Heads-Up – The Avenue Restaurant & Grill, Harfield Village

Cape Town Vegan Avenue Restaurant and Grill

The Avenue Restaurant & Grill in Harfield Village, Cape Town has a dedicated vegan and vegetarian menu that includes soy steaks, burgers and onion rings!

Address: 47 2nd Ave, Harfield Village

Hours: 5:30am-late Mon-Sat



Look, let’s be brutally honest – there are times where (no matter how hard you try) you just cannot please every Tom, Dickhead or Susan. I have found this to be the case with my new YouTube channel. On one hand I have people singing my praises for trying something new and contributing to change, and on the other hand, I have people condemning┬áme. Why am I telling you this – well… no one REALLY wants to go to a steak house. I know I don’t. But… what if that steakhouse had a dedicated vegan and vegetarian menu? Okay – you may still not want to go. But what if you are gatvol of trying to please every Tom, Dickhead or Susan and just want to go somewhere where everyone will be happy… THIS is that place.

I am not promoting steakhouses – I am simply informing the vegan community that there is another option out there – and apparently, it’s a very good one!

I don’t know about you guys, but it is not often that one sees dedicated vegan items in a place that serves so much meat.

  • Soy Steak – with roast veg and your choice of starch (R115)
  • Soy Burger – with sauteed onions – served with chips (R75)
  • Sides – Onions – “Spur”-style or sauteed (R32)

Why not go try it out, have a chat with the chef and managers, and see if you can convince them to add more vegan items to their menu. I’m sure if the vegan community responds positively we can affect some great change.

This is not the place for someone who is offended by being surrounded by meat eaters, but rather an eatery for someone who is feeling social pressures from friends and family, or someone looking to transition both themselves and others a little more easily.

Thank you The Avenue and Restaurant Grill for offering us another option.

Cape Town Vegan Avenue Restaurant and Grill

Peace xx


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3 responses to Heads-Up – The Avenue Restaurant & Grill, Harfield Village

  1. Its better to support Vegan Restaurants like: The Hungry Herbivore end Raw & Roxy in Cape Town and others in the Western Cape. In Gauteng there are way more vegan and vegetarian restaurants like Leafy Greens etc.
    If we keep on supporting by eating at “Steak-houses” they will be encouraged to proceed on their merry way thinking their cruelty menu’s are okay for Vegan’s.
    Long Beach in Noordhoek’s steakhouse has a picture of a steer or cow at the entrance of the Steakhouse. The picture shows all the cuts you can have from the animal in the steak-house like sirloin, chops, ribs and other parts. For a true vegan this will be gross and clash with our philosophy.
    Lets support the Vegan’s and don’t compromise with Steak-houses by financially supporting their options.

  2. L. Bergh says:

    I guess if you have only vegan friends and family, going to vegan only restaurants is easy to do. If you don’t, then compromising by going to a restaurant with vegan options is a pretty good second place in my opinion. I definitely think changing to veganism in your twenties or thirties when you are still building relationships and starting families, makes it a lot easier but for me compromise is key. Loved the steak kebab at the Avenue grill and will definitely be back.

    • Cape Town Vegan says:

      Brilliant to hear such great feedback, and totally agree with your points.

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