Review – DETOX Juice, Bo-Kaap

Cape Town Vegan

Address: 102 Wale Street, Bo-Kaap

Hours: 9am-5pm Mon-Sat, closed Sun


It was one of those Saturday mornings that was totally manic, so I tried to squeeze in a quick review of DETOX Juice on my way to a million other appointments for the day. Instead of it becoming a quick 5-minute stop, I actually found myself stopping, breathing, enjoying and most of all appreciating this little gem tucked away in Bo-Kaap.

Cape Town Vegan

Saturday was “family and friends” day, so I found myself surrounded with a dog, a friend, a kid on a plastic motorcycle and owner, Marissa – all very festive!

Cape Town Vegan

Marissa’s aim is to bring health and balance to anyone seeking it through an incredible offering of cold-pressed juices and smoothies.

Now the important bit… what’s on their menu?

Cape Town Vegan

Marissa explained that juices, smoothies, and shots are all dependent on seasonal availability (which we love!). This is what was on offer when I went to visit them:

  • Fresh Cold Pressed Ginger, Orange & Tumeric Shot (R10)
  • Soup of the Day (which was carrot, ginger, sesame & coconut oil) (R35)
  • Ginger Rabbit 300ml Juice (R38)
  • Pure Sunshine 300ml Juice (R46)
  • Heart Beet 300ml Juice (R38)
  • Lamborgreeni 300ml Juice (R42)
  • Green Envy 300ml Juice (R42)
  • Refresher 300ml Juice (R38)
  • Magic Milk (R48)
  • Limitless (Shot) (R30)
  • Cacao Kiss 500ml Smoothie (R65)
  • Berry Blossom 500ml Smoothie (R60)
  • Power Island 500ml Smoothie (R65)
  • Four Leaf Clover 500ml Smoothie (R65)
  • The Crossfit 500ml Smoothie (R65)
  • Mango Bomb 500ml Smoothie (R60)

All the smoothies are also available in 300ml for R40-R45

Some of the ingredients used include the following:

agave nectar, almond milk, aloe vera, apple, avocado, banana, basil, beetroot, berries, carrot, cashews, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, coconut blossom sugar, coconut milk, coconut oil, coconut water, cucumber, dates, detox apple juice, ginger, grapefruit, himalayan salt, kale, lemon, lime, mango, mint, moringa, oats, orange, organic chia seeds, organic goji berries, organic hemp protein, organic lucuma, organic maca root, organic turmeric, papaya, parsley, paw paw, pineapple, raw organic cacao, raw organic mesquite, spinach, strawberry, sugar-free peanut butter, tahini, vanilla, wheatgrass 

Cape Town Vegan

Another lovely thing about the shop was that it stocked a lot of locally manufactured vegan pantry-fillers such as:

  • Chef’s Choice Vegan Mayonnaise
  • The Tree of Life Wheat Free Cranberry Crunchies, Pecan Nut and Date Crunchies and Sesame and Sunflower Seeds Crunchies
  • Organic Coconut Blossom Sugar
  • Coconut Oil
  • Sugar-Free Peanut Butter
  • Mountain Falls Water (still/sparkling)
  • Superfoods Raw Chocolate
  • Herbivore Organic Raw Kale Chips
  • Santa Anna’s Organic Corn Chips
  • R’vive Tomato Flaxseed Crackers

I ended up leaving with a Ginger Rabbit (which is not a euphemism for anything else!) and a Pure Sunshine as my two takeaway options as well as a 500ml Cacao Kiss for breakfast which was SO FILLING that I am ashamed to admit I couldn’t finish it!

Quick, convenient, healthy, fresh and feel-good.

Give DETOX Juice a try!

Cape Town Vegan

Peace xx


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