Review -Vegan Goods Market, Plumstead

Address: Khanyisa Waldorf School, 4 Victoria Rd, Plumstead

Hours: 10am-2pm first Saturday of every month



This is going to be an easy review because I am so fiercely passionate about this initiative.

The first Vegan Goods Market was held earlier in April this year, and was then just a tiny collection of food and vegan merchandise stalls. Back then I was impressed; I mean hell – I got to eat vegan wantons, vegan lasagna as well as a vegan ‘chicken’ mayo sandwich #whattheevenheck. And this was from just one stall! The market has grown tremendously and along with it the attendance. This makes this Cape Town Vegan very proud #goteam.

It would be impossible to meet, greet and sample every single offering at the market, so I have decided to feature 4-5 stalls per month, so keep your eyes posted to see what could potentially be on offer at next month’s market.

Without further ado, here are some of the gems I experienced:

Vegan Market - 3 December-18.JPG

back 2 NATURE


Facefood.jpgYou walk into an Edgars, or a Clicks or (whatevs) and look for vegan-friendly skincare products – what a mission! Or you go to one or more of our chain health stores and end up maxing out your credit card trying to pay for the overpriced imports. Or you could visit Chanel at her back 2 NATURE stall – and if you miss the market, you can order from her website! I bought some of her Facefood – Day Cream SPF5 (R110) last month which she said would last me at least a month. It is still not finished. I bought more – I want to hoard this stuff. People have complimented me on the quality of my skin – and this is literally the only thing I use.

I have never been particularly good at the whole skincare routine thing, but Chanel’s products make me excited about caring for myself a little more. There are plenty of testers and all of the ingredients are printed on beautiful wooden boards. Products include replenishing night creams, face washes, body butters, lip balms, sunscreen lotions, toners and even organic vegan toothpaste. And all for the fraction of what you would pay in a health shop. back 2 Nature really is your one-stop-shop for all things beauty orientated and perfect for picking up some gifts for loved ones. Or in my case – myself #lovegifts. Chat to Chanel – approachable as all hell and really doing some amazing work for this world. She challenges you to make the choice to be a conscious consumer – which she is beautifully aiding by making her products accessible and affordable for everyone.


Vegan Market - 3 December-17.JPG

Coco Caju


This place is literally about sharing the passion they have for consuming ‘conscious’ ice cream. DAMN STRAIGHT! There is a QUEUE to this stall, and I arrived early just to be able to book my Salted Caramel Milkshake! I was rather fierce with the team behind the table and said, “You HAVE to keep me one! And a tin roof ice cream!!”. And they did. And then I forgot the tin roof ice cream when I left #idiot. Coco Caju fulfills every ice-cream want, from gelato tubs in a variety of flavours, to Caramel Chocolate lollies, to soft serve and the aforementioned milkshakes – all made from… cashew nuts! Affordable, bloody delicious, and totally addictive, Coco Caju sees people queueing for ice cream before they have even had their breakfast. This definitely says something dontcha think? #veganssupportvegans #whodoesntloveicecream

Vegan Market - 3 December-16.JPG



Gemma is what may be described as a ‘vegan goddess’. She lovingly makes eco-friendly cotton bags, aprons and t-shirts that all bear cheeky slogans, all of which appeal to this Cape Town Vegan. On offer this month was VEGAN FRIENDLY SAUSAGE men’s underwear. How’s that for balls! And we LOVE it! You can tell that Gemma is fiercely passionate about what she does and the buzz around EcoGemGem‘s stand confirms this. Looking for a specific slogan? Ask Gemma to have it printed for you. Chat to her – she’s awesome. EcoGemGem is also in the process of establishing a business plan for skills-based training which means that very soon, there will be some disadvantaged folks from our community who will be able to provide for their families. HOW. RAD.

EcoGemGem in proud collaboration with Cape Town Vegan is offering a GIVEAWAY to the value of R380. Go check it out. Who doesn’t want free stuff? Thanks Gemma x


Vegan Market - 3 December-26.JPG

Lucille’s Durban Cuisine


Lucille is my sister-from-another-mother. Why? Because we both have one thing in common – we are kak camera shy. But you know what’s awesome – she isn’t shy with her portions! I had an entourage with me, and they all shared four of Lucille’s samoosas. And then went back and bought more. And then went back and bought more. And then… they were sold out. From her sugar bean curry to her bunnie chow, Lucille’s is the place to get your Durban on! Eventually word caught on, and there was a line! Why cook when you can take some of the #realdeal home with you in takeaway boxes? PLUS she caters. Check out her Facebook page for details #justdoit #lucille #kakcamerashy P.S. I ate my takeaway samoosas before I even reached the parking lot #justsaying

Vegan Market - 3 December-5.JPG

Rumsy’s Noose


In terms of desserts these people offer the ULTIMATE sweet indulgences in Cape Town. Understand one thing: this team is the IT team of donuts, ‘tinkies’ and cinnamon snails – all vegan-style. And every single one of their items tastes so incredibly good. Every time I go to the Vegan Goods Market I buy several donuts or ‘tinkies’, etc. and take them home to have over the next couple of days. By the same evening they are gone. Rumsy’s Noose – you are like an evil genius! Damn you and your perfect and incredibly addictive treats! Nothing on their table is overpriced, and they are always the first stall to sell out – sometimes within half an hour which is testament to how ridiculously good these folks are at what they do. Rumsy’s Noose – you are my Kryptonite. I hate that I love you *he says having literally just eaten a cinnamon snail* #bellyache #muststopeating


What a privilege to be surrounded by such remarkable entrepreneurs, each clearly an expert in their respective fields. I cannot wait for January. Only 30 more sleeps!

A HUGE thank you to Lauren Buckle for the photographs you can catch her on Instagram too @laurenbucklephotography. She’s a photographer. She’s vegan. We love her.


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  1. Heike says:

    I just placed an online order with back 2 NATURE based on your review, so thanks for the recommendation!

    • That is FANTASTIC Heike. Thank you for supporting local entrepreneurs! I’d love to hear from you once you have used some of the products. Enjoy!

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