The Beyond Meat Burger at Hudsons

I was recently invited to try the new Vegicheese Burger from Hudsons at their Green Point branch. Having tried the new tastes-just-like-meat burger patty from creators, Beyond Meat, I had several experiences to compare it to. This review sums up my thoughts.

hudsons vegicheese beyond meat cape town vegan


Cape Town: Claremont, Gardens, Green Point, Stellenbosch

Johannesburg: Bedfordview, Hazelwood, Parkhurst

hudsons vegicheese beyond meat cape town vegan

Hudsons are the first chain of restaurants (or burger joints if you will) to serve the Beyond Meat burger patty (following independently run enterprises such as Pure Cafe in Greyton, Wellness Warehouse Cafe in Kloof Street and The Kind Kitchen in Woodstock). This is a smart move in my opinion and a big step in the right direction where we are seeing more and more meat-centric eateries offering plant-based options.

hudsons vegicheese beyond meat cape town vegan
Infinite Foods South Africa – the importers and distributors of the brand

If you haven’t had the Beyond Meat burger yet, then you’re either in for a SERIOUS treat, or a bit of a letdown, because it tastes JUST LIKE MEAT. What am I getting at? If you’re a vegan who still likes the taste and texture of meat (like me), then you will be blown away. If you cannot abide by the aforementioned attributes (smell included), then this is not the burger for you. The point is really that its a meat SUBSTITUTE, and a bloody good one at that! (On that note: it doesn’t bleed. It has a sort of medium-rare texture, but there is no “blood”).

The Hudsons Vegicheese will set you back a hefty R145 (excluding fries or a salad).

hudsons vegicheese beyond meat cape town vegan

It comes topped with Violife mozzarella, mustard (which I didn’t taste), lettuce, tomato and pickles (which for some reason were substituted for cucumber on mine). We ordered a side of sweet potato fries (great) and homemade lemonade (excellent!).

hudsons vegicheese beyond meat cape town vegan

Essentially, I am a fan. Hudsons prepare the patty well and serve it as best as they can in terms of presentation. I say this because there isn’t much more you can do with the burger in terms of the aesthetic as the patty is really the star of the show. When your plate gets set down in front of you, you will find yourself asking, “Is this all?!” until you bite into it and realise how good it is.

hudsons vegicheese beyond meat cape town vegan

My rating of the Vegicheese “Burger of the Month” at Hudsons:


  • Hudsons have made the Beyond Meat burger far more accessible to the public
  • the burger (not the bun) is gluten-free, hormone-free, antibiotic-free and soy-free
  • perfectly prepared
  • available at all branches


  • R145 makes it the most expensive vegan burger in Cape Town at the moment, and that’s before you’ve paid for any sides. I base my statement on the fact that you can find the same burger (with sides) at other establishments for R90.
hudsons vegicheese cape town vegan
Actress, Alex McGregor rates the burger a solid 15/10!

If you don’t want to miss out on the Beyond Meat craze, then I’d highly recommend the experience. Don’t get shocked: it will literally taste like meat and the bill will be hefty. Otherwise, 10 out of 10.

hudsons vegicheese beyond meat cape town vegan

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