Lexi’s Eatery, Sea Point

lexis cape town vegan

Address: 85a Regent Road, Sea Point

Hours: 7:30am-9:30pm Mon-Sat, 7:30am-4pm Sun

Surely anyone choosing to open a restaurant during the second wave of the pandemic needs more than their temperature taken at the door, right?!
Well, thank goodness that Lexi Monzeglio has all the symptoms of entrepreneurial madness (and I mean that with the utmost respect) because, on the 24th of December 2020, Christmas arrived early when she opened the doors to her first Cape Town branch of the hugely successful Jozi export, Lexi’s Eatery!

lexi's eatery cape town vegan

Born in 2018, Lexi’s Eatery has taken Johannesburg by storm, opening 4 restaurants during this short time and adding Cape Town as its 5th location.

I’ve always loved Lexi’s highly “instagramable” aesthetic, but what really excites me is how inclusive it is. The eatery is not 100% vegan. However, it is what I deem to be the future of restaurants: its menu is 100% plant-based with meat and dairy options (which are, quite honestly, minimal). In fact, one has to look closely to find the non-vegan options.

lexi's eatery cape town vegan

It is an extensive menu that caters for all tastes, moods and times of day – Breakfast, Smoothie Bowls, Burgers, Bowls and the odd pasta and curry. And of course, dessert.

I can eat anything at any time of day, but as it was 8:30 am, I stuck to the rule and ordered from the breakfast menu. I opted for the Hot Chick (Scramble tofu, roasted pumpkin, chickpeas and kale with a vegan hollandaise sauce and a slice of sourdough) minus the heat (chilli) for a well-priced R60. The addition of a Beyond Sausage is an extra R80 which is pricey and in retrospect unnecessary as an addition to the bowl which on its own was superb.

lexi's eatery cape town vegan

Bae went for the Farmer’s Breakfast Bowl (he thinks he’s a farmer ever since he grew those small potatoes – shame) for R65 and added a slice of sourdough for R10. Both were excellent both in flavour and value for money.

lexi's eatery cape town vegan

We both had coffee (cappuccino and latte) which were both excellent but at R36, pricey. The rest of the food menu looks well-priced, and on Mondays, they have 2-for-1 on their Breakfasts, Bowls and Burgers (excluding Beyond Burger) which is an epic deal that I’m sure will have people flocking (in a socially distanced manner, of course).

Before we left, Lexi twisted our arm into trying the gluten-free Choc Chip Waffle which was divine. Not too sweet or rich for R65. It’s actually perfect for a breakfast option more than a dessert.

lexi's eatery cape town vegan

The venue had a great vibe to it, some cool music with a carefree summer feeling (even though we are on high alert at the moment, it’s nice to forget even for 5 minutes). It deserves to be every bit as successful as its Jozi counterparts.

lexi's eatery cape town vegan

Lexi’s Eatery is an excellent place to go with family and friends that are flirting/resistant/outright stubborn to trying plant-based food where you can all enjoy a meal together. Chances are they’ll order a plant-based dish or at least ask to try some of yours. And right there, a stunning seed is planted…🌱

Remember the 2-for-1 Breakfasts, Bowls & Burgers (excluding Beyond) on Mondays.


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