Monday Supper Club at Tamboers Winkel, Gardens

I recently reviewed Tamboers Winkel for their brilliant vegan breakfast/brunch options (here) but had to go back when I heard they were hosting a weekly Monday Supper Club.
tamboerswinkel gardens cape town vegan

Address: 3 De Lorentz St, Gardens

Hours: 7am-10pm Mon-Fri, 7am-3pm Sat, 8am-2pm Sun

It’s very simple: sign up to receive a weekly WhatsApp message to let you know what’s cooking by sending the word JOIN to 066 297 6111. If you like what’s on offer that Monday evening, then simply make your reservation any time from 6pm. For R100 you will get the Monday Supper Club meal and a glass of wine. What a bargain! Joint-owner, Dale Bedford, assured me there will always be a vegan option on offer!
tamboers winkel gardens cape town vegan
This past Monday’s dish was a gorgeous Puttanesca Pasta – freshly made, bursting with flavour and 100% plant-based. Sommelier, Sharrol, clearly has a passion for passing on her knowledge of wines to her clientele as her and Bae struck up a lengthy conversation about organic wines and what made them vegan. He eventually settled on a glass of Mother Rock Kweperfontein Chenin Blanc 2017.
tamboers winkel gardens cape town vegan
Sharrol, sommelier extraordinaire!
The Tamboers Winkel à la carte options are still available on a Monday evening (through to Friday), so we decided to try three of their other dishes (as we’d share the one portion of the Puttanesca).
The Smokey Baked Cashew Cream (R85) is listed as a “bar snack”, but is essentially a meal on its own! Baked in a ramekin with rosemary and truffle oil, it is accompanied with thin sourdough crisped bread, grapes, watermelon confit and tomato relish. Having not had such a good baked cheese in a while, it can really only be described as being flawless.
tamboers winkel gardens cape town vegan
We moved onto the Farinata: a chickpea crepe or omelette or egg-free ‘quiche’ as the menu describes it (R75). It usually comes topped with avo (which we moved to the side for yours truly and his avo allergy), as well as fresh greens and carrot “lox” (a vegan salmon made from carrots). There is an option to add some ‘extras’, but this dish was utter perfection and probably the highlight of the evening (although to be fair it was impossible to choose just one dish that stood out as being better than the others).
tamboers winkel gardens cape town vegan
To my knowledge, Tamboers Winkel is the only eatery where you can get the following combination: a Slow Roasted Tomato Soup with a Fresh Basil & Cheese “Toastie” (the latter consisting of that gorgeous aforementioned cashew cheese and some sourdough bread) (R75).
tamboers winkel gardens cape town vegan
It was great to see the Monday Supper Club being so well supported. The relaxed neighbourhood ambience, efficient and friendly service and stunning food set it apart from many other places. Long may it thrive!

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