Wild Eatery, City Centre

Something I love about our post-pandemic world (am I allowed to make that call?) is discovering all of these culinary gems that existed before Covid that I’m only experiencing now for the first time. A couple of weeks back, it was Pilcrow and Cleaver, and now the Wild Eatery has blown my hair back with its unique, quirky and above all flavour-packed food!

wild eatery cape town vegan

Down a side alley attached to Nude Foods in Zonnebloem lives a caravan where food magic is created, and tastebuds react like a cat rolling in catnip. 

wild eatery cape town vegan

The Wild Eatery has a small but excellent menu. Just a couple of breakfast items, then for lunch, 3 salad bowls, 3 wraps and a few sweet treats to finish off. That’s it! Instead of trying to do a whole host of things, they choose to do a handful but exceptionally well. Like “smash the ball out of the park” well! 

wild eatery cape town vegan

Britney Varley and her team run a tight ship, and they need to because whether it’s patrons taking a seat at a bench and enjoying food in the delightful alley, customers grabbing and going or delivery drivers collecting, the place is a hive of activity, which figures once you taste the food. 

We ordered an Inari Bowl and a Classic Wrap. Bae frowned all the way through eating the Inari Bowl, which is a GOOD THING because frowning is his silent love language when it comes to food. It consisted of a base of warm black rice, tempura cauliflower, avocado, sprouts, miso mayo, pickled ginger, radish, cucumber, spring onion, red cabbage, ponzu dressing and toasted seeds. 

wild eatery cape town vegan

I sat there and watched his eyes roll into the back of his head through sheer pleasure: so incredibly awkward for me. 

The Classic Wrap was quite honestly the best wrap I’ve eaten in my life. A falafel wrap with hummus, pickled cabbage, aubergine, crisp mixed salad, cucumber, tomato, jalapeño, tahini dressing, mint & dill sauce.

wild eatery cape town vegan

The foods smack of wholesome goodness, and I’m going to petition that Vitality Health awards 100 points for eating here because it’s that damn healthy and superbly scrumptious (I don’t expect they’ll listen). 

Open during the week, 10am to 3:30pm and on Saturdays from 10am to 2pm, it is an absolute MUST when considering your next lunch outing. 

While you’re there, definitely check out the greatness of Nude Foods and do a little plastic-free shopping.

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