Jessy’s Waffles – New Menu!

Jessy’s Waffles in Gardens has a brand-spanking-new menu and it looks GOOD!

jessy's waffles gardens cape town vegan

Address: 58 Barnet St, Gardens

Hours: 9am-4pm Mon, 9am-9pm Tue-Sat, closed Sun

Without further ado…

jessy's waffles gardens cape town vegan

jessy's waffles gardens cape town vegan

jessy's waffles gardens cape town vegan

jessy's waffles gardens cape town vegan

I think I need to visit Jessy’s Waffles again, you know, just to make sure things are on the up and up – for … quality control purposes! Yes, that’s it!

jessy's waffles gardens cape town vegan

Peace xx

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3 responses to Jessy’s Waffles – New Menu!

  1. Liza says:

    This is amazing thank you for keeping us in the loop! Hahaha this is gonna be my second home 🤣👏

  2. Robert Greeff says:

    The worst customer experience EVER!!!!! Went to Jessy’s Waffles on Saturday afternoon for the first time, to discover the most inhospitable staff. Was greeted by a surly miserable looking wannabe barista who simply noted “There’s no table for 4” and left my party in a “no mans” land…I assumed we were expected to leave at this point. I girlfriend, mother and kid sat down to wait while I popped out for a smoke only to have them rush out after the unwelcoming “host” to this establishment told them to grab a menu after they asked for one, then proceeded to give them dirty looks, but fell over his feet to serve the “White” patrons when they walked in after…When they remarked that the atmosphere here was “weird” said barista snarkily replied to a waitron…”It’s fine to be weird!”…SO NO JESSY”S WAFFLES for me…I doubt that the food would have been good either if the staff can’t be bothered to put a smile on their faces…Don’t work in the service industry if you don’t like people or what you do OR YOU DONT WANT TO WORK ON A WEEKEND!!!!! I despise poor service…So very disappointed…You ruined a fun afternoon. #JESSYSUCKS

    • Cape Town Vegan says:

      Hi Robert.
      Thank you for your feedback. I am sorry to hear you had a bad experience. I have forwarded your complaint onto the owner, Jessy, and will either get her to contact you or will wait from a response from her.
      Kind regards, Garth (Cape Town Vegan)

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