Heads-Up, Mango Ginger, Observatory

Mango Ginger in Observatory is a coffee shop and bakery that makes one of the best vegan pies I have ever eaten. I love me a good pie.

Address: 27 Lower Main Rd, Observatory

Hours: 7:30am-5pm Mon-Fri, 8am-3pm Sat, Closed Sun

There is something to be said for passion, drive and a tiny bit of extra effort that can make one’s experience that much better: this is Mango Ginger. When my Wheat-Free Lentil & Baby Veg Pie (R40) arrived, it was accompanied by the cutest salad that was literally drowning in seeds. Finally – an eatery that adds a protein source to a salad (that isn’t feta, halloumi or goat’s cheese).

mango ginger cape town vegan

I chatted with the owner briefly, and this is what she has on offer in terms of vegan options:

  • Wheat-Free Lentil & Baby Veg Pie (R40)
  • Sandwich w/Hummus, Roasted Aubergine, Sun-Dried Tomato & Rocket (R48)
  • Vegan Burger w/Rocket, Avo & Tomato (R65)
  • Salad w/generous portion of Hummus, Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto, Avo, Cucumber, Julienned Carrots, Rosa Tomatoes, Seeds, Sprouts & Toast Wedges (R80)
  • Beetroot & Berry Cake (R35)
  • and then, of course, Max’s famous Chickpea Rotis 

mango ginger observatory cape town vegan

There are a couple of other “veganisable” items and some daily specials (on the chalkboard), but this gives you a very good idea of what is available. And can we talk about how affordable it is for a moment?

All of their food is available for takeaway, and although they have no social media accounts to follow, you can check out their website.

mango ginger observatory cape town vegan

Again – I cannot keep up with all the amazing places that are out there, but I’m sad I haven’t been to this one more. It’s definitely a winner in terms of simple, nourishing and affordable vegan options. If you choose something other than the pie for lunch, make sure you take a pie home for a snack/dinner and think of me when you eat it. Which sounds weird – so ignore that last part.

mango ginger observatory cape town vegan


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Peace xx

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