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cape town vegan restaurants eateries hungry herbivore

Address: 11 Orphan St, City Bowl

Hours: closed Mon, 9am-6pm Tue-Wed, 9am-10pm Thu-Sat, 9am-3pm Sun (though their website doesn’t state this – it’s new, and should be updated on their site soon)



I LOVE this place. A lot of people draw parallels to the TINY little stand that they used to have at the Waterfront, but this is NOTHING like it. Whenever someone says, “Oh ja! I haven’t been to their new place in Orphan Street, but I did go when they were at the Waterfront!” I want to shake them until they shit themselves. It’s not the same! This is WAAAAY better! There is a full-on menu with some crazy good options to satisfy any craving.

cape town vegan restaurants eateries hungry herbivore

While reviewing this I was eating their signature Hungry Herbivore’s Breakfast (R79) which consists of toast of choice (100% rye, ciabatta or gluten-free for an extra R10), crispy seitan bacon, tofu scramble (with peppers, onions and spinach), sautéed garlic mushrooms and roasted tomatoes. I then moved on to their waffle as a breakfast dessert (R55). I literally have an eating disorder.

cape town vegan restaurants eateries hungry herbivore

Confession: before eating at The Hungry Herbivore I had no idea what seitan was. It is basically a meat substitute that is made from wheat protein (i.e. gluten). And before you put on your judgypants, ask ANY omni what ‘seitan’ is and they will throw a bible at you!

cape town vegan restaurants eateries hungry herbivore

If you are coming for lunch or dinner you could try the Spaghetti Alfredo (R70) or their Morish Mediterranean Pizza (R90) to name two of MANY options.

The Hungry Herbivore are famous for their no-bake raw ‘cheesecakes’. I once bought a Salted Caramel Cheesecake for an omni dinner party and it ended up being devoured! Amazingly, these desserts are gluten-free, refined sugar-free and OBVIOUSLY (being 100% plant-based) egg and dairy-free. They come in Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Orange, Blueberry Vanilla, Double Chocolate as well as the aforementioned Salted Caramel flavours. They also do a mean Raw Carrot Cake.

cape town vegan restaurants eateries hungry herbivore

cape town vegan restaurants eateries hungry herbivore

Drinks-wise they can provide you with anything from an almond latte to a smoothie or ten.

AND (if this wasn’t all enough) they have a range of products that they distribute nationally such as their Coconut Coco Berry Chips, et. al!

I could go on forever, but to sum it up, everything is totally plant-based, i.e. VEGAN UTOPIA.

I can personally vouch for their Hungry Herbivore’s Breakfast, the Waffle ’n Berries, the Oh Sweet Kim House Bunless Burger (R89), as well as their Salted Caramel and Chocolate Mint Cheesecakes. If I had a limitless budget I would eat at The Hungry Herbivore for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

These guys make their food with love in the tiniest kitchen known to mankind. If the food takes a little long to come out, be patient. It’ll be worth the wait.

The staff are HAPPY. I know this sounds patronizing, but you can totally tell when waitrons, kitchen staff, etc. love what they do and when they don’t, and it’s always such a pleasure to walk into an eatery where the staff WANT to be there. Very refreshing.

cape town vegan restaurants eateries hungry herbivore

I cannot sing this place’s praises enough. I effing dig them stukkend.

Peace Herbivores xx

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4 responses to Review – The Hungry Herbivore, City Bowl

  1. Heike says:

    We came here on Saturday evening before “Annie” at the Artscape (which was amazing, just by the way). I can vouch for the Mexicana Bowl, as well as the Chef’s Special Pizza – and, of course, their Waffle ‘n Berries. All super tasty!!

  2. Sam Reynolds says:

    Their spaghetti alfredo is delicious! Just wish it was wheat free as I’m so intolerant, but suffered a sore throat and chest afterward as it’s so damn delicious! The owners are very humble and sincere and their waffles are amazing!

  3. Food is amazing just wish they would put a special on the menu .We eat there so often and have now stopped going as we are bored with eating the same stuff again and again and the menu is small .If they did a special once every week or so it would help,variety is the spice of life 🙂 PLEASE HH

    • I agree that their food is amazing! I will have a little chat with them and pass on your suggestion and will get back to you with some feedback. It’s great to hear constructive critique from time to time to help a venture such as this grow and flourish. Thank you for your comment, Charlotte! Xx

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