New menu at Scheckter’s Raw, Sea Point

Having reviewed Scheckter’s Raw many times before I am going to jump straight to the important bits:

ADDRESS: 98 Regent Rd, Sea Point

HOURS: Mon-Sun 8am-8:30pm

scheckter's raw sea point cape town vegan

The new menu (in addition to their regular menu, which you can find here), boasts the latest import to South African shores, the Beyond Meat burger as well as quinoa-based flapjacks, juices and a decent sandwich option:

scheckter's raw sea point cape town vegan

Their new monster burger, titled The Ultimate Beyond Burger caused some controversy when it was first announced surrounding the hefty price of R185.
Having tried it now, however, I now see both sides of the coin, although it is still quite a splurge.
The Scheckter’s Raw version of this burger (which can be found in several other eateries around SA) is EPIC. Period. It’s REALLY REALLY good.

scheckter's raw sea point cape town vegan
What’s different about this one is that it’s topped with crispy bacon, caramelised onions, smoked mozzarella, lettuce, tomato, chipotle mayo and served on an organic turmeric bun with sweet potato fries. Essentially – you are paying for what you get. Quality, and quantity.

scheckter's raw sea point cape town vegan

Want a cheaper version? – easy – go somewhere else. Obviously cutting out the organic turmeric roll, bacon, cheese, etc. will significantly cut down the price.

My final say on this offering is this: if you want to splurge, even just once, then it’s totally worth it – cos its DIVINE. If not, then that’s totally fine too – there are more affordable ways to try the burger (although they won’t be as lavish as this one).

scheckter's raw sea point cape town vegan

I have always maintained that their Pumpkin Pie Flapjacks (served with Urban Vegan ice cream) are unbeatable until I tried the Organic Quinoa Flapjacks.

I was wrong – these take the cake!

At R98, they are pricey! But once again, if you can afford to spoil yourself as a once-off treat, then I’d highly recommend them! Why? SUPER fluffy, light, hearty and tasty!
scheckter's raw sea point cape town vegan

I haven’t tried enough of the new menu to comment on all of the dishes, but these two offerings are fantastic.

Scheckter’s Raw may not fit everyone’s budget, but what they do, they do well. And then there’s the Pumpkin Flapjacks … and now the Quinoa Flapjacks. You decide!

Peace xx

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  1. Diane Easey says:

    Raw vegan, what’s with the crispy bacon, and mozerella cheese, please??

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