Review – Dolcé Bakery, Observatory


Address: 239c Lower Main Rd, Observatory

Hours: 7:30am-4pm Mon, 7:30am-5pm Tue-Fri, 8am-2pm Sat, closed Sun



I am literally OBSESSED. I think the owner, Russell Soffer, may think I’m a bit weird. But I am in love with his food. This man and his crew know how to bake.


I sort of found out about Dolcé through some Googling and it had been on my list for a while, so a month or two ago I decided to give this bakery in Obs a try. And it was OKAY I guess. So I went back again. And again. And again. I mean – totally average. Which explains why I have been there about four times in two months.

OH MY SACK. It’s like I am Hansel AND Gretel (because I want all the treats – so I am both of them) and Russell is the witch, and Dolcé is the gingerbread house, and the pizza oven is the oven that Gretel pushes Russell into. I mean the witch. Gretel pushes the WITCH into the oven. Wait… what was I saying?


Let me start at the beginning…

One day I went to Dolcé Bakery and discovered that they do pizza. Like REALLY good pizza. Vegan pizza, with vegan cheese made from cashew nuts, and it’s actually GOOD. Then I went out for lunch more recently and then swung by Dolcé afterwards just to order a pizza for dinner. I was planning ahead! Needless to say, I ate the pizza before dinner. I couldn’t help it – it was calling my name! They have three to choose from:

  • Margherita (w/avo) R49
  • Garden Variety (peppers, tomatoes, pineapple, olives, mushroom, avo) R69
  • Sweet Lilly (caramelised onions, cherry tomatoes, olives, avo) R69



They also do a mean Cashew Nut Cheese Bagel with dill & chives for R29.


Then: the reason i am considering rehab: It started with their carrot cake. Then I tried their chocolate peanut butter pie. Then I MAY have had some more chocolate peanut butter pie at one stage too. Recently I swung by and ordered a piece of carrot cake AND some chocolate peanut butter pie. NOT EVEN KIDDING.



  • Apple Crumble R15
  • Carrot & Orange Stacked Cake R25
  • Choc & Almond Stacked Cake R25
  • Chocolate Cupcakes R15
  • Crunchie Biscuits R12

AND vegan fruit smoothies. Order ahead if you want vegan muffins!


Can we all just take a moment to PAUSE and note the PRICES. This is a place that ANYONE can afford to go to and not feel ripped off like a lot of us do when the vegan options are enough to make you sell your grandmother on the black market. I have no idea what dark recesses of my mind I go to when I come up with this crap.


There is place to sit and eat (which I have done before). There is coffee and free wifi (we LOVE free wifi!). They are certified Halaal. AND they are on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter – so show the guys working at Dolcé some love! The bakers and co. are LOVELY – the most genuine people ever. Ask anyone about their “Pay it Forward” campaign and ask how you can be involved in their next charity drive.


Not much more to say. I have either been paid a KAK load of money to write this review or I am just totally stoked with what Russell and his crew at Dolcé have to offer. I can assure you – it’s the latter. I know where I am ordering my Christmas treats from!


To end off this review, I am going to plagiarise and quote the final three sentences from Russell’s website:

Dolcé Bakery. No regrets. Just happiness.

(And like a serious addiction. Like rehab kinda stuff.) <— I added that part

Peace xxx

P.S. When you go to Dolcé Bakery after reading this review, then whisper to the cashier in a hushed and sinister tone, “I was sent by Cape Town Vegan”. You won’t win a prize or anything, I just think it’s kak funny and that you should do it #weirdo


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2 responses to Review – Dolcé Bakery, Observatory

  1. Lorna says:

    We also love Dolce for soany reasons 😊i even ordered my birthday cake from there and it was divine 💕

  2. Heike says:

    I know, this place is WICKED!! I have to mission here every couple of weeks to satisfy my craving. Their pizzas are divine, and the peanut butter pie melts in your mouth. The smoothies are delicious and they make just about the best almond milk latte I have ever tasted. My only bugbear is that they allow smoking in their outside area. It’s just about the only place to sit (the inside is so tiny) and as it is covered by a tarpaulin it really traps the smoke. It’s just not pleasant for an avid non-smoker trying to enjoy the delectable offerings…… But that definitely doesn’t stop me stocking up on take-aways 🙂

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