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Address: 8 Kloof St, Gardens



I had been threatening to go to Mustacchio SO MANY times as it was always beckoning me on my way here or there or in and out of the Gardens/Kloof Street area. I had been told that they have specifically vegan options on their menu! I finally pulled myself together and decided to go grab one of their vegan burgers, considering that they have a 2-for-1 deal with the Cape Town Entertainer voucher system! (I may one day rename myself the Cape Town Cheap and Fat Vegan!) Anyhoo… moving along…

I was PLEASANTLY surprised: the place was bright, breezy, hip, trendy, and all those things I am not – but not in an intimidating way! Even better, when I sat down to peruse their menu, they had a

  • Veggie Vegan Burger – veggie patty, vegan ciabatta, lettuce, tomatoes, avo, mushrooms, vegan mayo (R79) and…
  • Vegan Carbonara – spaghetti with soy milk sauce, turmeric, fried zucchini, black pepper (R90)

Cape Town Vegan

NOW obviously there were other options on the menu that could easily be “veganised”, for example, I had the vegetarian burger and asked them to hold the mozzarella. Which means that I will have to go back, especially to try their Vegan Carbonara!

Of course, they are coffee connoisseurs and they have a wide range of fresh juices available too! If whiskey, rum and vodka are more your thing, then they can do that too!

EXTRA bonus points go to Mustacchio for only serving straws when requested:

Cape Town Vegan

We f*****g LOVE this! Hell, we’ll give you all the bonus points you want!

They do online bookings if you want to get the best seat in the house, and are great for meetings or work sessions (that involve copious amounts of coffee!).

I love this place!

Cape Town Vegan
At some point in my life, I have to come to terms with the fact that I am a messy eater. I need to surround myself with friends and family that are accepting of my habits and who don’t judge me out loud (inwardly is fine!).

Peace xx

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