Review – Enchanted Pizza & Pasta, Parklands

Address: Unit 4B, Cavalier Shopping Centre, Parklands Main Rd, Parklands

Hours: 12:30pm-9pm Mon, 9am-9pm Tue-Thu, 9am-10:30pm Fri, 9am-10pm Sat, 12:30-8pm Sun




Enchanted Pizza & Pasta Restaurant in Parklands, was founded and established by the Goddess of Pasta and Cakes (Dianne) and the Queen of Pizza’s and Ice-cream (Rochelle). These two special ladies had started up a business out of Rochelle’s home where they were feeding their passion to produce wonderful pizza and pasta combinations when the popularity of their creations far exceeded anyone’s expectations and inevitably culminated into what is now quite a firmly established eatery in Parklands.

I took one other vegan with me and one non-vegan (let’s call him “Non-Believer”). Non-Believer was NOT impressed when I revealed that this was a purely business call and that I had in fact dragged them a little up the Western Coast of Cape Town to eat vegan food (even though the eatery has an omni menu too). I also insisted that we do the ‘sharing’ thing and being the bossy one in the group, ordered on behalf of everyone else from their exclusively vegan menu – two pages of a variety of options. What a pleasure!


This is what we devoured in a sitting:

  • We shared the Aubergine Bruschetta which was beautifully presented with “cheese” and homemade pesto & salsa as a starter (R55)
  • For mains we shared The Margherita with 100g cheese (R105) (as opposed to with 50g cheese for R75), The Veggie Lasagne (R85) and The Spinach Cannelloni (R85)
  • Vegan friend had a scoop of the Peanut Butter Choc-Chip Ice Cream (R15 per scoop), while I devoured some chocolate brownies with aforementioned ice cream. Non-Believer drank more wine for dessert!

Their food is OUTSTANDING! The bruschetta was beautifully presented, both the cannelloni and lasagne were on point, and we couldn’t finish the generously-sized portion.


The cheese on the pizza (cashew nut-based) was incredibly flavourful, and the pizza base had the perfect amount of ‘crisp’ to it. If I had to change one thing it would be that there was more to the tomato base. As delicious as it was, it felt more like focaccia bread with cheese and herbs, even though the menu states the the pizzas are topped with a tomato base. This is more a suggestion than a criticism as we all devoured the pizza in minutes.

UPDATE: One of the two owners, Rochelle, has contacted me since writing this review to say that what we received was in fact the focaccia with extra cheese! Good to know that my tastebuds didn’t deceive me. Tiny mishap. It was delicious nevertheless and look forward to going back to try out their Margherita pizza in the future. 


The pièce de résistance had to be the ice cream. So: I ate my portion of brownies with extra ice cream. Then I are half of my vegan friend’s ice cream. Then I ordered a third portion of the ice cream to take away with me. And ended up eating it at the table. I have a problem.

I have NEVER tasted such perfect vegan ice cream in all my travels abroad, let alone in Cape Town. This place make the REAL DEAL. Non-Believer doesn’t like peanut butter – but even he said he couldn’t believe it was vegan. If you check out my Top 5 list, you will see that Enchanted Pizza & Pasta‘s ice cream has shot straight to the top of the list!

For the three of us the bill came to roughly R190 each (including tip) which was for 3 mains, a starter, 3 desserts (if you count my third helping of ice cream), 2 glasses of wine and 2 coffees. Damn. That’s good.


Enchanted Pizza & Pasta cater, they offer live entertainment on Sundays, they have a vegan menu, and they are really great people, who are very easy to chat to.

Completely unexpected, and pleasantly surprised. Capetonians are lazy. Get off your asses. Drive 30min. Have a vegan feast. Give these ladies a hug.

We are so fortunate to have places like this in our Mother City.

Peace xx




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4 responses to Review – Enchanted Pizza & Pasta, Parklands

  1. Nina says:

    The pizza looks really bland for the price but everything else looks and sounds amazing! Definitely going to have to venture out that side sometime 🙂

    • Hi Nina. Thanks for your comment. Since writing this review, one of the owners, Rochelle, contacted me to tell me that there was a mishap, and what I actually reviewed was the focaccia bread, and not the Margherita pizza (which was what I ordered). I can assure you that the focaccia bread (with cheese) is DEFINITELY not bland. Some of the best cashew nut cheese I have had to date.

  2. Heike says:

    Wow, that sounds divine! Definitely going to have to take a trip out there sometime soon!!! You had me at Peanut Butter Choc Chip Ice Cream …… 🙂

  3. This Non-Believer lives really close by and has driven past so many times! I may still be aiming for the “omni” menu but I am absolutely convinced I need to give this place a try very soon 🙂

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