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In my pre-vegan days, sushi did nothing for me – in fact, I loathed it. That was the case until a close friend made me try something called “Tuna Crunch” from Beluga Restaurant in De Waterkant.

Tuna Crunch became my new addiction – I needed it daily. That was until I went cold turkey (awful vegan phrase) and became fully plant-based. I said to myself (in secret) that if ever I was to ‘cheat’ on my vegan diet that I would stealthily devour some Tuna Crunch without anyone knowing. But I never did. Fast forward two years and I was forced into going back to Beluga with friends, devastated that there were little to no decent vegan options. I’m not exaggerating when I say I got a little teary when I saw the words “Tofu Crunch” on the menu attached to a little ‘V’ sign.

Address: 70 Prestwich St, De Waterkant

Hours: 12pm-10pm Mon-Sun

beluga restaurant cape town vegan

Long story short: Beluga now has a fully dedicated vegan menu. That’s all. I can end this review there. But I won’t.


What’s on offer:


  • Asian Coriander Beef Salad (vegan option: swop beef for tofu) (R85)
  • Asian Peanut Chicken Salad (vegan option: swop chicken for tofu) (R80)


  • Pesto Panzerotti – spinach and sweet potato panzerotti, olive oil, chilli flakes, pine nuts (R140)
  • Pretty Plate – tempura tofu, seasonal roast vegetables, spinach, pak choi, sweet soya sauce (R135)

beluga restaurant cape town vegan

beluga restaurant cape town vegan

Dim Sum

  • Dumplings – 3-piece, chives and vegetables (R45)
  • Vegetable Gyoza – 3-piece (R65)
  • Japanese Shokuji – edamame beans (R70)

beluga restaurant cape town vegan

Sushi (all listed below are 100% vegan)

  • California Rolls (R69)
  • Hand Rolls (R66)
  • Bean Curd (R62)

Sushi Specials

  • Favourites – Vegan Roses (R60)

beluga restaurant cape town vegan

Huang Sushi

  • Tofu Crunch – tempura tofu, avocado, cucumber, red pepper, sesame seeds, vegan mayo, sweet soy (R90) – THIS IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE

beluga restaurant cape town vegan

Fashion Sushi Menu

  • Vegan Supreme Roll (R94)


  • Duo of Vegan Cheesecakes (R70)
  • Coco-Mango Balls (R50)

beluga restaurant cape town vegan

Set Menu Two-Course Lunch (R195) or Three-Course Lunch or Dinner (R245)

  • 8-piece Tofu Crunch and/or
  • Pretty Plate and/or
  • Cappuccino and/or
  • Coco-Mango Balls 

Beluga also has soy milk that they will use as a substitute in any of their hot beverages.

beluga restaurant cape town vegan

Good to know that Beluga ALSO offers deals EVERY DAY from 12pm-6pm:

  • Chive, vegetable Dumplings – 3-piece (R30)
  • Vegetable Gyoza (R40)
  • 8-piece California Rolls (R35)
  • 6-piece Avo Maki (R25)
  • 6-piece Cucumber Maki (R20)
  • 8-piece Tofu Crunch (R50)
  • 8-piece Vegan Supreme Roll (R50)

This is my suggestion: whether you are into sushi or not, give their vegan sushi a try as this is what Beluga is famous for. It will ALWAYS be my first choice when I go (almost daily now). When you start getting bored, then explore other options such as the vegan mains. They’re great – but SUSHI is the thing! And their extensive cocktail menu… that too!

beluga restaurant cape town vegan

Also, get involved with their loyalty card programme, Maxiclub, where you can swipe your card every time you dine at Beluga, earning yourself points which will add up to a free meal eventually! And who doesn’t love a free meal?

beluga restaurant cape town vegan

beluga restaurant cape town vegan

This is probably the MOST IMPORTANT piece of information: They are open for lunch on a SUNDAY until 10pm! There are little to no places that are open on a Sunday that offer DECENT vegan options, so TAKE NOTE! (and see you there on Sunday…)

beluga restaurant cape town vegan

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Peace xx

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    • Cape Town Vegan says:

      The TRUTH is that I ate at Beluga THREE times last week! Had to have that tofu crunch again and again… it’s a very real problem! Glad you enjoyed it though xx

  1. Anastasiya Benatar says:

    Thank you. Going to explore it tomorrow for dinner. Your article made me excited))!!

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