Blue Kiwi Organic Market and Café, Glencairn

You know that moment in a movie or TV series before somebody delivers some news over the phone and they say, “Are you sitting down?”
Okay, good, because this is one of those moments.
Nothing could have prepared me for the Blue Kiwi Organic Market and Café. Literally nothing.

blue kiwi organic cape town vegan

Bae and I took a drive to the Deep South this past weekend (an area affectionately known as ‘beyond the lentil curtain’) to a new eatery that will leave you with all the answers to life.

Blue Kiwi is probably 75% plant-based with some meat and dairy options. Launched just 8 months ago, it was evident within a short time of being there that this place is loved and supported by the locals and rightly so! Aesthetically, it has a Bali-esque feel to it with wicker light fittings and green foliage prints on the wall, and there is plenty of light and good energy.

blue kiwi organic cape town vegan
If cakes, treats, and desserts are your thing, then be prepared to have your mind blown. As you step through the door, you are greeted with a harvest table of between 8-12 cakes as the centrepiece of the eatery, and it is all ENTIRELY PLANT-BASED.
blue kiwi organic cape town vegan
Not only this, but there was another separate cabinet with 6 other chocolate type tortes and tarts to choose from.
Everything is created and baked by Alex and her team in-house, using coconut blossom sugar. There are also plenty of options for those that are gluten-intolerant.
The main menu aside, there is also a daily specials board which was as tempting as any of the a la carte offerings. We must have um’d and ah’d for about 15 minutes over what to choose but eventually opted for the Zesty Cheeky Quesadilla and a Tofu Noodle Bowl from the daily specials.
While we were waiting for our food to arrive, we had a good wander around their market section, which is brilliantly stocked with all store cupboard supplies and vegan cheese, mock meats, fresh organic vegetables and artisan loaves of bread.

blue kiwi organic cape town vegan
The Tofu Noodle Bowl was outstanding!! Flavour, aroma, texture and presentation reminded me of the type of food you would get in Bali. It was hard not to weep in the bowl through sheer joy.

blue kiwi organic cape town vegan

The Quesadilla was a seriously filling portion, a great option if you’re super hungry. And chef Alex used one of the best vegan chicken products on the market to make it!
Honestly, there wasn’t anything to improve on.

blue kiwi organic cape town vegan

We then tried a slice of two of the tortes and a helping of the Carrot Cake. The frosting was made using coconut blossom sugar, so it had a slight caramel taste to it, so different to traditional cream cheese or lemon-type frosting but worked well. The tortes were heavenly.

blue kiwi organic cape town vegan

The passion exudes from Alex and her team that run the Blue Kiwi, and their attention to detail is remarkable. From the food presentation to the crockery and cutlery they’ve chosen to use, it is a truly exquisite experience. This is a place of joy and comfort.


If I could teleport myself there every mealtime, chances are I would.

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