Heads-Up – Simply Asia – New VG Options Marked on Menu

simply asia cape town vegan

YES! You heard right! Simply Asia​ has marked their menu clearly with a “VG” meaning that not only do you not have to guess what’s vegan anymore, but also that the plant-based trend is taking off faster than I am able to keep up with this blog!

simply asia cape town vegan

Their store locations are too many to mention, but rest assured that they make vegan takeout option so much more accessible than ever before.

simply asia cape town vegan

So what’s on the menu?

Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 4.15.10 PM

101 – Vegetable Spring Rolls (R38)

103 – Sweet Corn Cakes (R38)

124 – Spinach Dumplings (NEW) (R39)

226 – Fried Noodles (R23)

229 – Mixed Veg (NEW) (R25)

303 – Basil and Chilli Stir-Fry (R75)

309 – Roasted Chilli Paste Stir-Fry (R83)

317 – Basil Fried Rice (R62)

319 – Fried Rice Roasted Chilli w/Ground Cashews (R65)

325 – White Radish Dumpling Wok-Fried (R83)

328 – Crispy Thai Fritter and Vegetable Stir-Fry (NEW) (R69)

408 – Brinjals Stir-Fry (R76)

508 – Linguine Basil (R76)

514 – Roasted Chilli Paste and Cashew Nut Noodles (R82)

simply asia cape town vegan

I guess I know what I’m having on Friday night for dinner!

simply asia cape town vegan

Peace xx

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