Outcast Foods is now in Pick ‘n Pay Stores

Some brands won’t compromise, and Outcast Foods is one of them!

Their products are tasty and easy to prepare, with the added bonus of being incredibly healthy. Outcast Foods use only natural food ingredients and avoid additives and fillers. 

cape town vegan outcast foods falafel

The Outcast Foods range includes:

  1. Classic Falafel – Often referred to by people as the best falafel in town! (true story)
  2. Crazy Falafel – A wild take on falafel with beetroot, cardamom, poppy seeds and a hint of chilli.
  3. Activated Burger mix – a nifty way to whip up your own burger patties in no time!
  4. A whole-food flapjack mix made using activated buckwheat, chickpeas, banana, dates and chia seeds. 

Preparing the falafel and burgers is simple; add boiling water and mix, wait 10 minutes, and form patties and cook. 

cape town vegan outcast foods burger

The flapjacks prep is even simpler; add water or plant milk, mix it up and pop in a pan! Bae is particularly addicted to the healthy delish flapjacks, which he piles with toppings galore.

cape town vegan outcast foods flapjacks

If you like large portions and value for money, you will be surprised at how much you get out of these compact boxes!

Outcast Foods provides that truly healthy shortcut that so many are looking for! You can find the Outcast range Pick n Pay, Spar and Faithful to Nature. Check out the Outcast Foods website for more details and a complete listing of stockists! 


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