“Heads-Up” – La Petite Tarte, De Waterkant

I had walked past La Petite Tarte many times but had always assumed that there would be little to no vegan options. That was until I saw this:

cape town vegan la petite tarte de waterkant

I wasn’t sure whether it was the word “vegan” or”big” that got me more excited! Interpret that any way you wish.

cape town vegan la petite tarte de waterkant

Address: Dixon St, De Waterkant

Hours: 8:30am-10pm Mon-Sun

La Petite Tarte has a dedicated vegan menu:

  • Double Meat-Free Burger  – two meat-free patties between slices of toasted health bread and topped off with a generous portion avocado mash and/or a decent spread of hummus and mushroom topped w/a slice of fresh tomato and crusted onion rings served w/sweet potato chips or potato chips (R120)
la petite tarte de waterkant cape town vegan
Double Meat-Free Burger
  • Vegan Tortilla Wraps – handmade vegan pesto wraps filled w/pan flambéed vegetables w/avocado slices, pan roasted chickpeas, roasted butternut and dressed w/dried onion crisps filled w/sweet baby tomatoes w/sweet potato chips or plain old-fashioned potato chips (R110)
  • The Health Nut Salad – roasted butternut and beetroot slices on a bed of lettuce, chickpeas, red beans and finely diced dried figs w/rocket greens and roasted pumpkin seeds, plus a sprinkle of walnuts and cranberries. (R100)
  • Vegan Summer Quinoa Salad – generous serving of butternut, corn-kernel, red beans, baby peas, diced tomato, mushrooms, fresh coriander, rocket & orange segments, avocado, toasted sunflower & pumpkin seeds plus chickpeas with/salad dressing of lime and dijon (R100)

La Petite Tarte also feature on the Cape Town Entertainer app this year – so check that out!

cape town vegan la petite tarte de waterkant

Peace xx

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