Tobago’s Restaurant at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Waterfront

Sitting on the deck of Tobago’s Restaurant at the Radisson Blu in Granger Bay is an instant mood lifter. No doubt about it. With endless ocean views and Robben Island in the distance, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better location on a beautiful day. Until recently, plant-based lovers would have had to settle for just the view and a sundowner, but there are now several options available on the menu to suit whatever your mood.

A mince sub? Check! Pizza? Check! Vegan Sharing Platter for two? Absolutely! So far, so good!

We deliberated (as usual) on our visit but were encouraged to try the Vegan Curry and Vegan Burger.

I never get tired of the Beyond Burger, and this one came with vegan mozzarella on a toasted beetroot bun and chips.

tobagos radisson blu hotel cape town vegan

Hard to go wrong with this.

Unfortunately, the Vegan Curry didn’t do it for me. The curry sauce was good, but the “marinated plant-based cubes” as per the menu description were thin seitan slices, not cubes, which didn’t really taste like anything. I’m unsure what marinated the slices, but it didn’t translate to the palate. My biggest issue, however, was the price. R265. For an average-sized curry with rice and sambals and a “complimentary glass of wine”.

tobagos radisson blu hotel cape town vegan

You are welcome to disagree with me here, but I do not believe for one second that there is anything “complimentary” about the wine. It is worked into the price of the dish, which I fully accept, otherwise why is the curry R265 when the burger and pizza are R165, the sharing platter for 2 people is R275? It feels a tad dishonest, to be frank. 

I understand that you are likely to pay a premium for food at the Radisson Hotel or similar or any restaurant at the V&A. You have to accept that if you choose to dine at these places. They are primarily geared towards tourism with prices that most overseas visitors wouldn’t blink at, but at the moment, locals support restaurants and try to keep eateries going.

The Chocolate Tart was more of a raw dessert, which looked much sweeter than it was, but so many non-vegan restaurants forget to include an option when it comes to dessert, so a thumbs up for that.

tobagos radisson blu hotel cape town vegan

Overall, I would still support Tobago’s. If it’s a beautiful day and month-end, why not treat yourself and enjoy some of the best views and service.

I won’t have the curry, though.

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