Review – Mustacchio Caffe, Gardens

Mustacchio Caffe in Gardens have had vegan options for a while. Almost exactly a year ago I reviewed their Veggie Vegan Burger and ordered their Vegan Carbonara via Orderin. You can check out that review here. And now, they’ve done it again, adding three new vegan options to their menu, with more to come in the future!

mustacchio caffe gardens cape town vegan

Address: Shop 1, 8 Kloof St, Gardens

Hours: 8am-5pm Mon-Sun

Because I’ve raved about this place before I won’t go on too much again. What I will say is they are still determined as ever to fight the war on waste (including food waste), and this puts them a notch above other establishments in terms of how eco-friendly an eatery SHOULD aspire to be.

mustacchio caffe gardens cape town vegan

Onto the food:

The Rock Star is their new addition to the burger menu, a homemade ‘red patty’ (consisting of over 20 secret ingredients), an insanely delicious vegan pretzel bun, lettuce, tomato, vegan cheddar (!!!) and your choices of sides: normal or sweet potato fries, potato wedges, onion rings or mixed salad for R95.

mustacchio caffe gardens cape town vegan

I have a LOT to say about this so I will try not to waffle on too much… Personal preference: I LOVED the patty! It didn’t have one dominant overpowering flavour, and once I added some of their homemade tomato sauce was beyond perfect. It’s fairly crumbly so you need to really manouver with skill to eat it, but it was a winner for me. The sweet potato fries were some of the best I have ever tasted (again smothered in their homemade tomato sauce). The bun – unique, tasty, one helluva mouthful! All in all – GREAT. It would definitely rate as one of my top 5 favourite burgers in Cape Town. And if that wasn’t enough, there is a DOUBLE version for R135. My personal opinion: you’d be mad to go this route because I could barely finish this one.

Their new dessert option is the Vegan Dark Chocolate Cake w/Homemade Orange & Beer Marmalade (R50). There isn’t a hint of beer taste if you’re worried about that – but rather a sort of sweet marmalade/jam kind of filling that offsets the richness of the cake sponge perfectly.

mustacchio caffe gardens cape town vegan

Also on their menu is a vegan Lentils Cream Soup served in a sweet potato bread bowl  (R49) which I HAVE to go back and try at some point. Sounds like a rainy day sort of delicacy!

Also – you heard it here first – Mustacchio Caffe are going to serve VEGAN MILKSHAKES. This is becoming a real thing in Cape Town! I am SO FRIKKEN EXCITED!

I REALLY like Mustacchio Caffe and feel like it’s one of the lesser known gems for vegan options. My suggestion is you get yourself down there ASAP. And more importantly – always give feedback, good or bad to establishments that are making such a stellar effort so they can only get better!

mustacchio caffe gardens cape town vegan

Peace xx

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mustacchio caffe gardens cape town vegan

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