Review – Vegan Goods Market – Feb 2017, Plumstead

Address: Khanyisa Waldorf School, 4 Victoria Rd, Plumstead

Hours: 10am-2pm first Saturday of every month




When the January Vegan Goods Market was canceled, I was seriously distraught. I had been counting down the “sleeps” quite literally!


So when the day finally arrived, I made sure my (non-leather, vegan) wallet was stuffed to the brim with my hard earned moola and headed down to Plumstead to my favourite vegan hotspot.


If you read my last post about the Vegan Goods Market, you would know how obsessed I was with several of the stalls I reviewed. I am going to re-mention some of them here for two reasons: firstly to bore you, and secondly cos they have new products which are life-changing.

GREENPOP.ORG were at the market advertising two incredible upcoming events; a Reforest Fest Family Weekend and Reforest Fest Friends Weekend in the Platbos Forest.

The first event which will take place from 10-12 March will aim to bring children and adults back to nature to reconnect, to plant trees, and to dance under the stars!


Families will arrive on the evening of Friday the 10th, pitch their tents and relax into a chilled night of gentle tunes under the ancient indigenous forest canopy. Delicious food will be enjoyed and new friends will be made around the campfire. Saturday will be an action-packed day of tree-planting as you help to restore an ecosystem that is one of the rarest and endangered in the Western Cape. After planting thousands of trees in your teams, you will all return to camp for a good shower, a talent show, and forest party to celebrate your achievement. Sunday will be a day to relax your body and stimulate your mind with fun, educational activities, and workshops including guided forest walks, yoga, informative talks, arts and crafts and puppet shows.

How insane is that!?


The “friends” event which will take place from 17-19 March will follow in a similar vein, with the focus being on getting your hands dirty and giving back to Mother Earth.

Buy tickets HERE for the Family Fest or the HERE for the Friends Fest.


Amy of Healthful Amy (#obvious, sorry) whips up healthy raw and baked treats that are refined sugar AND wheat free.


They include:

  • Peanut Butter Caramel Slice (R30)
  • Raw Brownie w/Chocolate Ganache (R30)
  • Tiramisu Slice w/Brownie Base (R25)
  • Raw Oreos w/Coconut Cream (R20)
  • Raw Nectarine Cheesecake (R40)
  • Vanilla Berry Cake w/Coconut Cream (R30)


If this isn’t enough to make your mouth water, then you are soulless. #thatwasharsh #lol


The Khanyisa Waldorf School (that hosts the Vegan Goods Market) is involved in an initiative whereby the students are involved in a program that provides them with much needed remedial support to overcome learning challenges. This program has resulted in the students making succulent plant pots and pot plant holders in the woodwork shop that are being sold at the market.



TOTALLY worth supporting! The school is a registered NPO and raises funds through self-sustaining initiatives such as these.



So, Metta is a sweet treat stand that does Salted Caramel TrufflesChocolate Crunch Bars and (wait for it…) Chocolate Chip Waffles with Vanilla Ice Cream all of which are (wait for it…) SUGAR AND GLUTEN-FREE.


There is not much more to say. I have said too much.

I may have bought some Salted Caramel Truffles… I’m not going to confirm that or even deny it. But let’s assume I did… they were fiiiiiine.

I don’t have an eating problem.



I CANNOT EMPHASISE ENOUGH how OUTSTANDING THIS CHEESE IS! Helen Oxtoby, owner, and creator of Utopia Foods has absolutely PERFECTED the art of creating a flawless vegan cheese. Highly addictive, like a fine Columbian cocaine, her cheeses and cashew nut yoghurt are constantly in my fridge at home. So popular are her items that they are now being seen in stores across the country. What is her secret? Who knows! All I care about is that I constantly have a supply of this stuff. The cheeses are available in three flavours:

  • Mild
  • Mature
  • Herbes de Provence 

and retail (from Helen’s stand at the market) at R80 per block of cheese – which is spot on considering you can pay up to R90 for a block of processed vegan cheese that tastes like rubber and air. My idea of a perfect night involves a block of Helen’s cheese and a box of Salticrax. (There is no way I could have re-worded that sentence to make it sound any less pornographic).


But wait… THERE’S MORE…

Helen also makes a fantastic yoghurt, also made from cashew nuts, that is available

  • unsweetened
  • strawberry
  • raw chocolate

Being a creature of habit I have only ever tried the raw chocolate flavour, and can totally vouch for it.

One would think I am being paid to say all this (nice?) stuff about Helen and her works of art, but the truth of the matter is that Helen is in the process of bankrupting me. Her yoghurts and cheeses are THAT good. And it doesn’t help that all of her food is now available from the Spar at the end of Sea Point. What are you all waiting for? Go get some!


Once again – a GREAT experience at the market which saw me walk away with half a dozen Vegan Tinkies and 4 donuts from Rumsy’s Noose



Would love to hear from some of you about your experiences at the market. Let me know what I should try out and let’s meet up!

FYI – If you want to apply for a stall at the Vegan Goods Market, then click HERE to speak to Sarah Lee Beckett – the mastermind behind this incredible project. She is one of my favourite people just because of the awesome work she does. Rumour has it that the market has become so popular that it may happen more frequently… HERE’S HOPIN’!

Peace xx

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