A quick story:
When I FIRST became vegan (five years ago) and went to the first Vegan Goods Market at the Khanyisa Waldorf School, I stumbled across only three vendors.
It was a rainy day, and the world’s tiniest 3-vendor market didn’t have much to offer back in the day.
However, one stall, named “Belightfull” was advertising some spaghetti bolognese. Like all new vegans I had to ask, “Is everything vegan?” just to make sure, of course!

I remember being absolutely BLOWN away by this dish that tasted JUST LIKE THE “REAL THING” (a phrase I no longer use!)

Every time I went to the VGM, I ordered the spaghetti bolognese from Belightfull. I sometimes even ordered it twice; it was THAT good!

Fast forward five years and Belightfull is STILL in service to the vegan community.

Although they do have an Instagram page, they are far more active on Facebook: belightfullsa

A beautifully satisfying and hearty lentil dhal and creamed spinach from Belightfull that I added some sticky tofu and rice to. 

Owner, Caron, has still continued to blow me away with her gorgeous dishes. We were particularly impressed with the melanzane, creamed spinach and homemade oat milk (although actually, everything is divine!).

Malva Pudding with Custard

Make sure to support her endeavour by connecting with Belightfull on Facebook and ordering from them.

Alternatively, you can email Caron on

Caron can also offer private catering, transition mentoring, training and workshops, or consulting.

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