Review – Farm Sanctuary SA, Franschhoek

Address: Dirkie Uys St, Franschhoek

Hours: 11am-3pm Sat-Sun, by appointment only Mon-Fri




On the 2nd of October last year, I was kidnapped.


I wasn’t told where I was going to be taken and felt nervous as all hell. We drove for what felt like hours, to Franschhoek into (what felt like) the middle of suburbia, until we turned a corner, drove up a ‘back street’ and came face-to-face with a sort of metal statue of a pig… a pig with angel wings.

I suddenly clicked as to where I had been taken – some sort of farm, with pigs, and angel wings.


Not only had I been lured unknowingly to Farm Sanctuary SA, but I had been taken on the day of its official opening.


Established by Joanne Lefson (with a whole host of helpers, volunteers, assistants, etc.) this safe haven for rescued animals was possibly one of the most awesome ‘vegan’ experiences I have had to date. Driving up to what can only be described as a heavenly eco barn, I quickly felt like this was not a place for sadness – this was a rare piece of happiness amongst all the cruelty and heartache out there. It’s not often that I get all emotional and shit – but wait for the waterworks – they are coming.

Together, Joanne, her team, and some of the local community and its surrounds celebrated this special day by wandering amongst the animals, many of whom had been very recently rescued, and gave many a toast to what had been achieved in bringing the sanctuary to life. A video was then shown on how the animals were rescued – and that was my cue to bale. And bail. I was sitting on a hay bale, and then I bailed – cos I was sobbing like a little girl who had just dropped her My Little Pony in her uncle’s braai.

Although none of the footage was gratuitous, I still felt sad, and simultaneously happy for what these animals (pigs named Pigcasso and Piggy Sue, and a cow named Baloo among MANY others).


So my first visit didn’t last long because I was an emotional wreck. Don’t worry – they don’t show the happy/sad video at all – it was just an opening day presentation. I cried all the way home and my kidnapper felt very bad.


And then I went back for CHRISTMAS CAROLS!

Literally one of the most awesome experiences: popcorn, wine, and Christmas carols amongst the cows, pigs, chickens, etc. I was REALLY jealous of the guy who sat next to me because a chicken walked up to him, jumped up on his lap, and lay there being stroked. NOT FAIR.


The only fail of the day was that hardly anyone sang! It was myself, the drunk old man to my left, and the two choir ladies (who were adding some beautiful church-like harmonies from the rear). Accompanied by the Oak Trio (a pianist, cellist, flautist and singer) this touching event raised R6320 for the sanctuary.

To visit the sanctuary during the week, one needs to make an appointment, but on weekends they open to the public on both Saturdays and Sundays from 11am-3pm.

There is an organic farm stall where you can buy vegan treats from smoothies to vegan burgers and there is even free WIFI for those that can’t live without. Giving the pigs belly rubs and kissing cows is totally encouraged, and they even offer ‘Happy Hours’ where you can literally roll in the mud with the pigs. THIS I have to try!

And the best (?) part is that ADMISSION IS FREE. This means you need to DONATE people.


Speaking about donating…

You can HERE <— just click on the link. You can literally donate ANY amount, or you can set up a monthly donation on your internet banking to automatically debit your account. I am pledging 1% of my salary every month towards Farm Sanctuary SA, and would urge you all to do the same, and if you can’t, then donate what you can, when you can.

Too often we sit back and say, “I’d like to make a difference, but really don’t know how. I’m so busy!” Well, now you can. The TINIEST bit helps.

Did I mention that they actually have a LOFT in the barn where you can STAY for the night! You can even host intimate gatherings in the barn by booking it for events. All of the proceeds go to the sanctuary.


If this place sounds too good to be true, then prove me wrong by visiting it! You will not be sorry.

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Congrats Farm Sanctuary SA on the extraordinary work you do to better this world.

My next visit to somewhere similar will be the Greyton Farm Animal Sanctuary. It’s on my bucket list!

Peace Vegans x


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  1. I loved your post and especially love the fact that youre an old softy.
    I am also NUTS about animals but they always sit on the guy or girls lap that don’t even like them that much and I don’t understand that either? Ha ha – maybe because they know we love them that they know they don’t need to impress us – next time I go to Farm Sanctuary I am wearing an overall. I want to roll in the mud with PIGcasso. At least PIGcasso followed me around after I scratched his belly last time I visited them!!

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