Review – Saucisse Boutique Deli, Woodstock


Address: Unit A112, The Old Biscuit Mill, Woodstock

Hours: 8am-4:30pm Mon-Fri, 8am-2:30pm Sat, closed Sun



Saucisse is French for “little sausage”. In my head it’s a little vegan sausage, made with chickpeas, lentils and unicorn dust!


This quaint deli, situated in Woodstock’s Old Biscuit Mill, is everything this Cape Town Vegan wanted it to be!

From the moment you enter, you spot owner, trained chef, and self-confessed ‘foodie’, Amanda Lewis, buzzing about with a confidence and ease while her father, Derrick, welcomes guests at the front till. Due to it’s popularity it was packed when we arrived, but the vibe was so laid-back that I immediately felt at ease. This was a place where people came to eat good wholesome food.


This is what may be described as an eco-friendly omni deli, so if the sight of meat offends you, then best you stay clear, but I was not the slightest bit put off because it is clear that they cater for ALL sorts and on this particular day it was devoted to VEGANS.


Saucisse does a Green Monday vegan menu that will convert even the greatest of skeptics. On offer was a Grilled Wild Mushroom Sandwich (R75), a Roasted Beetroot and Avo Salad (R85) as well as a Vegan Platter (R80). Tough choice! Chat to Amanda about what she has to offer. She is down-to-earth, approachable and just generally a lovely human being.

In the end I opted to share the salad and platter. While we waited for that I had a cappuccino with almond milk that hit the right spot. As a vegan you suddenly appreciate an eatery so much more when they mention the magic words, “Almond. Milk.” Then you know they are totally legit!

The food arrived quickly, and it took a moment or two to take in what was visually on offer – quite simply – two masterpieces!


The aim was to share the food equally, but I ended up devouring about three quarters of the platter which consisted of

  • toasted olive bruschetta
  • dolmades (probably the best I have had to date)
  • sundried tomatoes (again – best I have had to date)
  • hummus (what vegan doesn’t like hummus)
  • roasted mixed peppers
  • olives

It should be apparent by now that I am not good at sharing!

Roasted Beetroot and Avo Salad? – another winner of note! 10/10


I love watching patrons in any eatery as you can tell a lot about what market an eatery caters for based on their clientele. There were families, tourists, business men and one or two individual diners. The lunch-for-one patrons were clearly passionate about coming here specifically to indulge in what Saucisse has to offer which is remarkable food. Mention must be made of the almost never-ending line of hipsters, creatives and straight-laced business-folk who came in just to order their regular sandwich. I had to laugh at a few who were clearly sent on behalf of fellow office workers to pick up the lunch orders!

Their produce is all locally sourced which essentially makes them yet another small business supporting other small businesses which is EXACTLY what we should be doing in this country. Their Daily Specials selection board reflects seasonal produce and changes daily based on whatever inspired creation Amanda has concocted for the day.

Impressively, Saucisse

  • lets you replace meat and dairy for vegan options
  • offers gluten-free options
  • let’s you design your own breakfast or lunch based on their seasonal produce and freshly made bread which can come in any form such as a sandwich, wrap, salad or platter
  • is a proud member of Eco Atlas South Africa which empowers businesses to make better choices for the planet
  • is prepared to host your events whether it be a private dinner, cocktail party, kitchen tea, birthday party or launch!
  • offers a catering service that will suit any functions’ needs
  • creates bespoke gift hampers and even offers gift cards


AND if this wasn’t all enough – Amanda is going to be bringing out her very own book soon called ‘Eat Food‘! I’m like frikken Wikileaks! It’s a lifestyle and recipe book about sustainable consumption making this an accessible concept to implement in our everyday lives. Basically it shows you that going ‘green’ can be easy and Eat Food will provide you with tips and recipes that will save you time and money and ultimately save the planet! I have SEEN it. It’s real. I looked at it, but wasn’t allowed to touch it. I almost stole the preview copy. Shhh. If I get one I’ll let you borrow mine! Shhh.

Popular, fresh, and trend-setting, Saucisse Boutique Deli is the perfect place to pop into that will even impress the fussiest of Sea Point Kugels. Now THAT’s saying something!

Peace xx


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