Review – Unframed Artisan Ice Cream, Gardens


Address: 45c Kloof St, Gardens

Hours: 11am-11pm Mon-Sun



I was angry. I went there three times. Every time I went they were out of the Vegan Caramel. That is ALL I wanted. I stomped off like a spoiled brat.


Why was everyone else allowed to taste it, and review it and post Instagram pics all over Facebook but me?

Then it happened! I had the Vegan Caramel. And the Peanut Butter. And the Raspberry Coconut. I was on a slippery slope to addiction.


Kloof Street in the summer is lovely! It is just so vibey and chilled, whether you are a hipster or not. So we went for a walk, and decided to go see if they had the Vegan Caramel. I was fortunate enough to bump into owner Yann Rey, an ambitious Frenchman with a love for producing top-notch artisanal ice-cream (not the crap that they just add flavoured syrup to… you know who you are!). What Yann has done is create a whole new vibe at the bottom end of Kloof Street, that saw a so many people pass through the ice cream shop while we sat on the bench outside devouring our cups of vegan heaven.

This stuff is REVOLUTIONARY and has taken a lot of patience, passion and love to produce. This is evident from the first to the last spoonful. I had sampled their Vegan Chocolate flavour in the past, but was now indulging in some of the other addictive offerings. There are no fewer than 9 different vegan options that rotate which include Jasmine Rice Lemongrass, Matcha Tea, Caramel, Peanut Butter, Chocolate, Mint Chocolate Chip, Raspberry Coconut, Turmeric Latte and Coffee. Yann said that soon you will be able to find a Toasted Coconut flavour gracing their fridges.


I would describe this as “no-bullshit ice cream”: just bloody good flavors, worth every cent as you can literally TASTE THE QUALITY. Yann explained the science behind his coconut milk-based works of art after deciding that he wanted to make a difference by minimising the impact that the dairy industry has on our planet. While there is milk-based ice-cream on offer for our omnivore friends, there are always vegan options in stock – and the vibe that I take away from this place is that it is 50/50 which is all this Cape Town Vegan can ask for.


This place is the REAL DEAL, and if you haven’t been yet, shame on you. Who doesn’t like ice cream? If you can’t find a vegan friend, kidnap someone’s lactose intolerant child and head down to Unframed. You won’t be sorry.


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