Review – Plant Sunday Vegan Buffet

I’ve lamented about the lack of vegan eateries open in the Cape Town CBD on a Sunday for a while. You can imagine my surprise when Plant announced that not only would they be opening on a Sunday, but they would also be offering a VEGAN BUFFET (!) with an ever-changing theme. Fortunately, I was able to check out the first of their lunch specials: a South African-themed Vegan Buffet.

plant cafe cape town vegan

In addition to the buffet, they have a smaller Sunday Menu that consists of some of their staples: Breakfast Wrap (R85), Chia Breakfast Pudding (R55), Bagel (R75), Mushroom Crepe (R80), Plant Benedict (R65), PannekoekCroissant w/Jam & Cheese (R45), Pain Au Chocolat (R40), Croissant (R35).

But back to the important bit: the buffet.

The South African Style Buffet cost R130 for one full plate (overflowing with food) as well as a dessert: WHAT. A. BARGAIN!

plant cafe cape town vegan


Potato Potjie

perfectly tender potatoes, carrots and onion cooked in a flavourful tomato-herb marinade

Mushroom Skewers

plant cafe cape town vegan
mushrooms, seitan, apricot and bell pepper skewers


plant cafe cape town vegan
mild and rich lentil bobotie

Strawberry Salad

strawberries, baby spinach, orange, avo and almonds

Green Salad

cucumber, rocket, cherry tomatoes and olives

Bread Rolls

plant cafe cape town vegan
soft pull-apart rolls fresh from the oven

Milk Tarts


plant cafe cape town vegan

Complimentary Chocolate Strawberries

Needless to say, my eyes were bigger than my stomach:

plant cafe cape town vegan
I barely managed to get through this all… But I did, cos, you know… *sigh*

It is my wish that all Capetonians jump at this opportunity and support this incredible venture. The ONLY problem I foresee is that I may be living at Plant every Sunday and that I may end up bankrupt. But hey! On the bright side, I’ll always get great food with exceptional service!

For what it’s worth, Plant gets my stamp of approval for not only remaining absolutely consistent since they have reopened but also for raising the bar on whats on offer in the Mother City. Long may they continue this trend!

plant cafe cape town vegan

Maybe this is a start of a new Sunday tradition for you and your loved ones? Next week’s theme: OOH LA LA! FRENCH!

plant cafe cape town vegan

Peace xx

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      Hahahahahaha! It’s written on the review. You just need to read it and you’ll see the price listed.

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