Review – El Burro Taqueria, Tamboerskloof

Hola Amigo! Como estas? Me llamo Cape Town Vegan. Mucho gusto! If I got that wrong, then let me know #couldbeawkward


Address: Shop 1, 12-16 Kloof Nek Rd, corner of Kloof Nek Rd and New Church St, Tamboerskloof

Hours: 12pm-11:30pm Mon-Fri, 10am-11:30pm Sat, closed Sun



This is HEALTHY Mexican at it’s finest. Fresh, spicy and cheeky… and that’s just the waitresses! Kidding. Really. I’m not like that.

El Burro Taqueria (younger sister to El Burro in Green Point) has carved out a cute little eatery in Tamboerskloof that makes you smile as you walk through their doors. Maybe it’s all the pastel colours that had this Cape Town Vegan hooked from the start.

They were unfortunately full-up when we arrived, so we had to grab a chair in the window. On the plus side there is the most amazing view of Kloof Nek Road and it’s ongoings. Love people stalking. Watching. I love people watching. On the down side the chairs were KAK uncomfortable and I found it hard to sort of stay balanced without my butt cheeks going a bit lame. I’m awkward enough on my feet as it is.


We got to ordering immediately. Sadly they were out of the refried beans (which was on the specials board) so I ordered the two of the Vegan Tacos. The refried beans would have been my first option. I only really had one option, because the other taco option (the Spiced Cauliflower and Chickpea) came ready-made with a very strong arbol chilli salsa. Strangely the guy who sat back-to-back to me (yes… it was a bit squashed and he kept bumping into me) was ALSO vegan, and also had the same problem – he didn’t want something too hot.

Our order arrived fairly quickly (I won’t go into what the omni had to eat) and mine was great. Fairly small, so I would recommend ordering at least four tacos as a main meal. The idea is (obviously) that you sample a lot of what the menu has to offer. Sadly because one item was sold out (at 6pm), and another was too hot, I only got to sample one of the three vegan offers. I did have a chat with the waitress, and these were really the only options available. May be a little on the expensive side too if that is a concern at R40 per taco which means you are looking at around R180 (if you include a tip) for your main course before any drinks have been ordered. I didn’t mind paying R90 for two as the quality was great despite the portion size.


If I had to make a comparison to the Fat Cactus (in Woodstock) I would say that this is definitely a healthier alternative, but if you want to go for portions size, vegan cheese, more space, comfortable chairs and a far greater variety of vegan options, then try Fat Cactus. Tough to compare though because I would also argue that both may serve different clientele. I’m a sucker for vegan cheese on nachos #justsaying

Having said that, there is definitely something lovely about the vibe. Maybe I am becoming a bit too hipster for my own good. But I walked away happy. With a sore bum.

Peace xx


P.S. Please go to El Burro Taqueria and let me know what you ate and what your experience is – I am happy to edit the review at any stage and add in some of your thoughts and feelings. I’d love someone to try the refried beans!

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3 responses to Review – El Burro Taqueria, Tamboerskloof

  1. Sam Reynolds says:

    “Love people stalking. Watching. I love people watching.” HILARIOUS!!

  2. Diana says:

    The wild mushroom tacos are the bomb. And this is coming from a Mexican who has had her fair share of tacos.

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