Product Review – Awake Superfood Snacks

When the team from Human Waking contacted me to ask whether I’d be keen to try their Awake Superfood Snacks I was naturally keen! Get the pun? “NATURALLY keen!” Okay sorry, I’ll stop.

awake superfood snacks human waking cape town vegan

When the parcel arrived I was immediately impressed as there was not a piece of plastic in sight: everything was wrapped in brown paper packaging, with a string holding it together. It’s the little things that make such a huge difference.

awake superfood snacks human waking cape town vegan

So firstly: what are they? They are basically a superfood snack packing a powerful punch of nutritional value, making them a great pre- or post-workout snack. In terms of taste, they are somewhere between sweet & savoury which allows them to work well for breakfast on the run, a healthier dessert option, or even as some “padkos”.

awake superfood snacks human waking cape town vegan

Why would I gladly endorse this product?

They are:

  • handmade
  • contain 12 natural ingredients (including cashews, gluten-free oats, cacao butter, buckwheat, sesame seeds, hemp seeds, soaked and activated almonds and walnuts, chia seeds, and vanilla)
  • raw vegan (which I could use a little more of in my life)
  • sweetened with Canadian maple syrup
  • preservative free
  • gluten free
  • healthy
  • nutritious
  • delicious
  • and filling

awake superfood snacks human waking cape town vegan

Human Waking is aiming to get away from packaging and plastic, so the idea is for you to fill your jar (once emptied) with the “refill packs”. With the newly opened Nude Foods plastic-free grocery store in Constitution St, it is clear that Cape Town is undergoing a shift in consciousness. And this product clearly combines both the ever-growing trend of a plant-based lifestyle as well as our determination to become as zero-waste efficient as we possibly can be.

Both the Original and Zesty Lemon flavours are DIVINE, and I’m going to add the Chocolate and Cinnamon flavours to my shopping basket the next time I come across them! They are available at Chardonnay Deli, Evolution CafeFaithful to NatureNude FoodsOrganic Living, Organic Zone.

They retail for R99 in the glass jar on Faithful to Nature and the refill packs are R93 (for a pack of 5).

I’m all for small-business, local enterprises making their mark and thriving in the Mother City, and you should be too! Next time you spy Awake Superfood Snacks, give them a try. They have my stamp of approval.

awake superfood snacks human waking cape town vegan

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Peace xx

awake superfood snacks human waking cape town vegan


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