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I am 100% into alternative forms of therapy, healing or wellness practices. There have been many times when “modern” medicine has failed me, and I have been healed through methods most unconventional.

trace therapy newlands cape town vegan

In the lead-up to my recent trip to London, I became fairly ill. I say “ill” because it was that annoying, chesty cough, with a run-down feeling all brought upon by that wonderful friend of ours: STRESS. I eat well, take the correct supplements, get 8 hours sleep every night, and try to find a balance between work, rest and recreation and spiritual endeavours. But ultimately, no matter how much I “succeed” at my quest for a perfectly balanced life, stress always seems to behave like that one stubborn Jenga block that sets my life falling apart in one unfair move – when its least expected. There is nothing more frustrating than one’s body giving up the day before an overseas holiday, so I knew that when I was about to embark on a trip that included a 12hr flight, that I needed to do something to sort out my immune system FAST!

trace therapy newlands cape town vegan

The Universe was definitely on my side, and I crossed paths with Linda Bennett from Trace Therapy who specialises in treating everything from sports injuries, sinus problem, chronic fatigue, sleep disorders to depression. Sound too good to be true? I had nothing to lose, so I booked an appointment with her at her clinic in Newlands and decided to let her try to fix the mess that was an impossible chest infection, chronic fatigue and an aching body from head to toe. Charming!

The “TRACE” in Trace Therapy stands for “Therapeutic Relief Amplified C-fibre Energy” which basically means transferring energy from one source to another to help the body heal. I signed a simple clients information form and got cosy in her gorgeous (!) and peaceful treatment room, lying down on an incredibly comfortable therapy bed. This may sound like an odd point to make, but: you know that feeling when you meet someone, and you step into their healing space, and you JUST KNOW that this is EXACTLY what you need: that’s how I felt in Linda’s hands.

trace therapy newlands cape town vegan

My body immediately submitted to the comfort of the bed and the blankets she wrapped around me, and she got to work using a tiny device (looking much like a remote control) to treat my ailments at a cellular level, basically rectifying any imbalances in the body’s chemical actions as a result of “disease”. The treatment was completely non-invasive, and in moments I found myself able to breathe with absolute ease (both in terms of my chest, and my nose). I slowly drifted into a half-sleep, half-awareness, which was calmer than I had been in weeks! I had been told before my session that afterwards, I would sleep better than I had in weeks. I had told Linda that a couple of days prior to my appointment that I had suffered from severe insomnia which saw me awake for a total of 48hrs: not healthy at all! So to feel my THIS calm and relaxed after days of struggling with stress, anxiety and illness made the entire experience worthwhile.

trace therapy newlands cape town vegan

I came out of the treatment feeling calm, slightly sleepy, cough-free and feeling incredibly peaceful.

The TRUE test was going to be whether I survived the plane flight to London, bearing in mind that anyone with a cough or bug in that cooped up environment would set my immune system on a downward spiral once more. I am pleased to say that the treatment left me (and my immune system) robust enough to withstand the germ-infested horror that is a long-haul plane flight, and I arrived in London feeling strong!

trace therapy newlands cape town vegan

Two days after my treatment (on my second day in London), I received a detailed email from Linda, breaking down some findings and offering fantastic suggestions as to how to “clean up” some of my current health issues. Many of the suggestions involved sleep, but the one that stood out the most was her spot-on analysis of knee problems I had been having, which I hadn’t even mentioned, and her recommendations on how to address the issue.

Linda also offers various other healing modalities such as Scenar, Bemer, Ozone Therapy, Infrared Sauna, Hammam and Detoxing and is a wealth of information when it comes to natural healing remedies, using the simplest of solutions – mostly provided by nature!

trace therapy newlands cape town vegan

I had heard from a friend (that I raved to about Trace Therapy) that he had also been. I asked him to share a few words about his experience:

“My experiences with Trace Therapy have always been out of this world! Linda is incredible, and I always leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. If you haven’t tried it out yet, I can highly recommend it.” Thanks, Wayne! I concur!

The long and the short of it is this: For too long we have believed that popping a pill prescribed by a doctor can miraculously fix many an ailment. In my journey, I have discovered that addressing medical issues/problems at their root cause is always more effective in long-term ease of health. Linda’s clinic ties in beautifully with my ethos, and if you are looking at an alternative approach to healing your body, I can highly recommend her services. She is also an advocate of a plant-based lifestyle. Need I say more.

Appointments with Linda can be made on 082 564 9733 or

Disclaimer: All of the pictures above are unfortunately not from my appointment but are photos I was sent by Linda. I decided to refrain from taking photos and “documenting” the experience as such to be fully present in the moment.

trace therapy newlands cape town vegan

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