Heads-Up, Good Food & Co., Franschhoek

If you’re ever in the Franschhoek neck of the woods, make sure to check out the Good Food & Co. Deli/Restaurant that (amongst other trends such as gluten-free meals, platters, takeaways, etc.) specialize in vegan options!

good food & co. franschhoek cape town vegan

Address: Vendrome Lifestyle Centre, cnr. Uitkyk & Huguenot St, Franschhoek

Hours: 8am-6pm Mon-Sat, 8am-4pm Sun

So much choice…


The Kickstarter – muesli, soya yoghurt, maple-flavoured syrup (R69)

Spring Onion & Potato Rosti – topped w/avo, sundried-tomato and rocket with grilled artichoke on the side (R72)


French Loaf – topped w/fried spinach, tomato, mushroom and bean sprouts (R46)

Big Easy – big black mushroom topped w/onions, creamy spinach, garlic and Mediterranean tofu (R64)


Simple Salad – semi-crisp beetroot and butternut chips, strawberries, avo, tomato, cucumber, salad greens, rocket, bean sprouts, citrus balsamic dressing (R92)

Power Salad – mixed leaves (lettuce, rocket, spinach), bean sprouts, avo, nuts, seeds, semi-crispy beetroot, dried cranberries, tomatoes, citrus balsamic dressing (R92)


Avo Pesto – w/sundried tomatoes, chopped olives & artichokes served w/chips (R79)

Grilled Black Mushrooms – w/sundried tomatoes, avo, basil pesto served w/chips (R79)


Avo Pesto – w/tomato, lettuce and cucumber served w/chips (R65)

Roasted Artichokes – w/grilled black mushroom & tomato served w/chips (R69)


Vegan Burger Regular served w/chips (R72)


Veg Lasagne – w/butternut, spinach, cauliflower & tofu served w/chips (R105)

Best Curry served w/chips (R95)


Vegan Pancakes w/cinnamon, sugar & lemon (R45)

good food & co. franschhoek cape town vegan



  • All drinks are available in soya milk, rice milk and almond milk for an extra R7
  • All smoothies are also dairy-free

good food & co. franschhoek cape town vegan

I’ve been and I LOVED it! And the owners are LOVELY. Best you take a trip out to the Good Food & Co. ASAP!

good food & co. franschhoek cape town vegan

Peace xx

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  1. Elsje Parsons Massyn says:

    Looks and sounds amazing – will definitely visit them, when visiting Farm Sanctuary SA in Franschoek.
    Thanks for the info.

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