Rocomamas burgers ARE vegan-friendly

Love them or hate them, Rocomamas are now vegan-friendly.

rocomamas cape town vegan

Branches in Durbanville, George, Green Point, Harrington Square, N1 City, Okavango, Stellenbosch, Willowbridge

Hours: vary depending on branch

For a long time, the Rocomamas franchise could not label their burgers as being suitable for vegans due to the fact that their patty mixture was bound by egg.

rocomamas cape town vegan

I’m pleased to say that after a (vegan) friend enquired about this recently, a local branch told her that they changed the recipe to including chia seeds as the binding agent.

I then contacted the head office myself and got the following email:

rocomamas cape town vegan

Now I feel totally comfortable with all the vegans posting their Rocomamas burgers on Instagram! Post away!

rocomamas cape town vegan

Peace xx

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