Wellness Warehouse #ONEsmallCHANGE

More often than not, we make big resolutions at the start of each year, only to lose motivation and abandon them as the months go by. Wellness Warehouse is inviting you to try something more realistic and sustainable in 2018 – make just #ONEsmallCHANGE.

wellness warehouse #onesmallchange

Perhaps you’ll switch to a natural sugar, or eat vegan once a week (if you aren’t already doing so). You may want to commit to using only cruelty-free beauty products or ditch the plastic straws.

wellness warehouse #onesmallchange

Here are some suggestions for you if you aren’t fully vegan yet, or if you can help a family member or friend transition. Just pick ONE, and it will make all the change to your life and to the environment – and they are ALL affordable changes (everything listed below is R99 or under from Wellness Warehouse).

BREAKFAST CEREALS – swap your sugary carb-heavy cereals for Herbivore Fig & Cinnamon Super Cereal 

wellness warehouse #onesmallchange
no added sugar, high source of energy, gluten-free, raw, no preservatives, activated ingredients

DAIRY-FREE – swap cow’s milk for Health Connection Wholefoods Rice Milk Powder Plus (lactose-free, fat-free)

SWEETS – swap chocolate bars for O’Natural Super Bars 

wellness warehouse #onesmallchange
good source of energy, superfood-rich ingredients, gluten-free, wheat-free, raw, no added sugar

SNACKS – swap unhealthy biscuits for Orchard Sunflower & Almond Health Crackers (raw, on-the-go snack, gluten-free)

POTATO CRISPS – swap your Lays or Simba Chips for Salgados Butternut & Beetroot Chips (Kosher and Halaal, a delicious any-time snack, soy-free, South African-made, nut-free, gluten-free,

wellness warehouse #onesmallchange

FOR THE KIDS – swap the gelatine-containing sweets for Biona Organic Jelly Dinos 

wellness warehouse #onesmallchange
gelatine, gluten and wheat-free

LOW-CARB – swop your carb-heavy pasta for Amisa Buckwheat Fusilli (organic, gluten-free)

COFFEE CREAMER – swap your cow’s milk creamer for Kapthura Organic Coconut Milk Creamer (ideal for baking & desserts, a replacement for condensed milk, certified organic, 100% natural ingredients)

wellness warehouse #onesmallchange

ECO HOME – swap conventional all-purpose cleaners for Triple Orange Wonder Spray (biodegradable, non-toxic, naturally derived ingredients, cruelty-free, no artificial dyes, hypo-allergenic, fragrance-free)

DENTAL CARE – swap your current toothpaste for Back 2 Nature Toothpaste 

wellness warehouse #onesmallchange
no fluoride, 100% natural, cruelty-free, no preservatives, handmade in Cape Town, no artificial colourants, biodegradable, suitable for children, no artificial dyes

By making #ONEsmallCHANGE you can introduce a vegan product into someone’s life (or even your own) without them knowing. Remember, one small change can make a big difference.

wellness warehouse #onesmallchange


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