Legendary eatery opens Mouille Point branch

Mary-Ann’s Emporium & Eatery has opened its doors to its second restaurant in Mouille Point and it is creating exactly the type of buzz that you would expect from one of South Africa’s original vegan pioneers!

Address: 3 Park Rd, Mouille Point

Hours: 10am-6pm Mon-Fri, 9am-6pm Sat-Sun

mary-ann's mouille point cape town vegan
Mary-Ann and Mark Shearer are household names in the vegan community in South Africa and when they moved to Cape Town, they opened Mary-Ann’s Emporium & Eatery in Gordon’s Bay. The original venue was sadly gutted by a devastating fire but rebuilt within a couple of months to new premises in the same area. Following the same winning formula of the branch in Gordon’s Bay, the Mouille Point branch replicates it’s buffet-style plant-based lunch as well being an extensive one-stop-shop for all of your vegan store cupboard essentials. A buffet-style breakfast is also offered at the weekend.
Everything is made fresh and is gluten-free.

mary-ann's mouille point cape town vegan

mary-ann's mouille point cape town vegan
It’s a bright, casual and welcoming space to enjoy a solo lunch, catch up with friends or drop in for a treat whilst walking the Sea Point Promenade or coming from Green Point Park.

mary-ann's mouille point cape town vegan

The Mary-Ann’s lunch buffet (12pm-4pm) changes daily but it is mostly made of at least a couple of hot dishes as well as a number of delicious salads to choose from and fresh homemade gluten-free bread. Their gluten-free pizza covered in a cashew cheese almost always makes an appearance and its the one dish that always leaves me going back for more!

mary-ann's mouille point cape town vegan
Go hungry, as for R140 you can eat as much as you like (no prizes for guessing who always goes hungry 😂) or for R70 you can have a smaller plate of one serving only.
If lunch on the run is your thing then you can take away for R120/R60.

mary-ann's mouille point cape town vegan

mary-ann's mouille point cape town vegan

NB: some of Mary-Ann’s dishes and products contain honey which may not suit some vegans. If honey isn’t your thing then be sure to check with Mary-Ann or Mark and they will gladly talk you through each of the offerings.

mary-ann's mouille point cape town vegan

Peace xx

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2 responses to Legendary eatery opens Mouille Point branch

  1. Annemarie says:

    Visiting Mary-Ann’s Emporium certainty is a great experience, with their wide range of plant based food supplies, healthy treats, natural personal care products, natural food supplements, delicious meals, all wrapped in a warm and friendly environment🤗
    Congratulations and many thanks to Mark & Mary-Ann, as well as to your winning team!!

  2. Michelle says:

    Regularly eat at Mary-Ann’s in Gordon’s Bay and Mouille point. Foods is delicious, filling and comes with NO HARM to man or animal. Only place my family and I can eat that is Vegan, Gluten-free and sugar-free. Carrot, apple and ginger juice leaves us feeling loaded with nutrition before we even begin the buffet and brown bread with hazelnut spread for dessert and finished off with a Malted carob steamer. The pizza is out of this world and you can buy their pizza bases, gluten-free vegan pies, “cheesecake” and much more……..

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