Review – Nourish’d, Gardens

Nourish’d in Gardens is a café-slash-juice bar that serves us frenzied city folk in an environment that is laid back, tranquil and wholesome.

nourishd gardens cape town vegan

Address: 177 Kloof St (the old garage on Hof St)

Hours: 7am-5pm Mon-Fri, 9am-1pm Sat, Closed Sun

The best part about Nourish’d is they are (almost solely and wholly) devoted to sustainability. But you don’t need to focus on that when you eat there – it’s as if they have done all the work for you! By supporting them, you are essentially supporting a drive towards trying to reverse many current environmental issues that face us. From bamboo straws to ethically sourced sustainable ingredients, they have it all sorted! Best you do your bit for the environment and go grab a bite to eat immediately!

nourishd gardens cape town vegan

Their menu is extensive and has (mostly) vegan options, some of which include:

  • 12 different vegan juices ranging from R45-50
  • 5 different 30ml shots (R30), including Wheatgrass Shot and (if you aren’t a wuss like me) a Hot Shot
  • 9 smoothies that are all vegan-friendly to choose from (R50-58)

*all of the above come with a R10 refund if you return your glass jar/bottle

nourishd gardens cape town vegan


  • Cacao Energy Balls (R20)
  • Summer Mornin’ Sexy Bowl (R50)
  • Morning Oaties (R48)
  • Cacao Chia Pot (R48)
  • Overnight Gluten Free Oats (R48)
  • Granola (R48)

Smoothie Bowls: (all R75)

  • Makin’ Me Cacao 
  • Gone Green 
  • Bladdy Blazin’ Berries
  • Boobalicious (yes, you read right!)
  • Naughty Nutter
  • Magic Mangito 
  • Watermelon Dreams

Gourmet Sandwiches: (all R58)

  • Moon, shmooshy avo, basil pesto, sundried tomatoes, fresh garden rocket
  • Sun, shmooshy avo, gherkins, homemade turmeric hummus, fresh tomatoes
  • Star, shmooshy avo, homemade cashew nut cream cheese, fresh tomatoes, garden rocket

nourishd gardens cape town vegan

Rainbow Bowls: (all R78)

  • Moonshine Bowl
  • Sunshine Bowl
  • Glittershine Bowl

Not to mention, coffee and other drinks! Too much choice!

All-in-all a fantastic experience: a coffee, a smoothie and a “shmooshy” sandwich (without the avo for me). Would I go back? Of course! It’s a little oasis in the middle of the city. Utter perfection!

nourishd gardens cape town vegan

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Peace xx


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  1. Frank David Kieser says:

    Today’s service was beyond bad. Not only did i wait 10 minutes to place my order, I was told that several items on the menu were unavailable, as they had run out of some of the ingredients. Perhaps a chalk board, listing what’s not available, would be time saving for us loyal customers. Lastly, please bring back the wonderful lady that used to be at the counter, she was pleasant and professional, a far cry from the current replacements.

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