WIN with OrderIn and The Hungry Herbivore

orderin competition hungry herbivore cape town vegan

OrderIn is giving 2018 the green light!

When you’re ordering takeaways, fresh ingredients and vegan options don’t exactly spring to mind, do they? Well, OrderIn is changing that.

They’ve partnered with the best vegan eateries in the city and they’re joining the vegan revolution. They’re going back to their roots… Get it?

orderin competition hungry herbivore cape town vegan

OrderIn is now the leading vegan food delivery platform with the widest variety of options for vegans (and they want to reach non-vegans who may be thinking there aren’t enough delicious options to order from).

They’re building a salad foundation (sorry, I’ll stop) and they need the freshest ingredients (you) to help share their focus and reach their goals.

Their first collaboration is with one of my personal favourites, The Hungry Herbivore.

orderin competition hungry herbivore cape town vegan

The Hungry Herbivore uses the best vegan ingredients and their pizzas will convert anyone to eat a little greener.

The Hungry Herbivore is running an exclusive deal with OrderIn:

Buy any Large vegan pizza and get a large (vegan) Margherita free – so you can definitely eat both without feeling guilty!

This offer is valid until the end of February.

orderin competition hungry herbivore cape town vegan

So now you know what to do for dinner tonight! Get the OrderIn app on your smartphone if you don’t already have it and choose your favourite pizza!

orderin competition hungry herbivore cape town vegan

And to sweeten the deal, both OrderIn and The Hungry Herbivore have teamed up with ME to offer 5 LUCKY WINNERS a Buy-One-Get-a-Margherita-Free Deal.

orderin competition hungry herbivore cape town vegan

All you need to do to stand a chance of winning is to tell me in the comments section below why you deserve to win this awesome prize. It’s that simple. Winners will be announced this coming Sunday the 11th of February. 

The competition closes at midnight on Saturday the 10th of February, so get typing! Winners announced on Sunday the 11th of Feb.


  1. The competition is only available to residents of Cape Town.
  2. The winners will be chosen by using the website
  3. Winners must provide their full name and email address to qualify for the prize.
  4. The prize is not transferable for cash.
  5. Make sure you wear loose pants – you’ll need to after all the food!

orderin competition hungry herbivore cape town vegan


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16 responses to WIN with OrderIn and The Hungry Herbivore

  1. Madi Fabricius says:

    I’ve become fully vegan 6 weeks ago and although I have found great products and substitutes, my ‘normal ‘ restaurant experiences thus far have been pretty disappointing. Would love to be able to order from a vegan restaurant without having to disect the menu ☺️

    • Cape Town Vegan says:

      HUGE congratulations for becoming fully vegan! 6 weeks is AMAZING. Make sure you check out my website – especially the “Top 5” page as you’ll find that most of the restaurants that offer vegan options will really look after you. I’m so sorry you’ve had a disappointing time so far. Good luck with the competition! Xx

  2. This would be a great opportunity to share some delicious familiar-style comfort food with my colleagues at my office and open their eyes to the fact that pizza can still be awesome without animal ingredients. This is a powerful tool to wake them up!

  3. Bianca Sarembock says:


  4. Ashley says:

    Been dying to visit the hungry herbivore, and this would be the perfect excuse! Also a chance to convince my non vegan family that vegan food is awesome!

  5. Nikki Botha says:

    Not that I am more deservant of anyone else to win this awesome prize, but as a vegan chef, I am always the one cooking for other people. It is very very very rare that I get to eat the food of others (i.e. food that others made for me). Eating out is expensive and seeing as I am a chef, it is just easier and cheaper to make food at home. But I would LOVE to put up my feet for once and have someone make food for me.

  6. Nina says:

    Would love to share these delicious pizzas with some friends at varsity one day for lunch so they can also see how yummy vegan pizza is! 😀

  7. Alexa says:

    I would love to share this delicious prize with my little sister who is in the process of becoming vegan! 🌱 Turns out pizza is her favorite food 😄 Also, it’s her birthday tomorrow so this would be a cool after-birthday treat #VeganSisters #Sisterswholovepizza

  8. Nicole says:

    I would love to show my family what awesome pizzas you guys make since they are to afraid to go and try !

  9. Carmen Fromke says:

    I deserve to win this prize because vegan pizza is my soulmate! 😂

  10. Helena Pretorius says:

    I am craving restaurant food!!! OrderIn, please bring Hungry Herbavore to my house for my birthday on the 20th of Feb.!!!! PS. I am not a good cook……

  11. Micaela Jonker says:

    This would honestly be such an amazing prize to win. I would love to win this to share with my boyfriend. When I first met him he was already vegan, but he showed me the way to a plant based lifestyle. Pizza was both our favourite pre-vegan meals, but on our first date he took me to hungry herbivore and I was convinced. Now he’s been vegan for over a year and I have for 5 months, and going strong!

  12. Michelle Dalton says:

    Because I’m a pizzaholic and been craving one for the longest time!

  13. Liza van Deventer says:

    I have been vegan for 5 years and my fiancé is newly vegan (9 months) he is obsessed with hungry herbivore and wishes he could eat there every day 🤣🤣🤣 would be a lovely treat to get selected and surprise him!! Awesome blog btw!!

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