Niche Vegan Lifestyle Meal Plans

Some of the BEST vegan food I have tasted in a while! 

Niche Vegan Lifestyle offers weekly or monthly meal plans with FREE DELIVERY, or you can order some of their meals via a delivery service. 

They have GORGEOUS options and some of the most affordable pricing I have seen in a LONG time. 

Also: their portion sizes are GARGANTUAN: always a good thing. 

I’m not a Miso Broth fan: but I was BLOWN AWAY.

I don’t eat Pad Thai often: but I was BLOWN AWAY. 

Would I make use of this service? When I am back at work full-time: DEFINITELY! 

In the meantime: order one of their individual meals and be prepared to be bowled over. 

I was. 

Update July 2020:

The fantastic range of to-your-door meals from Niche Lifestyle ZA now comes in these reusable containers which are returned the following week. 
This means that the concept is now ZERO WASTE! 

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    • Cape Town Vegan says:

      Hi Diane. I am not the restaurant. You are welcome to click on their name above and it will take you to their page and you can contact them directly with your queries.

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