Delheim Wines

Alcohol: a subject that has got many of us hot under the collar during the lockdown. 

The announcement by Cyril on Saturday that the ban is lifted (again!) will be a massive relief to many businesses that have been clinging on to their livelihoods and with our support, allow them to continue to survive and thrive.

Some of the most affected have been our beloved wine farms, and just before the current ban, I received some wine from Delheim Wines, a gorgeous family-owned estate that Bae and I have visited on a few occasions.

Now, I’m not going to pretend to know much about wine. A dessert wine is my favourite…because…uhm…it has dessert in the title! But Bae opened this Chenin Blanc from Delheim and thought I may like it, and like most things that Bae suggests, he was right.

To quote Bae, “It’s quite smooth on the palate and not as tangy or zingy as some Chenins.” I just nodded and pretended like I knew what he meant. 

We’ve also previously tried their Pinotage Rosé, which is perfect for long summer lunches.

The Delheim range (that is 100% vegan-friendly) is available in most supermarkets and bottle stores, so show them some support the next time you have a socially-distanced meander down the wine aisle. Bottoms up!

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