Read more

Crumb Cakes SA – Sweet Treat Squad via post!

Crumb Cakes has done it again! They are delivering treats VIA POST! And, believe it or not, it works: really, really well! I had my doubts when a courier package arrived via PostNet filled with treats from Somerset West.  Due to the expertise of Anmar of Crumb Cakes, however, the goodies were packed to perfection. There was not a crumb was out of place, even when I opened the package upside down!  Inside I found Biscoff Brownies and Vanilla AquafabaRead more

Rumsy’s Noose Vegan Bakery

OG is a term used to describe old-school, original or quite literally: “Original Gangsters.” Part of the success in my early stages of transitioning to veganism was Rumsy’s Noose Vegan Bakery.   I stumbled across them at the Vegan Good’s Market in 2016. A few weeks later ordered a HUGE box of their vegan Tinkies (American: Twinkies) that had a coconut cream filling with a white chocolate glaze and candied macadamia nuts. Yip. I remember that well! Then, after severalRead more

Wake and Bake – Bespoke Catering

My family decided to have a VEGAN CHRISTMAS last year, and so we asked Wake and Bake to cater a full spread of Christmassy delights.They certainly made the event, and my family still raves about it to this day. We recently went to stay with my Mom, and to avoid cooking in a strange kitchen (and fights over washing dishes), we sought the help of Megan and Ruhan of Wake and Bake once again to cater for us for theRead more

Earth Body & Skin @Home Facial Kits

When last have you had a treatment at a beauty salon? At least with beauty salons reopening, you won’t have to wait much longer.  But what if you still want to stay home?  Earth Body & Skin is bringing the experience to your doorstep with their At-Home Facial Kit!  The kit is 100% organic, vegan and cruelty-free and includes everything you need for that salon-style facial treatment.  The instructions include variations for ALL skin types as well.  For more details,Read more


A quick story:When I FIRST became vegan (five years ago) and went to the first Vegan Goods Market at the Khanyisa Waldorf School, I stumbled across only three vendors.It was a rainy day, and the world’s tiniest 3-vendor market didn’t have much to offer back in the day.However, one stall, named “Belightfull” was advertising some spaghetti bolognese. Like all new vegans I had to ask, “Is everything vegan?” just to make sure, of course! I remember being absolutely BLOWN awayRead more

“The Vegan Box” from Tessa’s Bakery

I chatted with Tessa from Tessa’s Bakery, and she said, “Vegan baking is actually cheaper than normal baking, and I don’t believe in overcharging because it’s a niche.” Can I get an AMEN!? Such incredible value right here in “The Vegan Box.” 🍰 Carrot Cake Tray – 6 servings 🍰 Chocolate Brownie Tray – 6 servings 🍰 Oat Crunchies x4 🍰 Pecan Nut Caramel Bars x4 ALL for R295! Which works out to R15 per serving. How amazing is that??? Read more


You have been SERVED!  Served is such a gorgeous concept!  Founder of Served, Michelle, delivers packaged recipes to your door, ready for you to prepare at home.  All the ingredients have been locally sourced, and all the packaging has been recycled and up-cycled, because, as Michelle says, “plastic is the devil.” Our recipe was a divine Chickpea and Spinach Curry, with all the ingredients needed to prepare the dish as well as clear and precise cooking instructions.  I HIGHLY RECOMMENDRead more

Niche Vegan Lifestyle Meal Plans

Some of the BEST vegan food I have tasted in a while!  Niche Vegan Lifestyle offers weekly or monthly meal plans with FREE DELIVERY, or you can order some of their meals via a delivery service.  They have GORGEOUS options and some of the most affordable pricing I have seen in a LONG time.  Also: their portion sizes are GARGANTUAN: always a good thing.  I’m not a Miso Broth fan: but I was BLOWN AWAY. I don’t eat Pad ThaiRead more

Vegan Fair: Zu’s Indian Kitchen

I am genuinely BLOWN AWAY by what I experienced with Vegan Fair AKA Zu’s Kitchen!  Zulayga (or “Zu” for short) delivers gorgeously prepared, beautifully presented, and absolutely delicious home-cooked Indian cuisine.  It is clear that Zu is passionate about food and will feed you, your family, or any event you may need her for.  And EVERYTHING is vegan!  We tried the vegetable biryani with sambal, white bean stew with rotis, lentil stew with basmati rice, potato samoosas, and vegan doughnuts. Read more

The Eatery Wood Fired Grill, Claremont

For some people, a trip to the Southern Suburbs from the Atlantic Seaboard for lunch would be unthinkable. Well, I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t require a visa and it can be worth it.  Address: 70 Belvedere Rd, Claremont Hours: 11am-10pm Mon-Thur, 9am-10pm Fri-Sun & Public Holidays The Eatery Woodfired Grill at Belvedere Square in Claremont has a few vegan options on their menu worth making the trip. Owner Marius Pieters has noticed the trend in people requestingRead more

Pop Secret Gourmet Vegan Ice Lollies

Sisters, Keri and Taryn are the passionate foodies behind Pop Secret: gourmet vegan ice lollies that are totally guilt-free! I was gifted four flavours to try: Mango Chocolate Peanut Butter Choc Chop Tropical Turmeric Pop Secret is available for trading at events, festivals or weddings and can be contacted on, 072  435 8104, Insta DM (@popsecret_ct) or their website. You can also find their products at various Wellness Warehouse branches.Read more

Rhythm Full On – Vegan Accommodation in McGregor

We were recently invited to spend three nights at Rhythm Full On, a 100% vegan self-catering cottage in the (not-so-sleepy) town of McGregor. Rhythm Full On is a simple cottage nestled among the tall trees in one of McGregor’s most picturesque and quiet streets. Owner, Pnina, describes it as “a space to live your life by the rhythm of the sun, rising with its rays and sinking with it below the ‘Krans’.” And that’s EXACTLY what we did during our stay!Read more

Vegan Picnic at Boschendal Wine Farm, Franschhoek

Wine farms have cottoned on to the fact that the world is changing and that plant-based eating is here to stay! A new addition to the many offerings is the Vegan Picnic now available at the beautiful Boschendal Wine Farm in Franschhoek. The farm is one of the most picturesque in the Cape Winelands, with beautifully maintained grounds and buildings and is the perfect spot to get lazy for the afternoon where you can enjoy great food and wine andRead more

Vegan Wines – Spier Wine Estate

As Christmas day and all the festivities that go with it fast approaches, I’m receiving a few messages about vegan wines. Some people might be surprised to learn that not all wine is naturally vegan in the first place. In some cases when producing wine it goes through a process called ‘fining’ to remove yeast and protein molecules which create cloudiness. These animal-derived fining agents include casein (milk protein), gelatin (animal protein) and Isinglass (fish bladder protein). SHAME. However, moreRead more

A Plant-Based Christmas at the Radisson Red

Something extraordinary is happening down at the Radisson Red’s Oui Bar in the Silo District on Christmas Day! They have decided to host an ENTIRELY PLANT-BASED festive lunch in their restaurant – and tickets are flying!!! I had the privilege of experiencing what they have in mind at a pre-event tasting last week,  and let me tell you, it is going to be excellent! ADDRESS: No. 6 Silo, Silo Square, V&A Waterfront DATE & TIME: 25 Dec 2019, 12pm-3pm HereRead more

Review – The Table at De Meye, Stellenbosch

One of my all-time favourite wine farm eateries, The Table at De Meye was recently taken over by new management, husband and wife team, Leigh and Brendan. I am relieved to say it has lost none of its charm and style and retained all of that delicious food and more! ADDRESS: De Meye Wine Farm, Muldersvlei, Stellenbosch HOURS: closed Mon-Tue, 12pm-5pm Wed-Sun The Table at De Meye is everything that lunch on a wine farm should be: reasonably priced hearty mealsRead more

Soët Emporium, Durbanville – Launches Summer Menu with New Vegan Options

Soët Societ Cafe in Durbanville is well-known for its vegan-friendly cakes. I have to admit that while I haven’t yet been, the photos of their Vegan Chocolate Log has me drooling every time! Great news though: they have just launched a new summer menu that includes several savoury vegan options! Address: Cnr Oxford Rd & Wellington Rd, Durbanville Hours: 8am-5pm Mon-Fri, 8am-3pm Sat, closed Sun The new options include: Vegan Bowl – vegan nuggets, vegan cheese, hummus, avo on a bed of brown riceRead more

Review – Her Harvest at Rosenhof Farm, Elgin Valley

The first thing that would spring to mind when thinking about the Elgin Valley is its abundance of apple and pear orchards and smattering of wine farms. So it was during a recent weekend away that I was thrilled to discover that it also boasts one of the best plant-based eateries in the Western Cape. So good in fact, that we went back the next day! ADDRESS: Rosenhof Organic Farm, Highlands Rd, Elgin Valley HOURS: closed Mon-Thu, 11:30am-2:30pm Fri, 9am-3pmRead more

Prashad Café – Various Locations

It is no secret that I am a HUGE Prashad Café fan! They have three locations: Location 1 Address: Shop 11B, Palmhof Centre, Kloof Street, Gardens Hours: 11am-9pm Mon-Sat, closed Sundays Location 2 Address: Fountain Square, Main Rd, Rondebosch Hours: 10am-9pm Mon-Sat, closed Sundays Location 3 Address: The Ironworks Building, 242 Sir Lowry Rd, Woodstock Hours: 10:30am-9pm Mon-Sat, closed Sundays Prashad is a collaboration between mother and son, chef Theresa and manager Krishan Peters, from the famous Maharajah Vegetarian brand. You can catch aRead more

Review – Lupa Osteria, Durbanville

Animal rights activist and vegan chef, Nikki Botha recently visited Lupa Osteria in Durbanville to try their new vegan menu. This is what she had to say: Address: Shop 7, Village Square Mall, Queen St, Durbanville Hours: 12pm-9pm Mon-Sun “My best friend recently suggested we meet for a Sunday lunch at Lupa Osteria in Durbanville, after it was announced that they had a separate vegan menu. Finding a vegan-friendly eatery behind the “boerewors curtain” is challenging enough, let alone finding oneRead more

Review – NEW Winter Menu at Plant, City Centre

I was recently invited to try out the new Winter Menu at Plant, and to sum it up: I was genuinely impressed! Address: 8 Buiten St, City Centre Hours: 9am-9pm Mon, 7:30am-10pm Tue-Sat, 9am-5pm Sun Plant seems to be killing it with their weekly themed buffets and have gone one step further to fully update their menu, which is now neatly laid out in a 6-page booklet featuring several VERY yummy choices. I’m going to be honest and say we tried aRead more

The Olympia Vegan Experience, Kalk Bay

The continued support of veganism shows no signs of slowing down in Cape Town and residents and visitors to Kalk Bay now have a brand new pop-up vegan event to add to their list! Chef Mel Miller joined forces with Olympia Cafe and Deli last weekend to offer a bi-monthly four-course vegan menu in the bakery side of Olympia’s operation: a huge room that at one point in time used to be a movie theatre but is now used to bakeRead more

Plant reintroduces Themed Sunday Buffets

I wrote about the Sunday Vegan Buffets at Plant last year April (when they introduced them in time for winter!) and raved about them! You can read that article here. I am pleased to announce they are BACK and kicked off with an exceptional Chinese-themed buffet-style luncheon. The buffet is served from 11am every Sunday with a different cuisine every week. The cost is R130 per plate (with the option of going back for a second helping) as well as aRead more

New menu at Scheckter’s Raw, Sea Point

Having reviewed Scheckter’s Raw many times before I am going to jump straight to the important bits: ADDRESS: 98 Regent Rd, Sea Point HOURS: Mon-Sun 8am-8:30pm The new menu (in addition to their regular menu, which you can find here), boasts the latest import to South African shores, the Beyond Meat burger as well as quinoa-based flapjacks, juices and a decent sandwich option: Their new monster burger, titled The Ultimate Beyond Burger caused some controversy when it was first announced surrounding theRead more

Review – Trace Therapy, Newlands

I am 100% into alternative forms of therapy, healing or wellness practices. There have been many times when “modern” medicine has failed me, and I have been healed through methods most unconventional. In the lead-up to my recent trip to London, I became fairly ill. I say “ill” because it was that annoying, chesty cough, with a run-down feeling all brought upon by that wonderful friend of ours: STRESS. I eat well, take the correct supplements, get 8 hours sleepRead more

Monday Supper Club at Tamboers Winkel, Gardens

I recently reviewed Tamboers Winkel for their brilliant vegan breakfast/brunch options (here) but had to go back when I heard they were hosting a weekly Monday Supper Club. Address: 3 De Lorentz St, Gardens Hours: 7am-10pm Mon-Fri, 7am-3pm Sat, 8am-2pm Sun It’s very simple: sign up to receive a weekly WhatsApp message to let you know what’s cooking by sending the word JOIN to 066 297 6111. If you like what’s on offer that Monday evening, then simply make yourRead more

The Beyond Meat Burger at Hudsons

I was recently invited to try the new Vegicheese Burger from Hudsons at their Green Point branch. Having tried the new tastes-just-like-meat burger patty from creators, Beyond Meat, I had several experiences to compare it to. This review sums up my thoughts. Branches: Cape Town: Claremont, Gardens, Green Point, Stellenbosch Johannesburg: Bedfordview, Hazelwood, Parkhurst Hudsons are the first chain of restaurants (or burger joints if you will) to serve the Beyond Meat burger patty (following independently run enterprises such as Pure Cafe in Greyton, Wellness Warehouse Cafe in Kloof Street and TheRead more

Vegan Valentine’s Day in Cape Town

I tend to be a bit of a cynic when it comes to the V-word and for many years, my other half (whom I refer to as “Bae” for sake of his anonymity), and I have chosen not to celebrate. We’re like the Grinches of Valentine’s Day and aim to make every OTHER day V-Day! BUT – I get requests often for V-Day ongoings in Cape Town. So, in the spirit of being a little more loving this year, hereRead more

Review – Tamboers Winkel, Gardens

When I first became vegan, places that were offering decent breakfast options were pretty scarce. Thankfully, the majority of establishments in Cape Town have now joined the party by offering at least one vegan option. Those that give you more than one choice, however, get a serious thumbs up from me. Like Tamboers Winkel off Kloof Street in Gardens. Address: 3 De Lorentz St, Gardens Hours: 7am-10pm Mon-Fri, 7am-3pm Sat, 8am-2pm Sun Since my last visit (in my pre-vegan days)Read more

Review – Meeting Point Tanzanian Cuisine, City Centre

I haven’t been this taken by surprise in a while: mostly because it was not what I was expecting at all. You need to try Meeting Point. The only negative part of the experience: I could have kicked myself for not supporting it sooner. Address: 67 Strand Street, City Centre Hours: 9am-10:30pm Mon-Sun If you blink, you could potentially miss it. Meeting Point is between Loop St and Bree St on Strand St opposite Alexander Bar Café & Theatre. Its unassuming interior andRead more

City Centre and its surrounds get a new plant-based meal delivery service

The 1st of January 2019 saw the birth of Wilde Flour, a 100% plant-based meal delivery service created by a young and ambitious vegan influencer, Amber Abrahams.  It has been her dream to provide customers with meals which are packed full of superfoods high in vitamins and minerals, with a focus on helping restore gut health, as a healthy microbiome (the starting point of all health). Dishes change weekly, and a sample menu looks something like this: Delivery is included inRead more

OGs (Original Gangsters)

There are some 100% vegan eateries that have been around for a fair amount of time. It sometimes amazes, NAY, shocks me that a lot of plant-based folks have never tried most of these. Here is a small list of Cape Town’s finest 100% vegan/plant-based eateries that you NEED to get onto/into/on top of this year. Seems like a pretty good New Year’s Resolution to me! In alphabetical order: Flourish Bistro 403 Albert Rd, Woodstock Owner and chef, Johanna deRead more

Top Ten Stories of 2018

Hi all. Let’s count down the top ten starting from the 10th most read: 10. Kauai always had vegan menu items. But they were the kind of menu items that needed to be “veganised” without any reduction in price. I announced that Kauai finally joined the growing trend and added specifically vegan items to their menu. Click here to see the original post. 9. Shortly after the V&A’s Cooked announced their Middle Eastern and Meditteranean vegan options, Balducci announced an entirely vegan menu featuring over 50 vegan dishes.Read more

Review – Ragamuffin Curry, Kenilworth

What a fortunate bunch you are in the Southern Suburbs! You have an awesome little spot in Kenilworth that completely charmed the pants off me, so much so that I would be fully prepared to drive the 25 minutes from Sea Point to get my fix of this delicious Indian chow! Address: 3 Mains Ave, Kenilworth (next to Noyes Pharmacy) Hours: 11am-9pm Mon-Sun The owner, Thinus Ras, opened Ragamuffin a year ago having previously run the business from a stall atRead more

Review – Bacini’s, Gardens

In 1994, Bacini’s moved to the Mother City, setting up shop in both Rondebosch and the bottom of Kloof Street before finding its home at no. 177. Address: 177 Kloof St, Gardens Hours: 12pm-10:30pm Mon-Sun Bacini’s has a laid-back charm and it is perhaps for this very reason that Capetonians are still strolling through their doors to indulge in some hearty Italian cuisine. The option to “veganise” pizzas on their menu isn’t new, they just haven’t been shouting about it. You can either change-upRead more

The Cape Town Vegan Christmas Shopping List

What do you buy a vegan for Christmas? What’s a GREAT idea for a vegan Christmas gift? What are some easy ideas for a Christmas feast? Where can I order vegan treats for Christmas? Never fear Capetonians! All of this and more answered in THIS blog post. I want a hassle-free Christmas that is totally “fail-proof” which got me thinking about what would make this festive season stress-free. I decided that instead of being brave and taking several DIY risks,Read more

Legendary eatery opens Mouille Point branch

Mary-Ann’s Emporium & Eatery has opened its doors to its second restaurant in Mouille Point and it is creating exactly the type of buzz that you would expect from one of South Africa’s original vegan pioneers! Address: 3 Park Rd, Mouille Point Hours: 10am-6pm Mon-Fri, 9am-6pm Sat-Sun Mary-Ann and Mark Shearer are household names in the vegan community in South Africa and when they moved to Cape Town, they opened Mary-Ann’s Emporium & Eatery in Gordon’s Bay. The original venue wasRead more

Review – Jessy’s Waffles Afternoon Tea

Jessy’s Waffles (58 Barnet St, Gardens) recently hosted its first Afternoon Tea to an absolutely packed seating area. I was fortunate enough to grab a seat along with a friend of mine to experience what I would sum up as possibly my FAVOURITE high tea/afternoon tea experience to date. What makes this a winning experience is that is it absolutely unique. You won’t find a scone or jam in sight and the only “authentic” part of the afternoon is the tea, whichRead more

Review – Yo Goodness Café, Table View

Table View: your prayers have been answered! Yo Goodness Café has opened its doors and serves an almost entirely vegan menu (no meat, some dairy). Address: 1 Marine Circle, Table View Hours: closed Mon, 8am-4pm Tue-Sun Firstly, its lovely to escape the city and visit an area that Cape Town city-dwellers seldom explore. With the uninterrupted view of Table Mountain from a completely different angle and the sky awash with kite surfing colour it almost makes you feel like you’re onRead more

Review – Tessa’s Bakery, Milnerton

November 1st was World Vegan Day, and Tessa’s Bakery in Milnerton invited my friends and I around to celebrate the launch of their new range of vegan treats! Address: Milpark Centre, Jasmin Rd, Milnerton Hours: 8am-5pm Mon-Fri, 8am-2pm Sat, closed Sun Upon arrival, we were greeted by Des, Tessa’s daughter and led to the private “cake” room where our own World Vegan Day feast had been laid out. There was possibly more cake than 5 humans were able to manage, but we wereRead more

Products – Wazoogles launches range of “Supernatural Oats”

Last month, Wazoogles (well-known for their organic superfood products) launched a range of breakfast pots that they’ve called Supernatural Oats, a feat that took them 15 months to develop. The range includes 6 “supernatural” flavours: Peanut Butter Coconut Cup Salted Caramel & Mulberries Cinnamon Banana Bread Double Chocolate Maca Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Wildberry Fig Crumble Convenience is the main selling point (in my opinion), but it needs to be mentioned that they are also: organic 100% plant-based/vegan gluten-free high in protein takeRead more

Lekker Vegan opens its second branch

Lekker Vegan, Cape Town’s no. 1 gourmet junk food joint recently opened its second branch next to Prashad in Kloof St. Address: 105 Kloof St Hours: 10am-10pm Mon-Thu, 10am-12am Fri, 10am-12am Sat, 11am-9pm Sun *Note, the opening hours (as per their Instagram page) appear to differ slightly from the OG branch in Harrington St. You name it, they’ve got it, from burgers to chips to gigantic “Gatsby’s”, snacks and even soft serve – all cruelty-free versions of the stuff we allRead more

Event – Afternoon Tea at Jessy’s Waffles

It’s fantastic to see establishments such as Jessy’s Waffles step it up a notch and offer the vegan community another unique plant-based experience! Jessy’s Waffles have some beautifully decadent treats up their sleeves that they hope to share with you! Booking is essential, as they have limited spaces and will be making to order.   See you there?Read more

Review – Curry Club, Online Delivery

Picture this: It’s a Friday night. You are exhausted. The last thing you feel like doing is cooking for the family. Solution? Curry Club. That is all. Address: ONLINE ORDER – Hours: 12:30pm-9:30pm Mon-Sat, closed Sun Curry Club is an online delivery platform that brings a vibrant London-style Punjabi flight kitchen straight to your doorstep, offering free delivery in the City Bowl and it’s surrounds (Camps Bay to Woodstock).  The timing couldn’t have been more perfect as we’d had a particularlyRead more

Review – NEW menu options at Plant – City Centre

Plant is perfectly situated in the Cape Town City Centre and is probably one the most well-known 100% vegan eateries in South Africa. After having changed owners, chef Pierre Lambret introduced his unique French-inspired stamp on the menu. This became refined over time and more recently reflected even more ingenious offerings. Did someone say vegan Dim Sum? Address: 8 Buiten St, City Centre Hours: 8am-5pm Mon, 8am-10pm Tue-Sat, 9am-5pm Sun I was invited to sample some of the new dishesRead more

Heads-Up, The Cape Town Cookie Company

The demand for plant-based treats seems to be on the rise, and local entrepreneur, Abbey Roggenbuck, has recently risen to the challenge to create the ultimate range of American-style vegan cookies! I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a dozen of the Choc Chip ones and they did not disappoint! You can find them in two places: At Freddie Freeloader in Woodstock or The Cape Town Cookie Company at the V&A Food Market Better still, contact Abbey directlyRead more

Perfect Vegan Breakfast Smoothie with Almond Creamery Nut Milk – Recipe

It’s not often that I have the confidence to post recipes on my blog, which is why I felt particularly challenged when the folks at Almond Creamery approached me to do a collaboration! Having recently rebranded and celebrating their “new look”, I couldn’t say no. The brief was simple: to create a recipe using any one of the broad range of Almond Creamery products: Original Almond Nut Milk – as a base in smoothies, in baking (muffins & breads) or cooking (sauces & desserts) Almond &Read more

Review – Peregrine Farm Stall, Grabouw

Peregrine Farm Stall, situated on the N2 highway just outside Cape Town, is a legend in its own right. This could be because of its family-friendly atmosphere, it’s respite from a long day of travelling, or simply because of its world-famous pies. Okay, who am I kidding? It’s the pies. Always the pies. Address: N2 Highway, Grabouw Hours: 7:30am-6pm Mon-Sun Peregrine Farm Stall is permanently “pumping” – crammed with people wanting to get their “padkos” before heading on the roadRead more

Review – NEW Spring Menu at Green Vine Eatery, Constantia

The welcoming Green Vine Eatery is a family-friendly “shabby chic meets wine farm” setting. Having reviewed it before (here), I was excited to return (along with Bae) to try their new vegan spring menu. Address: Silvermist Wine Estate, Constantia Nek, Constantia Hours: Closed Mon, 8am-11am and 12pm-4:30pm Tue-Sun, 5pm-9pm Fri dinners Chef Rui (best described as charismatic, passionate about food and generally louder than most) and owner, Chessa Louw, have continued to maintain and perhaps even raise the standards ofRead more

Review – The Deli Coffee Co, Kloof Street

The former Melissa’s on Kloof Street is now The Deli Coffee Co. It has retained the same look and feel but has new owners, better prices and FAR MORE vegan options. Address: 94 Kloof Street Hours: TBC I can confirm (having been twice) that this gem of a place is a bit of a vegan haven! I met a friend for breakfast two weeks ago and then brought Bae back for their Vegan Scrambled V-“Eggs” (R86) – 100% vegan scramble, caramelized onions, mushrooms, roasted tomatoes, potatoRead more

Product Review – ESSE Probiotic Skincare

Probiotics (the live microbes that are good for you) are often associated with gut health, but they are just as relevant for the skin. This science behind it may be complicated, but the principle is pretty easy to understand. Probiotics shift the microbial ecology on your skin to favour a diverse ecosystem that is healthy enough to protect you from pathogens and slow the rate of inflammation-related ageing. In essence: feed your skin the best food, and it will thankRead more

Review – Flourish Bistro, Woodstock

SINCE WRITING THIS REVIEW, THE LOCATION AND OPENING HOURS HAVE CHANGED. FLOURISH BISTRO IS NO LONGER SITUATED AT THE CANTEEN IN SALT RIVER.  NEW LOCATION: 403 Albert Rd, Woodstock NEW OPENING HOURS: 9am-4pm Mon-Fri, 9am-3pm Sat, closed Sun   If you don’t know where it is, you might miss it, which you won’t want to do because it is one of Cape Town’s best-kept vegan secrets… until now! Address: 2 Factory Road, Canteen, Salt River Hours: 8am-4pm Mon-Fri, closed Sat-SunRead more

Heads-Up – Punjab Express, Westlake

Punjab Express in Westlake is all about artisan Indian street food, catering to the needs of all their vegan clientele. Address: Unit 13, Westlake Lifestyle Centre, Westlake Drive, Westlake Hours: 11:30am-9:30pm Mon-Sun I have been in direct contact with Punjab Express who are able to offer the following to all those plant-based eaters who come through their doors: Indian Starters Pea and potato samosa Gobhi amritsari Indian Mains Tardka Dal Tofu malabar Jeera aloo Baigan Bharta Chole Amritsari Green bean poriyal Roti andRead more

Heads-Up – Dapper Coffee Co., City Centre

This is just a quick one to let you know about some recently-discovered vegan goodies on the Dapper Coffee Co. menu! Address: Corner of Bree St and Strand St, City Centre Hours: 7am-5pm Mon-Fri, 8am-3pm Sat, closed Sun Dapper Coffee Co. is a coffee shop situated on the popular Bree Street in Cape Town. Linked with a sports car dealership they boast a concept like no other AND cater for vegan clientele. Lauran Molsen, from Dapper Coffee Co. sent me the following information: “WeRead more

Review – Charly’s Bakery, City Centre

The Charly’s Bakery tagline is “mucking afazing“. I am going to be so bold as to say that their decision to start a vegan range of treats is fucking amazing. Let’s be honest. Address: 38 Canterbury St, City Centre Hours: closed Mon, 8am-5pm Tue-Fri, 8:30am-2pm Sat, closed Sun I remember reading somewhere online that someone had seen or heard of a vegan option at Charly’s Bakery and a fair amount of time passed until I decided to contact them to find out whatRead more

Review – Harald’s Bar & Terrace (Park Inn by Radisson), City Centre

It’s been a while since I have seen someone pay THIS much attention to detail when creating nutritiously balanced vegan meals. For the price, portion size, protein content and killer views, Harald’s Bar & Terrace at the Park Inn by Radisson is a winner! Address: Park Inn by Radisson, 29 Heerengracht St, City Centre Hours: 10:30am-11pm Mon-Sun Executive Chef, Nigel Stemmet, explained that the owner switched to a plant-based diet when he first joined the team at the Park Inn by Radisson. Using the freshestRead more

Rocomamas burgers ARE vegan-friendly

Love them or hate them, Rocomamas are now vegan-friendly. Branches in Durbanville, George, Green Point, Harrington Square, N1 City, Okavango, Stellenbosch, Willowbridge Hours: vary depending on branch For a long time, the Rocomamas franchise could not label their burgers as being suitable for vegans due to the fact that their patty mixture was bound by egg. I’m pleased to say that after a (vegan) friend enquired about this recently, a local branch told her that they changed the recipe to including chia seedsRead more

The Kind Butcher, SA’s first vegan butchery

Jay Mac, the founder of The Kind Kitchen in Cape Town, has a goal to launch South Africa’s first Herbivorous Butchery called The Kind Butcher. Funding such a project is a mammoth task, and in order to raise these funds, Jay is offering (for a limited time only) his vegan culinary skills in the privacy of your own home. How will it work? R350pp for a 3-course vegan culinary delight. select the desired date and book for Jay to come toRead more

Delheim launches vegan-friendly wines

Delheim has just released a vegan-friendly Rosé and Sauvignon Blanc, perfect for a vegan household or to toast to a Meatless Monday. The famous Stellenbosch winery used zero animal products traditionally used in winemaking to produce its 2018 Delheim Pinotage Rosé and Sauvignon Blanc. An FYI if you didn’t already know: Animal products derived from milk, eggs, fish and including gelatine are used in a part of the winemaking process to refine and clarify the liquid before it is bottled. This limitsRead more

Review – Mustacchio Caffe, Gardens

Mustacchio Caffe in Gardens have had vegan options for a while. Almost exactly a year ago I reviewed their Veggie Vegan Burger and ordered their Vegan Carbonara via Orderin. You can check out that review here. And now, they’ve done it again, adding three new vegan options to their menu, with more to come in the future! Address: Shop 1, 8 Kloof St, Gardens Hours: 8am-5pm Mon-Sun Because I’ve raved about this place before I won’t go on too much again. What I will say isRead more

Review – Origin Coffee Roasting, De Waterkant

Origin Coffee Roasting was a regular spot for the best scrambled tofu in town. That was until they took it off their menu. I’m hoping it makes a big comeback soon – that dish was INCREDIBLE and a perfect choice for breakfast/brunch. However, all is not lost, as I was invited to try their two new additions to the menu, both of which are (obviously) vegan. Address: 28 Hudson St, De Waterkant Hours: 7am-5pm Mon-Fri, 8am-3pm Sat, 8am-2pm Sun It goesRead more

Product Review – Royal Juice SA

I need to be honest: I drink juices out of necessity. I don’t particularly ENJOY them, and I don’t go out of my way to buy them. I see them as a convenient way to down some pretty cool nutrients in a few seconds flat. Done. A quick way to get the most out of fruits (and some veg). That is until I tasted Royal Juice. I don’t know WHAT is in this stuff that makes it so amazing, or whetherRead more

Event – Eat Me. Drink Me. Vegan Taste Kitchen – 7 July

Join chef Jay Mac and The Kind Kitchen for the next EAT ME. DRINK ME. VEGAN TASTE KITCHEN. When? Saturday 7 July This time they’re playing with the theme “The play with gravity, shapes and light.” So you can expect some molecular cooking and new ways of approaching the food we eat. Starter Micro green salad suspended in a miso prism. Entree Lemon braised artichokes on a bed of spiralised sweet potato noodles and black garlic peanut satay, encased inRead more

Heads-Up – Vegan Winter Yoga Retreat, Greyton

Great to see so many of these popping up around South Africa! Quick summary: 2x yoga classes a day 3x vegan meals a day a visit to the Greyton Farm Animal Sanctuary kirtan (yoga chanting) walks, etc. The yoga is for all levels, including beginners. Prices: R3750 per person sharing, R4500 for a room of your own. All rooms have en-suite bathrooms. Check this out below, and contact Kirsti on if you have any questions. Before you go, checkRead more

Cape Town Vegan in Moscow (again!)

Just in case I didn’t bore you enough the FIRST time I went to Moscow, I thought I’d share my second trip with you. This is mostly because one of you reading this might feel compelled to want to make it a holiday destination, or simply because you are nosy and want to see what I get up to in my spare time!   I flew with Emirates who offered great vegan meals: And at this point, I have to say thatRead more

Heads-Up – Simply Asia – New VG Options Marked on Menu

YES! You heard right! Simply Asia​ has marked their menu clearly with a “VG” meaning that not only do you not have to guess what’s vegan anymore, but also that the plant-based trend is taking off faster than I am able to keep up with this blog! Their store locations are too many to mention, but rest assured that they make vegan takeout option so much more accessible than ever before. So what’s on the menu? 101 – Vegetable Spring Rolls (R38)Read more

Heads-Up – Toscana, Claremont

Petrus Bekker from Toscana has been in contact to share their stunning new vegan menu! Check it out… Address: 214 Main Rd, Claremont Hours: Closed Mon, 5pm-10pm Tue-Sun Toscana in Claremont is a warm and cozy restaurant that promises to deliver food that’s “to die for!” This is their new offering: I’m adding it to my list of places I need to go check out soon! Let me know how you find your experience. Peace xx  Read more

Heads-Up – Balducci, V&A Waterfront

THIS is the best news EVER. It seems that the trend (after posting about Cooked earlier this week), is taking off big time! The V&A Waterfront has ANOTHER brilliant offering: an entirely vegan menu at Balducci. Address: Shop 6162, Victoria Wharf, V&A Waterfront Hours: 11am-11pm Mon-Sun Balducci at the V&A Waterfront offers a varied menu of simple, every day, home cooked Italian dishes that reflect the most traditional elements of this loved cuisine. And now they have launched a vegan menu that they’ve beenRead more

Heads-Up – Cooked, V&A Waterfront

FINALLY, there is an option at the V&A Waterfront that is worth sharing! Address: The Watershed, Dock Rd Hours: 10am-6pm Mon-Sun I chatted to Jess from The Cooked Cook who passed on these available vegan options: Now THAT is an offering and a half! Make sure to head on over next time you’re facing the madness that is the V&A Waterfront and check out the Cooked Facebook Page for updates. Peace xx Before you go, check out my Eateries by Map page and don’t forgetRead more

Restaurants open on a Sunday in Cape Town – Revised Edition

This list just keeps growing, so I thought I’d repost this with the additions! Active Sushi in City Centre 11:30am-10pm Babylon Theatre Cafe in Claremont 12pm-12am Bacini’s in Gardens (review) 12pm-10:30pm The Backyard Cafe in Bergvliet 10am-1:30pm Balducci in V&A Waterfront (heads-up) 11am-11pm Basic Bistro in Stellenbosch 7:30am-10pm Beetbox RX at Mojo Market (review) in Sea Point 8am-10pm Beluga in De Waterkant (review) 12pm-10pm Bistro Sixteen82 at Steenberg 9am-8pm Blue Bird Garage Food & Goods Market (first Sunday of every month) 11am-4pm Bootlegger Coffee Company in Century City 7:30am-5pm Bootlegger Coffee Company in Green Point 7:30am-9pm BootleggerRead more

Heads-Up – Bootlegger Coffee, Various Locations

GREAT NEWS: Bootleggers Coffee has FINALLY added specially marked (decent) vegan options to their menu! ADDRESS & HOURS: Century City: Shop 5, 5 Esplanade Rd – 6:30am-6:30pm Mon-Fri, 7:30am-5pm Sat, 7:30am-5pm Sun & Public Holidays Green Point: Ground Floor, Chelsea on Main, 37 Main Rd – 6:30am-9pm Mon-Fri, 7:30am-9pm Sat-Sun Harrington: Unit 001, The Harrington, 50 Harrington St – 6:30am-4pm Mon-Fri, 7:30am-3pm Sat, closed Sun Kalk Bay: The Majestic, 125 Main Rd – 6:30am-6pm Mon-Thu, Fri 6:30am-9pm, 7am-9pm Sat, 7am-6pmRead more

Review – FitChef 2-Week Vegan Meals

I was recently given the chance to review the FitChef Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner – Two Week Vegan Kit. Here’s what I thought… The Fit Chef tagline is You Are What You Eat and along with their hashtag #eatclean helps stand by the fact that they are committed to making food that uses only easy-to-understand whole-foods ingredients, devoid of any man-made chemical preservatives, colourants, additives or highly refined ingredients. More importantly, they don’t add any sugars (whether artificial or concentrated), or refined salt. Once you’ve placed yourRead more

Review – Smak Deli, City Centre

Smak Deli in Bree Street is a delicatessen, patisserie, restaurant, and coffee bar in one! It can be found packed during the week at lunchtime as it’s a perfect meeting spot for all sorts! And keeping with the trend, they have added some great vegan options to the menu. Address: 22 Bree St, City Centre Hours: 7:30am-4:30pm Mon-Fri, 9am-close Sat, closed Sun Founded by Katia Scherf, she has combined her local and global cheffing experiences to create a warm andRead more

Review – The Sunshine Food Co., Sea Point

Sea Point has a new 100% vegan eatery. Blink it and you’ll miss it! Situated between Clicks and the Three Anchor Bay Medical Suite (at the bottom of Glengarriff Road), The Sunshine Food Co. is the new kid on the block. Address: 6 Main Rd, Sea Point Hours: 8am-8pm Mon-Sun There is probably only seating space for 5 people max, so it is more of a grab-and-go kind of joint, although if you go at a quiet time it’s perfect to sit and watch theRead more

Review – “Eat Like a Local” Vegan Food Tour

  Cape Town has it’s very own Vegan Food Tour operated by one of the nicest humans you will ever meet, Rupesh Kassen. Rupesh is the owner and founder of Eat Like a Local, a company that provides curated walking tours through the Mother City. The aim is to immerse yourself fully in the various cuisines that make up our unique heritage, and vegans are not left out of the equation! I was fortunate enough to be part of the very firstRead more

Review – The Playful Vegan Cooking Course

The offering of plant-based cooking courses has astronomically increased over the last year. These courses range from the use of superfoods as medicine to vegan basics with zero experience, to classes on how to make vegan macaroons! The NPO Vegilicious even hosted four hands-on cooking courses as part of their yearly Cape Town Vegan Challenge last year. And then there is Tara Gellé, The Playful Vegan who is currently hosting a 6-part cooking demo. I was fortunate enough to attend an Indian-inspired evening with 4 otherRead more

Review – Daily Dish Vegan Box

I recently collaborated with Daily Dish, a company that offers a weekly service of providing you and your family with four vegan meals. All the ingredients are measured and provided for in exact amounts, meaning that there is absolutely zero food waste. There are four menu cards (that you can keep for future use!) that are simple to follow. Simply put: Daily Dish keep cooking simple, and inspiring – and takes the guesswork out of trawling recipe books for inspiration. I was fortunateRead more

Review – Homage 1862, City Centre

It’s been a while since I’ve been to a restaurant/eatery that left me with mixed feelings – right down the middle – 50/50. Do I love it or loathe it? Help me decide! Address: 168 Loop Street, City Centre Hours: closed Mon, 11:30am-4pm Tue, 11:30am-11:30pm Wed-Sat, closed Sun My notifications have been off the charts since Homage 1862 launched their plant-based menu with followers urging me to give it a try, sending me photos of the most gorgeous dishes. Bae and I decidedRead more

Review – BeetBox RX, Sea Point

A reviewed Salad Bae a while ago, a gorgeous little build-your-own salad bar at the Mojo Market in Sea Point. Now it’s time to meet Beetbox RX, the older brother of Salad Bae! Address: 30 Regent Rd, Mojo Market, Sea Point Hours: 8am-10pm Mon-Sun In terms of nutrition and convenience, you can’t get a healthier on-the-go smoothie option than Beetbox RX! From Crystal (smoothie) Bowls to Cleansing Juices, High-Vibe Smoothies to Prescription Juices and Beauty Elixirs, Beetbox RX pretty much has you sorted. Prices range from R18 (for the Beauty Elixir shot) to R84 forRead more

Review – Mary-Ann’s Emporium

We are very familiar with online shops such as Faithful to Nature or Wellness Warehouse but I feel it needs to be said that the ORIGINAL queen (and king!) of the vegan-friendly online shopping legacy has to be Mary-Ann’s Emporium. Mary-Ann and Mark Shearer are pioneers in the vegan world, having made a lasting impact on the vegan community in Cape Town through their work on programmes such as 100 Days to Health (which I am currently trying!), their workshops and DVDs as wellRead more

Fria’s Superfoods

Fria’s Superfoods is an affordable and locally owned delicatessen specialising in healthy treats – born from a passion for cooking, but at the same time trying to maintain a healthy eating regime. Inspired by healthy eating, Fria calls her nutritious snacks “her healthy cheat treats” – they are her attempt at making it easier to stay on the healthy eating “wagon”. What started as a hobby turned into a small business in 2016 and thus, the Fria’s Superfoods brand weRead more

Review – Nonna Lina, Gardens

Nonna Lina in Gardens is a quick and easy no-frills no-fuss eatery that will definitely sort you out before a trip to the Labia or Fugard Theatres for a pre-show dinner. This is exactly what we did on Saturday night and weren’t disappointed. Address: 60 Orange St, Gardens Hours: 10am-10pm Mon, 8am-10:15pm Tue-Fri, 9am-10:30pm Sat-Sun Nonna Lina’s vegan options are clearly marked on their menu (V+) and they have a fairly standard and rather healthy offering: Salads Serramanna – a typical Sardinian saladRead more

Review – The Café Racer, Strand

Have you ever been to a place that just WORKS? This is one of those places. If you’re a hardcore biker you’ll feel at home. If you’re a family with little kids it’ll work too. Business meeting? Absolutely. The Green Point Gays? (well… it worked for me – although I’m from Sea Point, and we’re slightly less fussy). Millenials who really only care about the aesthetic? Definitely. It’s all this and way more. Address: 43 Wesley St, Strand Hours: 7:30am-10pmRead more

Yoga & Vegan High Tea

EVOLVE Yoga & the Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa invite you to their first ever, YOGA & VEGAN HIGH TEA! Start your Sunday morning with a nurturing yoga flow overlooking the beautiful scenery that the Twelve Apostles has to offer. The yoga is suitable for all levels. Please bring your own yoga mat. There will be limited availability for mat hire (on request). Following the yoga, you will be treated to a Vegan High Tea; a delicious assortment of sweetRead more

Review – Lucky 13, The Kind Kitchen

Vegan Chef, Jay Mac of The Kind Kitchen recently hosted a pop-up dinner which he titled Lucky 13 on (as luck would have it) Friday the 13th. This taste kitchen experience saw 12 strangers seated around a dining room table sampling some of Jay’s food created from locally grown and sourced products with the simple mantra of “CAUSE NO HARM” – an ethos he has carried throughout the entire structure of his business. Upon arrival, we were greeted with a glass ofRead more

Review – Love Kos Mos, Woodstock

Love Kos Mos can only be described as a sanctuary for the mind, body, and soul! Why? Because of its unique setting, brilliantly clean healthy food and it’s peaceful atmosphere. Address: Soul, 388 Albert Rd, Salt River Circle, The Royal Albert Building 1st Floor, Woodstock Hours: 8am-5pm Mon-Sat, closed Sun It’s hard to REALLY describe the look of the place. If I mention incense and candles you might think hippy. If I mention oracle cards and metaphysical books you might think spiritualist. If I mention a yogaRead more

“Heads-Up” – Thali, Gardens

It’s simple: INDIAN. TAPAS. Simple is good. And this place to be a firm favourite across the board from ambience to service and of vegan options of course! Get to Thali in Gardens. Address: 3 Park Rd, Gardens Hours: Lunch 12pm-2:30pm Tue-Sat, Dinner 5pm-9:30pm Mon-Sat, closed Sun If the name Liam Tomlin sounds familiar, it’s because he is one of Cape Town’s most sought-after chefs who started Thali. That’s pretty much reason enough to go methinks. Cost-wise you are looking at roughly R350Read more

“Heads-Up” – Basic Bistro, Stellenbosch

Basic Bistro is a cosy restaurant right in the heart of Stellenbosch. They have been making locals and strangers feel at home for many years, with a dedicated focus on using quality ingredients to prepare all meals while setting a comfortable and intimate atmosphere for their guests. Address: 31 Church St, Stellenbosch Hours: 7:30am-10pm Mon-Fri, 9am-10pm Sat-Sun Basic Bistro focuses on creating dishes of an international standard.  They also pride themselves on a finely selected and intimate wine list that ranges from ‘Easy Drinking’Read more

Review – El Burro, Various Branches

It is shameful that it has taken me THIS long to write about El Burro, but hopefully (having probably been yourself several times) it will jog your memory as to their fantastic vegan offerings! The general consensus among vegans across the Western Cape is that this is a firm favourite for fans of Mexican food. So if you haven’t been, then go! Address and Hours: 81 Main Rd, Green Point (12pm-11:30pm Mon-Sat) 37a Dean St, Newlands (12pm-11pm Mon-Sat) (Taqueria) corner 1 NewRead more

100 Days to Health

Food seems to be the centre of many vegan’s worlds. I know it is the centre of mine. My Parental Unit once said to me, “I eat to live, but you live to eat!”. She wasn’t wrong! Of course, this whole Cape Town Vegan gig is centered around the best of what Cape Town has to offer, and boy – I am seldom disappointed! This brings me to the big problem (the word “big” is a pun FYI). There isRead more

Jessy’s Waffles – New Menu!

Jessy’s Waffles in Gardens has a brand-spanking-new menu and it looks GOOD! Address: 58 Barnet St, Gardens Hours: 9am-4pm Mon, 9am-9pm Tue-Sat, closed Sun Without further ado… I think I need to visit Jessy’s Waffles again, you know, just to make sure things are on the up and up – for … quality control purposes! Yes, that’s it! Peace xx Before you go, check out my Eateries by Map page and don’t forget to pop on over to my YouTube channel as well! If you’re feeling generousRead more

Review – NEW Vegan Items at Kauai

One could argue that (although few), Kauai always had vegan menu items. But they were the kind of menu items that needed to be “veganised” without any reduction in price. I am so happy to announce that Kauai has finally kept up with the worldwide vegan trend and has added two specifically vegan items to their menu. It’s a great start, and we need to show our support because as the demand grows, so will the supply. Let’s do it! I was fortunate enough toRead more

Wellness Warehouse #ONEsmallCHANGE

More often than not, we make big resolutions at the start of each year, only to lose motivation and abandon them as the months go by. Wellness Warehouse is inviting you to try something more realistic and sustainable in 2018 – make just #ONEsmallCHANGE. Perhaps you’ll switch to a natural sugar, or eat vegan once a week (if you aren’t already doing so). You may want to commit to using only cruelty-free beauty products or ditch the plastic straws. Here are someRead more

“Heads-Up” – Monocle & Mermaid, Simon’s Town

Monocle & Mermaid have made quite a few changes to their menu recently, according to one of the owners, Jan. Some of these changes include several vegan options! Apparently, one guy once said that they served “the best coffee in the world”… so… yeah… there you go! Address: Shop No.1, St George’s Building, St George’s St, Simon’s Town Hours: 10am-5pm Mon, 8am-5pm Tue-Thu, 8am-10pm Fri-Sun Breakfast (served until 11:30am) Vegan French Toast (R75) Lunch Vegan Mediterranean Wrap (aubergine, olives, and greens inRead more

“Heads-Up” – IYO (Inside & You’re Out) Burgers,

IYO (Inside & You’re Out) Burgers in Bree Street is vegan-friendly, pet-friendly and spawn-friendly – so you can take your kids too! And what’s better is that they have a special on all vegan and vegetarian burgers every Meat-Free Monday! Yasss! Address: 103 Bree St, City Centre Hours: 12pm-11:30pm Mon-Sat, closed Sunday This is a popular little joint, so make sure you book for your Monday night 2-for-1 deal on their vegan burger, the Health Nut – aubergine, flax seed & sweet potatoRead more

Review – Plant Sunday Vegan Buffet

I’ve lamented about the lack of vegan eateries open in the Cape Town CBD on a Sunday for a while. You can imagine my surprise when Plant announced that not only would they be opening on a Sunday, but they would also be offering a VEGAN BUFFET (!) with an ever-changing theme. Fortunately, I was able to check out the first of their lunch specials: a South African-themed Vegan Buffet. In addition to the buffet, they have a smaller Sunday Menu that consistsRead more

Playful Vegan Cooking Course, April – June 2018

It’s incredible how many vegan/plant-based cooking courses are springing up around Cape Town. I can hardly keep up! This course, hosted by Tara aka The Playful Vegan will provide you with all the necessary knowledge for you to feel confident in the plant-based cooking realm, without overwhelming you. Tara will show you: the science behind smoothies how to perfect the art of vegan & gluten-free breakfasts how and what to cook with tofu and all the beans how to use different typesRead more

“Heads-Up” – Skinny Legs Luxury Cafe, City Centre

There’s only one way to describe Skinny Legs and that’s ‘minimalist’. If that’s your vibe you’ll love it. If it’s not, then… well… it could get awkward. Known for its trendy clientele, it is often filled with models during the height of the Cape Town summer season. I have one big issue though, and that’s portion size. For the price you are paying, it is definitely more for people with… well… skinny legs! Still – it might appeal to some –Read more

“Heads-Up” – Myoga Restaurant, Newlands

As a tribute to veganism and a testament to the beautiful fresh produce that the Cape has to offer Myoga Restaurant in Newlands has added an extra course to their tasting menu for vegans, vegetarians or anyone wanting to test the water. Address: 60 Colinton Rd, Newlands Hours: 6:30am-10:30pm Mon, 11:30am-2pm and 6:30pm-10:30pm Tue-Sat, closed Sun Menu Sweet potato pumpkin seeds, orange Stuffed courgette flower mushroom duxelles, pine nut veloute Temple bowl freekeh, ponzu poached beetroot, tempeh, roasted mushrooms, raw mushrooms, nasturtiumRead more

“Heads-Up” – The Strangers Club, Green Point

The Strangers Club is a trendy (but tranquil) hidden gem. It’s a space to catch up with friends, bury your head in work or simply just to take some time out of the hustle and bustle of the streets of Cape Town. The vibe? Comfy and casual! Address: 1 Braemar Rd, Green Point Hours: 8am-3pm Mon-Fri, 9am-2pm Sat, closed Sun DRINKS various coffees (w/almond or soya milk options) various lattes (turmeric, beetroot & matcha) various juices SMOOTHIE BOWLS The Nutty – almondRead more

360 Training – Special Offer for CTV Followers

So this is REALLY exciting… Chris Walsh, owner of 360 Training on the Foreshore wants to offer anyone who follows this blog 3 months of training for R360 per month. But what’s it all about? 360 offers a range of equipment unique to the functional training scene. Being a functional training facility, the use of machinery is kept to a minimum. 360 makes prominent use of a diverse range of equipment such a bosu balls, swiss balls, kettlebells, barbells, dumbbells, TRX’s, punching bags,Read more

Review – O’ways Teacafé, Claremont

At O’ways Teacafé food is more than just fuel for a busy day, it is a sacred combination of the best that mother nature has to offer and following the rhythm of her seasons there is always something new on the menu to be savored and enjoyed at this Claremont ‘institution’. Address: Shop 2, Heritage House, 20 Dreyer Street, Claremont Hours: 7:30am-5pm Mon-Fri, 9am-2pm Sat, closed Sun O’ways Teacafé creates an atmosphere that is a unique emergence of the bestRead more

Yay, A New Vegan Product!

TODAY *posts a picture of a NEW vegan product on social media* ME: Yay! A new vegan product! SOMEONE: It has palm oil in it! ME: Yay! A new vegan product! SOMEONE: That’s way too expensive! ME: Yay! A new vegan product! SOMEONE: But it has so much sugar in it! #diabetes ME: Yay! A new vegan product! SOMEONE: Look at all the plastic it’s wrapped in. ME: Yay! A new vegan product! SOMEONE: Not fair! They need to haveRead more

“Heads-Up” – Hub Café, Scarborough

The Hub Café in Scarborough is the perfect spot to sit on the balcony and take in a sunset dipping beyond the ocean whilst sipping champagne and feasting on their extensive menu. Light and airy with a relaxed and convivial atmosphere, the Hub Café offers a balanced menu of classic dishes as well as daily chefs specials and decadent desserts. Address: 2 Watsonia on Main Rd, Scarborough Hours: closed Mon, 12pm-8:30pm Tue-Fri, 9am-8:30pm Sat, 9am-7pm, Sun WEEKEND BREAKFAST MENU Vegan Heaven, toastedRead more

“Heads-Up” – Olive Terrace Bistro, Tulbagh

The Olive Terrace Bistro offers à la carte breakfast, lunch and dinner menus. As their emphasis is on sourcing local fresh seasonal produce, their menu changes weekly and is an eclectic celebration of South African and international cuisine, including vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options. Address: The Tulbagh Boutique Heritage Hotel, Hours: 8am-9pm Mon-Sun Upon a recent dinner visit, this is what they had to offer on their menu: Mediterranean Vegetable Stack – locally grown king oyster mushrooms in Oakhurst olive oil and balsamicRead more

“Heads-Up” – Salt, Kalk Bay

Salt in Kalk Bay is known for their “small plates” of which they have a few vegan options. Address: 136 Main Rd, Kalk Bay Hours: 6:30am-11pm Mon-Sun The owner, Nic Mcleod, has assured me that they are vegan-friendly and served the following small plates: flash-fried zucchini with kale pesto cauliflower couscous spun in a homemade herb paste & roasted pistachios winter slaw w/3 different carrots, cabbage, fennel and pawpaw sugar snap peas flashed in chilli oil w/mint salt patatas bravas served w/tomato reduction TheirRead more

Cape Town Vegan in London – Part 2

The 2nd part (of three) detailing my London Vegan Foodie Adventure! Wasn’t feeling all too great (the start of some sort of cold brewing), so stayed put after the hotel breakfast, which now consisted of vegan bacon, vegan sausages, beans, and toast – thanks to a shopping trip and an obliging hotel chef. Determined not to let the sniffles descend into anything too savage, I left for lunch after spending the morning doing some admin in my hotel room. Friday 23rdRead more

“Heads-Up” – Postcard Cafe at Stark-Condé, Stellenbosch

There is a reason why Postcard Cafe is so appropriately named. This is simply because of its picture-perfect postcard-like setting, which in one word, is idyllic. Address: 69 Jonkershoek Rd, Stark-Condé Wines, Oude Nektar Wine Estate, Jonkershoek Valley, Stellenbosch Hours: closed Mon-Tue, 9am-4pm Wed-Sun Here’s another place to add to your list for a trip out to a wine farm, or even just a tranquil boozy Sunday lunch out Stellenbosch way. Vegan-friendly? Breakfast Menu Chocolate & Banana Chia Seed Pudding, chia,Read more

Review – Hemelhuijs, City Bowl

Hemelhuijs is a small oasis in the heart of Cape Town; an ideal place to escape from the hustle and bustle and sit and watch the city go by whilst enjoying freshly made juices and indulging in some of their seasonal meals. Address: 61 Waterkant Street, City Bowl Hours: 9am-4pm Mon-Fri, Sat 9am-3pm, closed Sun Truth be told, I had perused their menu online and didn’t hold out much hope for any options when a (vegan) friend invited me. I was pleasantlyRead more

Review – Bistro Sixteen82, Tokai

Named after the year in which Steenberg was established, Bistro Sixteen82 first opened its doors in 2009, and has been the tapas and bistro-style darling of the dining world ever since. Plus, you know, they do ‘vegan’ pretty well too. Address: Steenberg Rd, Tokai Hours: 8am-9pm Mon-Sun We phoned ahead (as part of a large group booking for a friend’s birthday) and were pleasantly surprised with the fantastic range of dishes that came from the kitchen as part of theirRead more

Review – Cosecha, Paarl

The name Cosecha, Spanish for “harvest”, reflects the location next to the working harvest area where grapes are sorted and crushed at Noble Hill wine estate in Paarl. Ingredients are grown on the farm where possible and Cosecha maintains a pepper and vegetable garden which you are free to explore during your visit. What better way to spend an afternoon than over a lazy vegan luncheon. Address: Klapmuts-Simondium Rd, Simondium, Paarl Hours: 10am-5pm Mon, closed Tue, 10am-5pm Wed-Sun On our visit, weRead more

Review – The Courtyard Café, Kalk Bay

The Courtyard Café is a relaxed quality eatery with a sheltered courtyard in Kalk Bay. Located between Artvark Gallery and The Kalk Bay Theatre on Main Road, The Courtyard Café has both inside and outside areas, some of which overlooks bustling Kalk Bay and the ocean beyond. Their menu includes a large and interesting salad selection, vegetarian and vegan options, and some treats for those with a sweet tooth. Address: 48 Main Rd, Kalk Bay Hours: 8am-5pm Mon-Sun Having been recentlyRead more