Vegan Activism

cape town vegan activism

A vegan activist conjures up an image that most people associate with someone holding a sign outside a slaughterhouse. And absolutely, this is a common form of raising awareness. There are these days, however, so many other ways a vegan can advocate for the cause or movement.

Here are a few suggestions:

  2. BAKE A V+ CUPCAKE. Activism through food is my vibe and what I do here! Feeding people delicious vegan foods get the conversation going.
  3. PRACTICE HOW YOU ADVOCATE: Watch heroes like @earthlinged or Dr Melanie Joy – both experts in communication surrounding carnism.
  4. RECOMMEND DOCUMENTARIES ABOUT VEGANISM. There are so many, for example, Cowspiracy, Earthlings, Forks Over Knives, etc.
  5. SOCIAL MEDIA ACTIVISM. Find a vegan niche on IG or FB and start creating content around it.
  6. START A BLOG (Like I did). Cover ANY aspect of the movement. For me, it was vegan eateries in the Mother City.
  7. START A VEGAN BUSINESS. Help shift the demand for ethical products in the world.
  8. START A YOUTUBE CHANNEL. A fantastic way to quickly get the message out.
  9. SUPPORT AND PROMOTE A V+ ANIMAL SANCTUARY. Help raise money and awareness. Something like the @abillion app does this brilliantly.
  10. SUPPORT AND PROMOTE V+ EATERIES. By supporting your local 100% vegan eatery and actively promoting it, you send out a positive message about where consumers should be spending their money.
  11. RECORD A PODCAST. Include inspiring stories of long-term vegans, including transformations, business, athletics, medical, education, and more.
  12. WEAR VEGAN GEAR. My favourite company is @ecogemgem. Just read the room before wearing a shirt that says “HAIL SEITAN”. LOL. Shame.
  13. AND FINALLY: old school peaceful protests are still a thing! For example, the Cube of Truth movement. Just make sure that you approach them with restraint and don’t put yourself in any danger.

Any more I should add to the list?

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