Review – Stardust Theatrical Dining, Woodstock

cape town vegan stardust

I remember my first Stardust experience. Like anyone who has set their foot inside this magical venue will agree, it’s tough to explain what happens to you. You are a changed diner from that point on.

Address: 118 Sir Lowry Rd, Woodstock

Hours: 5pm-late Mon-Sat, closed Sun




cape town vegan stardust

There is a reason that Stardust is often at the top of Tripadvisor’s “must-do” list for Cape Town: and that reason is that it is probably one of the most unique experiences you will have not only in Cape Town but the world! That sounds like high praise indeed, but what they do is combine the art of the singing waiter with some of the best food you would ever have tasted – and the result is an unforgettable night that ends up with one too many shots of tequila and some dancing on (steel-enforced!) tables!

cape town vegan stardust

I have lost count of how many times I have been, but have to say that when I went through my gluten-free stage, they were there to pick me up when I fell down. When I went through my dairy-free stage, they held my hand all the way, and now… two years of being vegan: they have my back too. The guys at Stardust are LEGENDS.

The owners, Racheli and Yehuda Liepaz, are unique in their own right as they are constantly seen monitoring the ongoings in the restaurant, a testament to the success of this family-run Cape Town institute.

The performers (most of whom sing) are world-class and they provide a mentorship and training program for upcoming artists who need performance experience and exposure.

Of course, keeping their customers happy is their number one goal, and so I present to you the VEGAN options:

cape town vegan stardust

  • Spanakopita¬†– pastry filled with blanched spinach and almond cheese, oven-baked and served with herbed tahini sauce and accompanied by a garden-fresh green leaf salad (R65)
  • Falafel – their secret recipe of delicious deep fried chickpea balls served with green salad, hummus, schoog and pita bread (R65)
  • Masbaha – Homemade hummus topped with tahini, caramelised onion, mushrooms and chickpeas served with pita bread (R65)
  • Warm Quinoa¬†Salad – quinoa, spinach and mushrooms with spring onion and almond flakes (R75)
  • Aubergine Rolls – stuffed with spinach and almond cheese served on tahini coconut cream with cumin roasted baby carrots (R75/R120 for mains)
  • Coconut Strawberry Panna Cotta – vegan and gluten-free dessert served in a strawberry soup and topped with vanilla tuille (R75)

cape town vegan stardust

No one should have to endure reading this menu when they’re hungry!

cape town vegan stardust

Get over to Stardust as soon as you can (and book in advance as they are super popular!) and tell them the Cape Town Vegan says hi!

cape town vegan stardust

Peace xx


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3 responses to Review – Stardust Theatrical Dining, Woodstock

  1. biltong101 says:

    I didn’t love Stardust to be honest. I really enjoy musicals and I guess I was expecting this kind of entertainment rather than covers of hits from the 90s. The singers have very good voices and I liked their dancing, but the tricks with asking people to the stage… I don’t know, I guess I felt it was a bit tacky. Perhaps a better entertainment for a bachelorette night or a ladies’ night than for a dinner for two.

    • Cape Town Vegan says:

      I can understand that the entertainment might not have suited your personal taste, which is a case of “different strokes for different strokes.” I hope you enjoyed the food nevertheless.

      • biltong101 says:

        I think it may have suited my taste in different circumstances. Yes, the food was amazing and I was happy with the wide range of vegetarian options.

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