Review – Salad Bae, Sea Point

Gone are the days of a salad being a side dish! Establishments such as Salad Bae are reinventing the way we look at the humble collection of fruits, vegetables and grains and even a caveman such as myself is finding the idea of tucking into one of these bad boys far more appealing than ever before!

Address: Mojo Market, 30 Regent Rd, Sea Point

Hours: 10am-10pm Mon-Sun

First of all, let’s clarify: What exactly is a “Bae” – it’s a noun, that means a crush, or a lover or anything considered to be the most important thing in a person’s life, like salad. Or your significant other. But most often, just salad.

salad bae mojo market sea point cape town vegan

Situated inside Sea Point’s Mojo Market, this adorable store with its iconic bright red lips hovering above the salad counter is easy to spot and when I went to try out their famed salad, Jeska, behind the counter was clearly ready to tackle my indecisiveness with charm, ease and a bucket load of patience!

salad bae mojo market sea point cape town vegan

While Salad Bae has five “base” salads you can potentially choose from (named Cape TownHoi AnCap D’ailNantucket, and Uluwatu) that all happen to be vegan-friendly, their REAL claim to fame is the fact that you can essentially CREATE YOUR OWN! If you can’t eat avocados or mushrooms like me or are a wuss when it comes to anything spicy (like me) or you’re just generally full of shit (like me), then THIS option is perfect. After all: isn’t it autonomy that we all secretly crave? I became my own Salad Master!

salad bae mojo market cape town vegan

salad bae mojo market sea point cape town vegan
Bae’s choice of salad with a “Glow-Getter Prescription Juice” – raw coconut water, pineapple, cucumber, MSM, lime and mint

I felt like a virgin experiencing my salad for the first time – which is why the use of “bases” (clearly displayed on signage) was so helpful!

First Base – Start with Something Fresh

Second Base – Then add a “Grain” (is anyone else feeling mildly excited by all of this?)

Third Base – Pick any four add-ons

Fourth Base – Add a little Crunch

Fifth Base – Lastly, choose a Dressing

I was well and truly shooketh to the core. And wasn’t really sure I’d be able to eat such a huge amount of food (starved or not). Total cost: R78. I didn’t need any extra portions of anything – there was already way too much food!

salad bae mojo market sea point cape town vegan
My choice of salad: a base of baby spinach, rocket and summer slaw, du Puy lentils, broccoli, butternut, chickpeas and sweet corn, smoky spicy cashew dressing and topped with coconut bacon. I’m finished! All that for only R78! I chose a “Cold Warrior Prescription Juice” which was orange, grapefruit, lemon, and echinacea.

Salad Bae’s owner, Kira Jacobs, also runs BeetBox, so juices, such as the one (my) Bae and I chose can be ordered directly from Salad Bae too. Could lunch get any healthier?

salad bae mojo market sea point cape town vegan

Overall rating? 10/10 simply for outstanding quality, first-class service, value for money, and TASTE … OMG… the taste… the noises we were making while we were eating. Inappropriate! This is my new NUMBER ONE place for healthy eating choices, simply because the options/combinations of what you can create are endless.

salad bae mojo market sea point cape town vegan

Take your Bae to Salad Bae, or sit at the Mojo Market and wait until you find a potential future Bae (victim) and approach (stalk) him/her (or it) and offer to buy him/her (or it) a salad from Salad Bae and start talking wedding plans. Just don’t get arrested. Or make noises from enjoying the food too much like we did!

salad bae mojo market sea point cape town vegan
Kira Jacobs… owner, visionary, and health goddess!

Salad Bae is also available on the OrderIn app if you don’t want to leave your couch or have a crazy day at the office. Woohoo!

salad bae mojo market cape town vegan

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