Review – The Kitchen, Woodstock

Address: 111 Sir Lowry Rd, Woodstock

Hours: 8am-3:30pm Mon-Fri, closed Sat-Sun



I have a confession. I got emotional and ended up crying over this one.


So – to jump straight to the good stuff – I met a friend at The Kitchen for lunch, with the aim to (obviously) review the place as well as to catch up with my (aforementioned) friend. It turns out that AF (Aforementioned Friend) actually knows the owner, Karen Dudley, a Cape Town culinary legend! We all got chatting (over lunch) and Karen proceeded to tell me her take on food and how it should be enjoyed.

If I try to put into words the passion this culinary artist puts into her work and how much respect she has for food I will fall so short of the reverence it deserves. I sat and listened to her speak and realised how little I truly respected what was in front of me. Karen mentioned that the movement towards a more plant-based lifestyle was inevitable for the world, based on sustainability, etc. so her support of the vegan movement is so very evident in the vast array of food she has on offer for our (often fussy) palates.

After a while, I noticed that I was tearing up quite significantly, and had to fight back the tears, and when she finished her profound insight on food, dining, and respect for food, I literally had to take a moment to pull myself together.


F**k. Could someone be THIS passionate about food?! Karen Dudley is. And the proof was DEFINITELY in the pudding.

I chose the lunchtime buffet option that afforded me 5 choices from behind the deli-like counter. I was so sad as the vegan options were in abundance. With my plate full, I had already decided that I was going to come back even before I had tried a thing.


I may have stolen a falafel ball off AF’s plate when he wasn’t looking – but he has not proof, and neither do you.


The Kitchen is the type of place where the menu changes frequently, and the counters are filled with all things fresh, local, organic and just darn right delicious.

And… (YES, I can start a sentence with “and”)… this bustling place was PACKED. I was so fortunate to find the best seat in the house, and from it I watched locals (and informed tourists) come for their daily takeaway sandwich or salad.


Yes, it’s an “omni” eatery, but vegans are spoilt for choice here. Of the 20-odd salads on offer, a good half are vegan! Don’t shun this rare gem amongst some of the more “obvious” or “popular” vegan eateries, because THIS PLACE is the REAL DEAL.

I don’t really have many words (except maybe “Karen Dudley, I love you!”).


Just try it out. And when you do, let me know how it was! And if you are too lazy to get your vegan ass over to Woodstock, then find The Kitchen on Orderin!



Peace xx

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