Cushty Neighbourhood Deli, Green Point

Nestled in the heart of Green Point, Cape Town, Cushty Neighbourhood Deli is a charming haven that beckons you to relax and savour life’s simple pleasures. With its laid-back atmosphere, delectable food, and friendly ambience, it’s no wonder that locals and visitors alike find themselves drawn to this cosy spot.

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Cushty, a British slang word meaning “good” in a relaxed and comfortable way, perfectly encapsulates the essence of this delightful deli. 

Cape Town Vegan Cushty Green Point Coffee Juice

Their menu doesn’t have any items marked as specifically vegan, and you won’t find an up-to-date menu online, so it’s best to chat to your waitron about which dishes will work best for you. I opted for a DIY hummus toast, while Bae indulged in a flavourful falafel wrap, both of which were super. 

Cape Town Vegan Cushty Green Point Hummus Toast

Cushty goes above and beyond to cater to its diverse clientele. For digital nomads seeking a place to work while enjoying great food, the deli offers reliable Wi-Fi, even during loadshedding – a lifesaver for those who rely on staying connected. The peaceful ambience and cosy seating make it an ideal spot for productive work sessions or leisurely brunches.

Cape Town Vegan Cushty Green Point Falafel Wrap

What You Need to Know

🍽️ Name: Cushty Neighbourhood Deli 

📍 Location: 6 St George’s Rd, Green Point 

📖 Take Bookings: Yes, call 072 654 2508 to reserve a table 

🌾 Gluten-Free Options: Yes, the friendly team is more than willing to accommodate food intolerances 

🌱 100% Vegan Business: No, but they have an array of vegan options 

🍽️ Cuisine: Deli Foods, Coffee, Smoothies 

🌳 Outdoor Seating: Yes, enjoy the pleasant Cape Town weather 

👩🏽‍🦽 Wheelchair Accessible: The shop has a single step, but the staff is always ready to assist 

🐶 Dog Friendly: Bring your furry friends along for a meal on the outdoor patio

Cape Town Vegan Cushty Green Point Exterior 2

Cushty is a hidden gem in Cape Town’s Green Point neighbourhood. With its warm and welcoming atmosphere, delectable food options, and thoughtful amenities for digital nomads and locals alike, it’s a spot that quickly becomes a favourite. While we were invited to review Cushty, it’s clear that this charming deli has all the ingredients to win over your heart. So, if you’re in the area, visit Cushty Neighbourhood Deli and experience its cosy charm. You’ll be saying “Cushty” in no time!

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