Heads-Up – Tashas, Waterfront

Cape Town Vegan Tashas

I’ve had a chat to Liezle from Tashas about vegan options at the Waterfront branch of this popular restaurant.

Although their kitchens are not specifically equipped to prepare vegan cuisine, they are totally prepared to change items that are currently listed on their menu.

Address: V&A Waterfront

Hours: 7:30am-9pm



Cape Town Vegan Tashas

This is what they can offer:

  • Hummus Toastie – specify no egg, feta and butter
  • Fruit Salad
  • LSA Porridge – specify no honey
  • Picnic Roll – specify no cheese and basil mayo
  • Quinoa Breakfast Tart – specify no yoghurt
  • Chopped House Salad – specify no salad dressing
  • Quinoa Beetroot Salad – specify no salad dressing and feta
  • Butternut Salad – specify no salad dressing and cheese
  • Smoothies – Green Envy and Peanut Protein are vegan
  • Coffee – specify soya or almond milk

Cape Town Vegan Tashas

What can you definitely not have:

  • Soups – they all contain butter
  • Pastas – they all contain butter

That sounds pretty positive to me!

Thank you so much to Liezle and the Tashas team for making life that much easier!

Cape Town Vegan Tashas

Peace Xx


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    • Cape Town Vegan says:

      That’s VERY unfortunate. Are any of the vegan items that have been swapped out more expensive than the original items?

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