In November of 2016 I launched my website,, dedicated to all things vegan in Cape Town. Little did I know that this venture would turn into what felt like a full-time job! Next came the creation of my youtube channel:…!

Being Cape Town Vegan is incredibly time-consuming and with all the amazing plans I have for the future, it is only going to take up more of my time and resources.                       
I’m definitely not shy to ask you, the vegan community for support however big or small so that I can at the very least break even until I start to earn money from it all. Every cent I have spent on creating my website, buying products to test, eating at restaurants to review them, and expensive camera equipment has been met with no financial return whatsoever.
If you’re a reader of my blog and enjoy the content I create and share on my blog and my new YouTube channel then Patreon is a way for you to personally support what I already do as well as help me develop and create new ideas by committing to a small monthly contribution.
As a Patron of Cape Town Vegan, you can commit to giving from as little as US$1 a month which is about R15 in South Africa.
While $1 per month is the entry level of support you can commit to, I have rewards for people able to support me with a larger monthly contribution.

What exactly will your contribution help me to do?

  • Continue to post videos twice-weekly as well as update my blog on where I share vegan news about meetups and events, reviews and personal opinion. You can help me keep it going strong. I use my blog to help promote independent vegan business, spread news of fundraising, alert readers of special events and do my best to improve outcomes for animals.
  • Keep up-to-date with the monthly payments to keep online.
  • Develop my YouTube videos, and purchase equipment that will improve the quality of them – a platform where I will be able to answer YOUR questions about vegan living, restaurants, and general inquiries.
  • Continue to build the vegan community and support vegan businesses in and around Cape Town. 



Peace xx