Heads-Up – Dapper Coffee Co., City Centre

This is just a quick one to let you know about some recently-discovered vegan goodies on the Dapper Coffee Co. menu!

dapper coffee co. cape town vegan

Address: Corner of Bree St and Strand St, City Centre

Hours: 7am-5pm Mon-Fri, 8am-3pm Sat, closed Sun

Dapper Coffee Co. is a coffee shop situated on the popular Bree Street in Cape Town. Linked with a sports car dealership they boast a concept like no other AND cater for vegan clientele.

dapper coffee co. cape town vegan

Lauran Molsen, from Dapper Coffee Co. sent me the following information:

“We have the following vegan items on our menu:
vegan breakfast bowl, with quinoa, kale, cashews, toasted seeds, roasted baby tomatoes, and avocado (gluten-free) R95
vegan spicy chickpea and corn burger on a ciabattini bread roll with sliced tomato and coriander, w/skinny fries R95
vegan apple and spinach salad with toasted seeds and walnuts R95
superfood salad quinoa, bulgar wheat, toasted almond flakes, roasted walnuts, sweet potato, micro herbs, mint, charred broccoli, coriander and baby leaves R110″
dapper coffee co. cape town vegan
Definitely worth checking out sometime.
Peace xx
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